Monday, May 20, 2013

Praying for Moore, Oklahoma!

Folks it's been a tough day.

First I want to start by saying that thankfully, we are done with this school year. It kept me super busy last week finishing up, gathering materials, making sure that everything was done and turned in, so I didn't have much time to be on my blog or visit you all, or do anything for that matter.

But, it's done and I can get back on track, and I'm so looking forward to doing that.

Now back to today's events. We have family spread out through Oklahoma and anytime there is a tornado watch near one of them, we pray and we just hope everyone is ok.

Today was no different, other than the fact that my husband's aunt and uncle live in Moore, Oklahoma.

I have to tell you that the minute I heard about the tornado and saw the first images come through, my heart caught in my throat. I was a ball of nerves, so worried about them and all I could do was pray and pray and watch and pray some more.

Thankfully we soon got word on Facebook that they were both ok, their house was ok, even though the tornado passed just a mile from them. Unfortunately friends and neighbors lost their homes and everything they had.

It is heartbreaking, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to lose everything you have and be left with nothing.  I just pray that the Lord wraps these people in His arms and guides them through this horrible time.

I've had the TV on all day, and I've cried seeing the little children from the elementary school waiting for their parents to pick them up, especially when a 7 year old little boy was asked by the reporter where he would be living if the house was gone, and he innocently replied "if my mom and dad are still alive, I'll be living with them".

It broke my heart.  At times like these we feel so incredibly helpless and just wish we could do something.

I'm fervently praying for the town of Moore, for those who have lost their homes, for those who have lost loved ones and for anyone who was impacted by this awful tragedy.


We pray for the people of Oklahoma devastated by the horrific tornado today. Give them strength to face this disaster and send your comfort to their community.



  1. It's just tragic. So glad your family is ok.

  2. I am just heart sick for all the loss of life. The can their parents carry on.

  3. I'm so glad your family is okay Sandra. We are fortunate that the storm didn't hit us, it was fairly close to us. I have been hugging and snuggling my little one all afternoon and most of the evening.

  4. Happy your family are safe Sandra, so terrible, sending prayers, Francine.

  5. So sad and heartbroken about all the devastation, the kids at the elementary school... glad your family is OK.

  6. yes, amen. me too ... we know folks in that area and thankfully all are well!!!! tornado hit in south Fayetteville, Arkansas where my hubby works too (many are out of electricity there too) - but the devastation in OK is just heart-breaking!!!


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