Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

You know the saying:

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without - Boyd K. Packer

Well I'm a huge fan of the quote AND of following what it says.  If you think about it there is so many things in our homes that we overlook, things we are so used to just throwing out and buying another that we tend to forget that a lot of these things, have other uses.

Let's take mason jars for instance, I did a post before about how much I love glass jars and all the uses I have for them.  Remember this?

Here's another great use for wide mouthed pint jars AND used empty salt containers.  I came across this idea on Pinterest which is my weakness at the moment, I could sit on that site for hours and just look over all the amazing pictures/links.

I couldn't get on for the longest time, I had sent a request for invitation over a month ago and nothing, then the wonderful Anna from Kolkfina's Korner came to my rescue and sent me an invite and I was in, and lost for hours just looking through everything.

You may be wondering what Pinterest is and if you've never heard of it, boy are you in for a treat.  Just imagine being able to sift and save thousands of ideas, it's like an online scrapbook.  Are you looking for fashion inspiration, are you wanting to redecorate a room and need ideas, or maybe it's a new recipe you're looking for or something to make using all the yarn you have in your basket????

Pinterest lets you organize everything into different categories and sift through brilliant after brilliant idea.  I can't say enough about it.   If you would like to follow and don't want to wait for months for the invite to the site to come through, you can just let me know in the comments, make sure you leave your email and I can invite you :)  You can also follow me by visiting my Pinterest Page here.

Alright enough talking let me show you this great project.

All you need is a used Morton's Salt container, one with the spout, a mason jar and a pair of scissors.  That's it.

When your salt is empty (or not, truth be told I didn't wait, I attacked the salt container I had which was still full LOL), cut out the top white part with a pair of scissors.


If you're using a wide mouth jar, pint size, like I am.....the cardboard spout circle fits perfectly without having to cut anything else.  If you're ring for the jar is smaller, then just trace it out and cut with the scissors until it fits.


Fit it on top of the jar, slap on the ring and you're done.   I went in and pulled all the little labels still left on the top and made it nice and clean.

All that is left is to write on there with a permanent marker - SALT -  You could also use glitter pens or colored markers and write or draw on something cute as a design. 

I'm going to make a bunch of these and use them for sugar, salt, cinnamon sugar, baking soda, baking powder, bread crumbs, etc etc etc.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.

I'm also thinking of having some sitting on the kitchen table, inside a basket, sugar, creamer, salt etc.  


Who knew?

I have been throwing out my empty salt containers for so many years not once thinking of doing this.  We really do have some very smart people out there.

So go on, pull out your mason jars, pull out your salt containers and get to work.  Oh and if you do make some of these I would love for you to come back and show me :)

Are you also a firm believer in reusing and recycling?


  1. Found you while searching empty morton salt containers! Great ideas. And I love Pinterest...could you please invite me...

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Thesalt spout idea caght my eye. I can't get in either. Would you please invite me? Thanks


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