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Courage, New Hampshire - Memorial Day on INSP!

Oh boy I am SO excited to tell you about this one.

To tell you that I'm period drama fanatic, would be like telling you that I love my children and my husband.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you surely know my obsession with a good period piece and especially when there's history thrown into the mix.

But I have always thought that there are not that many good American period dramas, I mean, compared to the UK who have one out every other month, I feel like we are sorely lacking, and it saddens me because this amazing country is so rich in history and that history needs to be told and retold for many years to come.

This new mini series promises to bring us just that.  Oh I'm thrilled to bits.!

Courage, New Hampshire......looks to be a brilliant series and playing on one of my most loved TV channels, INSP.

The Pathway to Liberty begins with Courage.
In 1770 America, family-man, tavern-keeper and local Justice of the Peace, Silas Rhodes strives to balance home, business and politics. Together with British deserter Bob Wheedle, they do their best to fight back against the growing tyranny of the British King. The two men lead a band of ordinary men who are secretive soldiers known as the “Sons of Liberty.” With brave acts of midnight justice against local British officials, they battle the bondage of the King’s oppressive laws in the pre-revolutionary township of Courage, New Hampshire.

This powerful drama depicts daily life for families, tradesmen and British officials living in this early American township during the turmoil just before the Revolutionary War. The people, politics and intrigue of the time are presented with historical detail, bringing this significant period in America to vibrant life once more.

COURAGE, NEW HAMPSHIRE is a dramatic series set in a small rural town on the western border of New Hampshire in the late 1700s. The production is the result of a passionate vision. The series’ director and executive producer, James Riley, is no stranger to the era. His Southern California farm, property belonging to his family for generations, is the site of weekly Revolutionary War reenactments.

“I was born in the wrong century,” laughs Riley. “Love of America has become a lifestyle for me and my family. We are passionate about our country’s past, beginning with the people and places that stood for freedom and the events that led to our independence. When I decided to write and produce a series, it just seemed natural. We already owned the period-authentic wardrobes and buildings (no plumbing or electricity) right here on the property. So we set about finding a cast, and it was gratifying to see so many talented actors anxious to be included. The rest is, well, history.”

This, folks....this is what I've been waiting for and I've set my DVR, I've made notes on my computer and near my TV remote, so that I don't forget to watch it, because I fear if I did, I would be heartbroken Hahaha

I had the privilege of being able to ask James Riley some questions about the series, and here are his answers:


1. What can we expect from Courage, New Hampshire? A visually and emotionally stunning picture of life before the Revolution (1770-1775) in colonial New England.

2. What are you hoping that viewers get out of the series? First of all the enjoyment of good drama. We want the audience to connect with the characters as people first, with real problems. We also want a story about people who endure challenges but who prevail because of their faith, their strength, and their love for each other.

3. When did you first become passionate about this beautiful country’s history? For me, it started as a child, when my mother told me stories of our ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War, and of our family who lived in a little town called Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Later, when I was old enough to travel and see the world, I gained a deeper appreciation for the delicate experiment that America represents in history. Americans are born cherishing freedom and justice and the memory of those who died to defend it.

4. It seems that there is a lack of series/movies that focus on history, the very beginning of this country, the nitty gritty. Why do you think that is? Period production is expensive and difficult to pull off well. Sometimes Hollywood underestimates the audience. We have proof that there's a very large, very smart audience out there and we want to be part of bringing more period pieces to the market.

5. Any plans for future mini series portraying different historic events? Yes!

Thank you to Mr. Riley for taking the time to answer these questions. I don't think there's much left to say, other than this is set to be a poignant and impactful series which I think viewers of all age will enjoy. What better way to remember these important events in the history of America? As a homeschooling family, and since my 8th Grader was JUST studying the Tea Party and the Revolutionary War, this is going to be a good family show.  She's looking forward to watching it, not only to be able to see events that she is learning about, but to be able to put a visual to the words in the text book.

Courage, New Hampshire will premiere Memorial Day, Monday 27th of May on INSP at 7PM ET.  Check your local listings for local time.
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  1. Sounds awesome! I love a good period piece as well, so I will definitely be on the lookout for this!

  2. Yeah! Can't wait to see this. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Sandra, we live about a half an hour away from Riley's Farm and have been there several times. They do Civil War, Revolutionary War and just Early Settler themed events. Our school kids have yearly trips to the farm as part of their history lessons and the farm also has fruit picking! I can't say enough about this place. I haven't seen the series yet, but look forward to it. If you are ever in So. Cal and looking for a fun place to take the family, go to Riley's Farm! My 28 year old still talks about the trips she took there when she was a kid. Love it, love it,love it!


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