Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Oh sniffly joy

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I don't know, I'm not 100% sure, but I may just be coming down with something.

I will say this, I used to get sick constantly when my kids were in public school, but ever since we started homeschooling, we don't often get colds/flus etc.  It's one of the biggest changes I've noticed in our family.

But once in a while, there it comes.  Thankfully not as aggressive as before, but still kind of annoying.

I think it's the change in temperature, because for the past 2 days my sciatica has been screaming at me, and at times it's quite difficult to walk too.

So I woke up this morning with a stuffy/runny nose (I always laugh at how you can be congested out the wazoo but still have it running like a faucet lol).

Been feeling kinda off all day, but it hasn't slowed me down.  It's been a busy homemaking day around here, honestly I don't know if there's a better feeling than when you see your house clean and tidy :)

October 9, 2012

Morning started with windows being opened in every room, followed by some freshening of the beds, cleaning mattresses, changing linens etc.

A good vacuum of the carpets, and some dusting, and the rooms were put to order.

October 9, 2012

My Nicholas asked me for some cookies, so I quickly whipped up a super easy Portuguese recipe for some butter cookies, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in sugar.

October 9, 2012

I haven't had a chance to get the recipe on the food blog yet, but will surely let you know when I do.

It just felt like I was on full speed today, once the housework was done, it was lunch time for the kiddos.

October 9, 2012

And then it was homeschool time. I would love to say that it went splendidly, but today was one of those days where Nicholas was just not into it, his concentration was non existent, he tried to play around instead of working....just all around frustrating. I've learned to let it go, set it aside and get back to it later or the next day.

I think we all have our off days and today was definitely his.

Quick rush into the kitchen to get dinner on the table by 4PM for hubby to eat before running off to class.

October 9, 2012

Turkey Chipotle Wraps, and some Yellow Rice. Yum!

As time goes on during the day, the unwell feeling seems to magnify, so as soon as hubby was off, I did the dishes, swept the kitchen, wiped off the counters and took a long hot shower.

Slipped into my comfy favorite Cath Kidston PJ's

October 9, 2012

and am now relaxing on the couch, with a hot cup of tea with my Wintertime Tea Base and it really does help. The lemon, the ginger, the honey soothe my throat and chest and even help my congestion, of course the aroma of all 3 combined with the tea is lovely too :)

October 9, 2012

Life is wonderful, even in those moments where we may not be quite feeling like ourselves.

I'm off to catch up on today's The Paradise episode.  It's such a good period drama, really enjoying it.

Another show we are enjoying as a family, is The Revolution on NBC.   Oh and before I forget, coming up on October 17 the premiere of World without End on the Reelz channel.  I don't even know if I have this channel but I'll find a way to watch it anyway...it looks fantastic and right up my alley :)

World Without End | World Without End | Movie Trailer | Review

And now I am off of here, have to blow my nose once again....*sigh*

God Bless,


  1. Feel better soon, the hot tea looks so good. Don't you just love fall when you can open the windows and get some fresh air, summer seemed to never end in our part of the country

  2. If I must be sick, then it's so much better to be "laid up" when the house is clean and I'm in my favorite pj's.
    BTW, I swear by Cold Ease, it does really shorten the length of a cold if you take it at the onset of symptoms. Hope you're better soon.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Wintertime Tea Base. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. We've just got over our colds over here. I tried out your Wintertime tea base and it seemed to really help :) Thankyou xxx

  5. I am right there with you. I started to feel like I was catching something last night. I have been taking Airborne and I hope it keep it from going further. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Awww... Feel better soon! We hs too & my kids are just getting over throat infections & my youngest had it really bad, poor baby from my babysitting one night, they picked up whatever the kids had. :(

  7. Hope you're feeling better! I really must send the link to the lime/ginger/honey drink to my daughter. She constantly fights the sniffles.


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