Thursday, October 04, 2012

A little fun

My morning started as any other, up bright and early, coffee with the hubby and so on and so forth.

A few more loads of laundry were taken care of and sometimes you just gotta stop and enjoy the pretty.


But after all that house stuff, I sat down at my desk with some polymer clay and got to work.

See I love if that is a shock, right?

But my right hand gives me problems, and if I crochet a lot it gets really sore. I've been wanting to get some nice crochet hooks with some chubby handles to ease up on the pain.

So I searched, and searched and couldn't really find what I wanted because you know how much I love Cath Kidston, and I wanted something inspired by her colors.

Everything I found was either not the right color, not the right pattern, or really expensive. Since I love using what I have around me and always try to at least try to make it myself before resorting to buying, I gave it a crack, and after doing a little searching online, I got what I needed and set to work.


I'm in heaven people. I don't think I'll ever have just a simple crochet hook again.

All it takes is a little polymer clay.

I started by rolling a piece into a nice ball.


Then I rolled it into a tube, carefully pushed the hook through and then rolled it a little more just to smooth it out.


At the top where the hook comes out there was a little space, so I used my fingernail and sometimes a toothpick to just close that up and smooth it out.

To finish them off, I made tiny little balls of white clay and gently pushed them onto the handle.

Just bake the clay in the oven according to the directions and you're all done :)  (Elsa asked in the comments if you bake the clay with the hook, and the answer is bake it all together)

And I have to say, this one by far is my favorite, it just screams Cath Kidston.


Wouldn't these make the cutest Christmas gifts too?

There you have it, my little bit of fun shared with you. So tell me, do you prefer hooks with or without the handle?


  1. Awesome idea
    I might do that for my cousin.

    So you baked the clay with the hook?


  2. Yes you bake them with the hook :)

  3. Oh....hands down with the handle! I know what I'm doing tomorrow.... :)

  4. I am so pleased I can make these at home! I've never used a hook with a handle but I do find my hand cramps up after a while so I will definitely try this :)

  5. Those are really precious! They are so cute it makes me want to learn to crochet!

  6. Oh. my. goodness. Sandra! You are totally awesome! I have seen hooks like these and I've been searching, no scouring, the Internet in search of some to add to my hook collection. And then I get on here and you tell me how to make them myself! Love it! I am so excited now! Can't wait to get to the craft store so I can pick up some polymer clay so I can make these!

  7. What a great idea! Hope it helps you out! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Great !!!
    Love cath kidson but we do not get her products here in India nor do we get polymer clay .
    I love what you have created would love to make one too..

  9. I have used the Boye brand hooks for my entire life. However, when Susan Bates released their hooks with the bamboo handles, I wanted to try it. OMG! I love them! I have at least 2 of every size! I love the hook and the way it crochets, and just adore the larger handle that the bamboo (and your polymer clay) provides.

  10. they are so them Sandra..leave it to you to come up with a great idea...


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