Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Losing my mind!

Oh what a day!

Payday or the day after are just crazy for me.  It's a day that starts bright and early and tends to go full turbo until long after dinner.  Even worse when these days fall on Tuesday which is the day my dear husband has college classes.

Know what that means???

It means he runs home from work, arrives around 4pm, sits down to eat dinner really quickly, then jumps in the shower, changes from his uniform and he is out the door to make the 40 minute drive to college.  Which for me means, dinner has to be ready and on the table by no later than 4pm.

Goodness.  Sometimes I wonder where I get the energy.

But let me tell you about my day.

Early this morning I headed out to get groceries.  By the time I got home it was 11am, and by the time I got everything packed away it was noon and that meant lunch for the kiddos.

I finished tidying things up and sat down to have a quick bite to eat, then it was homeschool time and of course by the time that was done I had to rush into the kitchen and get dinner made and in the oven to bake for 35 minutes and be ready for hubby at 4pm.

While I was cooking I went into the fridge to get something and noticed that my egg holder was empty.  I did a quick mental check and thought "how odd, I could have sworn I bought eggs this morning."

Then a wave of panic hit me.  Oh.my.gosh.  I left the bag in the car all day.  UGH!

Ran out there to get it only to realize that it was 2 bags which included a dozen eggs, sour cream, laughing cow swiss cheese wedges, pepperoni, deli roast beef and some cupcakes I bought the kids.

I can NOT believe I did that.  I had to throw it all out, save for the cupcakes which were fine, just with the frosting melted.

Have a wonderful husband who bought everything I needed on his way home...but boy did I feel like an idiot.  I have never done anything like this before, I could just kick myself.

We did manage to sit down to a delicious meal.  Remember I said I'm starting to count calories?  Well I have found a ton of amazing recipes that are low calorie, low fat and weight watcher friendly.  I have like a gazillion bookmarked and will be making them in the next few weeks.

Tonight's dinner was Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats.  DELISH!  And guess what?  Only 116 calories per boat (half zucchini).

Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini

I didn't really get much of a chance to do anything today, so there are not a lot of pics to share.

These are my curry leaves, they smell amazing....was transferring them from the package they came in, to a jar.

Hoping to get a few minutes while hubby is at class, to sit down and read my new mag.

and finally, just to show you how well the lettuce is doing.

I'm pooped, can't wait for bedtime, but since that is not happening anytime soon, I think I'm going to finish my crochet cushion and watch some TV.

Have a restful night everyone :)


  1. Yes, thankfully I've never done that before with the groceries! Sorry! Are you trying to grow lettuce from lettuce in that bowl? I must have missed something!

  2. Aargh, how frustrating with the groceries. I can totally relate if it makes you feel better. I've taken something out of the freezer before in order to get something else and have forgotten to put it back. I get so mad at myself for that.

  3. Unfortunately I have done that before with groceries. It is awful. Hope tomorrow is better and slower paced for you! :)

  4. I feel your pain!!! Some days I wonder where my brain is. Too darn many irons in the fire!!! Hope you get some rest tonight

  5. Oh no!! What a day! Days like that can be so draining, you poor thing! The zucchini boats look so good. I think I'm going to need to jump on the calorie counting wagon too so looking forward to some helpful recipe ideas. Any tips on motivation for exercising? There is just always something else better or more urgent to do I find ;-) hope you have a less stressful day tomorrow.

  6. Sandra,

    I hear you... my life has been so hectic lately. It's so strange how some days are easy and some days are so difficult, you don't know where your strength even came from. It's the moments at the end of the day when you lay down in bed and it all just leaves you (usually). Those are one of my favorite moments in the day. Have a great week!


  7. oh my!! I hope you are resting up and have a GREAT Wednesday!!!

  8. days like that...geesh! they're rough. the zucchini boats look amazing though and i'm thinking maybe we'll try them tonight :) praying today goes smoother.

  9. I put fruits & vegetables in scales at grocery store to weigh them then leave them there : /

  10. Bless your heart! But your supper looks delicious! You'll have to share some of those low calorie recipes! :)

    One of the craziest things I've ever done that I still kick myself about was throwing away a $200 and something $ check in an envelope! And we don't have money to throw away! lol! My hubby hasn't let me live that one down!

    Hope today is a much better day for you!


  11. Sandra,

    You are not alone on the groceries thing. I do a major shopping trip about once a month and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get all the groceries put away. Just the other day I was putting away the last of what I thought was my pantry items and I realized that all of the pre-packaged biscuits I had purchased were placed in a bag with the coffee cans and they had exploded all over the bag & cans. I was so disappointed and mad at myself.

    I had to shrug it off, with so much juggling a ball is bound to drop at some point.

    Hugs to you!

  12. I bought a gallon and a half of ice cream this summer, brought it in and put it on top of my washer (my big house freezer is in my laundry room). It was still sitting there the next morning...I HATED TO TELL MY HUSBAND!!! LOL...life.

  13. Sandra, things could be worse. I found a pound of ground lamb that I'd forgotten in my backpack for i don't know how long. The package was all puffed up, and I'm lucky that it didn't explode!


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