Wednesday, May 8, 2013

# what I'm creating wednesday

What I'm Creating Wednesday!


Right, well because I don't already have enough things going on, I've decided to add one more.  Why not, you only live once right?

I always have some sort of craft going on, something I'm creating, whether it's my latest crochet project, or a knitted dishcloth, maybe it's a quilt I'm slowly plugging along, or a stuffed toy for my children, and sometimes it's a letter I'm writing to someone, or an experiment in the kitchen like making sourdough or a birthday cake I'm battling with.

Whatever it may be, there is certainly always something being created in my house.

The reason, I think, is that I love making things with my own hands, and I am a firm believer that we all have creative juices flowing through our brains, the problem is that some of us hold back maybe because we have platforms like Pinterest that make us seem inadequate, not as clever, not as creative as the well propped and composed photos shared online.

But I want you to throw those thoughts out the window, and realize that what you see is not really what goes on in a normal household, whatever the definition of normal may be.

One thing is being creative and using your imagination because you like it and you enjoy making things for yourself....another thing is putting on a front, spending tons of money on props to portray something you're not.

The most important thing, is being yourself and being content with who you are and where you are in your life.  :)

With all that said, I've decided that Wednesdays I'm going to show you what I'm creating, whatever it may be.

If you wish, you can join in and show us what is your craft basket, I love seeing what others are creating :)


Have two rows complete and am currently making more granny squares to add. I'm enjoying this project, I think it's just what I needed to get me off the crochet funk.

What are you currently working on??


  1. I'll come back later and link up. I have so much I'm working on I do not know where to start. LOL

  2. i am knitting a diagonal blankie..

  3. Does food count? That's all I've had time to create lately...Looking forward to some downtime in June!

  4. Not creating, today I am watching Dad while my mom is at work and decided to come online and see what everyone else was up to.

  5. Today i'm working on a set of purple & linen placemats.. :) I plan on doing the hand binding tonight while I was Safe Haven... should be a nice & relaxing night! LOVE your afghan!!

  6. making a quilt top out of old sheets, bought some more yarn for my afghan (light green and white) today, and some glass beads for my stash. The plan with the stash is to start making jewelry, I have a lot of findings, beads, etc....just scared of making jewelry and not having it sell. But it definitely will NOT sell if I don't make it, right?

  7. Well, I'm not doing anything as interesting as all of your other readers..Just spending time with my family while down here at City House..and loving it! xo

  8. I'll remember this next time for Weds! You do such wonderful things with your crocheting!


  9. I can't believe I missed this!
    Next time I'll link up. I'm so excited over your new feature. I think this is great!

  10. I am still working on the fat ripple. I am not thrilled with the colours but we can't stop now, can we! I have a load of sewing plans, of course, but Diana is living in the sewing room and I can't get to a thing, never mind the sewing machine. The cutting table. The fabric. The cupboard of supplies. The..... Oh well. Having my daughter home is a good enough reason not to complain!


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