Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Planning Summer Vacation

We don't ever go on vacation anywhere.

Now that I've made that statement, are you shocked?  No really, I'm not kidding.

Funny thing is that growing up I have such fond memories of family vacations, every single year we went somewhere, either to the Kruger National Park or to the beach or camping.  We absolutely loved it and it was  way to bond and just relax, wind down from the craziness of schedules and school and work and just have fun.

When I got married I remember thinking that when we had kids we were definitely going to do the same.....and then we were married and I was pregnant and Jasmine came along and then 4 years later Nicholas came along and there was always something happening or getting in the way, so the whole family vacation and I mean just us and the kids, never materialized.


But this year, so many things have been happening and there's been just a crazy amount of stress around and honestly we need to get away, we need to just pack up and go somewhere even for just 2 days here and there, we need that time to unwind.

So that's what I've been doing, booking, planning, thinking and getting myself really excited for a little summer vacation around here.

With the gas prices still rising, we know for sure we don't want to go far, so these were the requirements:

-  Stay within 2 to 4 hours of home
-  Find inexpensive lodging that is also pet friendly so we can take our girls
-  Fun family places that we don't need to spend too much money on

It's not easy folks, I mean, look if I am to be completely honest, I would love to throw my family into an airplane and fly to the Caribbean or overseas to England or Ireland for a week....but that's not going to happen, not unless I hit the jackpot big time and that's even less likely to happen since I don't play the lottery, so really I'm up a creek without a paddle here LOL

But I've managed to find what we were looking for, so next month we'll finally be getting a mini family vacation.

First, we'll be staying at some cottages up in Prescott, AZ.  They are pet friendly and offer military discount.  We're leaving the desert and heading north to some green scenery and trees and when you've been surrounded by brown for so long, trust me, it's a big deal.

We'll be spending two days surrounded by ponderosa pines, creeks and within walking distance from a town chock full of history.

Our cottage includes a private patio, pot belly fireplace in living room, 2 queen beds, 2 bathrooms and full kitchen.  Oh I can't wait to have cup of coffee on that patio.

We'll be hitting up a few of the local eateries, sight seeing through the town and definitely stopping in at the Sharlot Hall Museum.

And then we'll come home and within a day we're heading somewhere we've been wanting to go since the first day we heard we actually had orders to Arizona.

I don't think I can tell you how excited I am about this place and guess what, I was also able to find a cabin that is pet friendly so again, no need to worry about finding anyone to watch the girls, we'll be taking them with.

Pictures of Katie's Cozy Cabins, Tombstone
This photo of Katie's Cozy Cabins is courtesy of TripAdvisor

A/C, Heat, Ceiling Fans and Cable TV. Additionally, each cabin is equipped with a kitchenette featuring a sink, stove top, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker.

Ladies, here's the thing for us, one of the big reasons we want a cabin as opposed to a hotel is because in the long run it will actually work out cheaper for us.  Being able to stay at a place where I can cook quick easy meals is a huge plus.  Yes we plan on having at least one meal at one of the local dining places but the rest of the time we don't have to worry about spending money.

Tombstone is also full of amazing things to see, I think for me the one I'm most excited about is The Bird Cage Theatre and especially knowing it's haunted LOL  You know how I like a good paranormal show on TV so this is just the icing on the cake for me.

Something that also factored into our choices, were areas that would allow the kids to learn something too and what better place than Tombstone, O.K. Corral, the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate, which by the way did you know we are going to visit her tombstone in Prescott?  Yep, in Prescott, who knew?

So anyway, that's what I've been planning the past few weeks, trying to get this all figured out is really not that easy when you're a military family, believe me, gotta be sure and really really really sure that the hubby's leave is approved and in and not being changed before you can commit to booking anything.

But enough babbling...I want to know if YOU are planning a summer vacation?

Are you planning on going away or staying home?
Have the gas prices made you change your plans in any way?
Where are you going with the family?

And last, but not least, any advice to others out there who may want to take a summer vacation on the inexpensive side????


  1. So, this is your first time to go on a vacation with your family? It looks like you really put in the extra effort in planning this whole vacation! Anyway, I’m sure all of you enjoyed it. I hope you’ll have more vacations to come.

    -Exie Bethel

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