Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Afternoon

I love summer afternoons and I always feel that the best way to enjoy them is outside, in the warm weather, under an umbrella.

I love sitting under the umbrella, it gives everything this wonderful glow....

My camera is never far because you never know what you might just catch. 

This little one either hurt it's wing or I don't know, but it would just hop around in the yard and the sit down very still.

Huge tree we have in our back yard.  The bark just keeps peeling off in big chunks.  My Green onions which are growing again, I just harvested them last weekend and look at them go.  Also remember how my lettuce was all eaten up by gofers?  Well it seems to be coming in again, YAY.

And these two ladies who are always nearby, whether at my feet or up on the chairs next to me.  I love these girls even if they do have very unfortunate looking teeth  Hahahaha

How do you like spending your summer afternoons?

What is your favorite way to spend the days?

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