Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday #38

I slept in today...HA!

That is the reason HHM is going up a little later, or a LOT later than usual.  I do apologize, but sleeping in is not something that happens very often for me, so I have to take the opportunity when I can.

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Feel free to use :)

The Weather:::
It is 66 degrees this morning.  My word, even the air smells different.  I love lower temperatures and we are finally heading towards Fall this week.   

Right now I am:
Sitting at my desk, enjoying my hot cup of Caramel Swirl coffee, talking to the kids and hubby and hearing the birds chirping from outside :)

That I'm doing really well in weaning myself off of Facebook.  I didn't go on at all yesterday and only maybe once on Saturday.  I find Facebook boring lately and then the whole political thing is just all over the news feed and I am over it LOL   I won't delete my account as it's the way I stay in touch with my family overseas, but I definitely will be on there very little.

On my reading pile:::
Started War Brides and didn't really like it, so stopped that one, and started or rather, continued with Almost Amish.  Now THAT one I'm enjoying :)

On my tv:::
Hell on Wheels Episode 8
My Portuguese soaps (Doce Tentacao, Louco Amor, Tempo de Viver)
Warehouse 13 Tonight
 The Paradise Episode 2 on BBC

On the menu for this week:::
Had quite a few yummy dishes last week, like Bacon Topped Petite Turkey MeatloavesLight Cheesy Cauliflower, Pumpkin Spice Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce, Oven Chili Dogs and Stuffed Buffalo Chicken.  Yum.

Monday - Simple Fish Cakes with Garlic Potatoes
Tuesday - Veggie Lasagna
Wednesday -Wingers Sticky Fingers w/ Salad
Thursday -Thick Cut Pork Chops with Rice
Friday -Chourico and Peppers Pizza
Saturday -Mexican Bean Pizza w/ Spanish Rice
Sunday -Turkey Chipotle Wraps

On my to do list:::
Finish laundry

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Started a new crochet project.  I really want to make the kids some blankets for Christmas but I honestly don't know if I will finish them in time, decisions, decisions.

Homemaking Tips:::
Cleaning your mattress.  I know it's one of those things that tend to get overlooked, but it really does need a good cleaning, and for that I use baking soda.  I remove my sheets, then sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and let it sit for about an hour.  Then just vacuum it up, it gets rid of any dust mites and other nasty stuff, but it also draws up deep dirt or moisture.  All in all, it leaves a nice fresh mattress :)

Looking around the house:::
Hubby and kids are all on their computers, either watching a movie, or playing a game or whatever they're doing.  I'm finishing up this entry while waiting for Housing Maintenance to call and come fix my refrigerator which is leaking, from I don't know where.  House is clean, laundry is done, kitchen is tidy so I don't have much at all to do today :)

From the camera:::

Tolmachoff Farm

On my prayer list:::
Many friends going through hard times.
My brother and sister have a very important interview on November 8th.  It could be life changing so please please keep them in your prayers :)

Bible verse, Devotional:::
“I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior. I have revealed and saved and proclaimed— I, and not some foreign god among you. You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “that I am God.” Isaiah 43:11-12


  1. That's great you had cooler weather this morning and got to sleep in! I hope you have a great week :)

  2. I totally hear you on the FB thing! I love it for keeping in touch, but some of the nonsense on there is just annoying. Have a great week! (PS - Trying your cauliflower recipe this week!)

  3. Going to try the stuffed buffalo chicken tonight....good for you with the Facebook thing! Thanks for always sharing and inspiring us with your blogs....have a good one!

  4. I got rid of my FB a LONG time ago because I had grown out of it. Everyone I needed to keep in touch with I text/email pictures to. it was hard for a while but I don't think about it anymore.

    That piggy is too cute!

  5. Woohoo for those rare chances to sleep in! Enjoy your day and the beautiful Fall weather. Oh, and good luck for toning down on FB. I did that a while back and wish I could do it again--bad habits!

  6. I am working full time now and my hubby is at home because of his health but I am still very much a homemaker still. =) I am going to try the mattress thing, great idea. Baking soda is quite helpful for many things.

  7. How nice it must be to have everyone home with you today. Glad your temperatures are dropping and you can sense a little autumn in the air! I've been thinking about making an apple pie, but my husband said he won't hold his breath - probably a smart choice.

  8. i do that to my matress also..after i even leave a layer of baking soda, makes it fresher somehow..i also put it all over my floor mats to freshen things up some and then i vacuum..
    have a happy afternoon Sandra..its hot here, dont not like hot..enjoy the lower temps..

  9. We could hit 30 something tonight! I added an extra blanket to our bed. I love love love cold weather.

    I also find Facebook boring. It has become a place for people to brag about themselves. Pride is running rampid there. I was finding myself just sitting there wasting time.

  10. I was searching information about stay at home mom and found your site interesting. I learn a lot of reading your blog posts. Thanks for posting up for all moms who want to learn the basics how to be a good stay at home mom.

  11. Oh, wow, that pumpkin spice cake & caramel sauce look DIVINE. Can't bake right away, but hopefully soon. (Added it to my pins on pinterest so I can find it easily again later!)

    I had NO IDEA that was how you can clean your mattress of dustmites and what have you! ;O; WOW! I am SO HAPPY you posted that because I swear, I am not sure if my parents even know this... O_O; I am so happy to know it's that easy, too! :D Thanks so much for that tip!

    Also, I am sending up my prayers for your brother and sister's interview coming in November. ;~; I really hope it's good news, whatever it is. <3

    I have to say, my mum is my only openly Christian friend, and between the two of us, we share people and things to pray about... It's SO refreshing to see others sharing their prayers and thoughts with each other so we can hopefully all help support each other. And it makes you feel good, too, which I think a lot of non-Christians don't get. It can be hard sometimes... I prefer not to attend Church, so it's really lovely to see people who aren't afraid to be open about their faith, and willing to share love. Thanks for that. And again, best of luck to them. <3

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