Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One more crochet project done...

Had a very quiet day, with just normal house stuff, kids, schooling, laundry and the normal things we do repeatedly, day in and day out LOL

I did manage to finish my crochet pillow this morning and I'm so thrilled with it.

Totally winged the back but I'm pleased with the final product :)

Here's the front of the Mini Hexagon pillow, I can't tell you how happy I am with it, just love it :)


And the back turned out to be a "whatever goes", but I'm quite happy with it too.  I wanted to create some ripples almost like pleats, so I threw in a couple extra stitches here and there for a few rows.

And just because we're talking crochet, I had to take another picture of this one, it was one of my first crochet projects after I taught myself and it just makes me smile :)


When I stepped outside to turn on the sprinkler, I noticed the moon was visible and it looked so beautiful in the blue sky.

I don't think I need words for this one, I just like the water droplets with the tree in the background

and here's a sneak peek at a review coming up tomorrow

finishing with this one, just a little fall goodness to end the night :)


  1. Beautiful pillow! I taught myself how to knit. It feels so good when you finish a project. Your blog is very uplifting. I really enjoy it. I need to have the same attitude as you. I am also sahm to 4.

  2. After yesterday, you deserved a relaxing day...the pillow is adorable!

  3. That cushion is just beautiful! I really enjoy your blog! Keep it coming. You are very encouraging :)

  4. You do such Beautiful work!!! Love you <3

  5. Sandra - You pillow is awesome! And I just wanted to encourage you and say that I have REALLY enjoyed your blog since finding it last week. I'm always thrilled when I see a blog post from you come up in my reader! You have a wonderful, "cozy" little space here! Have a blessed day!

  6. Amazing photos. The pillow is gorgeous! Well done! There is not a lot better than finishing a project and knowing you made something out of just a bit of yarn. I love how you always have jars around the house, I'm going to have to start collecting I think.


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