Monday, September 04, 2017

A day at the Lake


There used to be a time when, family get togethers or even day trips, were always done with my husband and I and both kids.  As time has gone by, as the kids have grown up and become adults and young adults, I find that family outings are very few and far between.

More often than not, nowadays, you will see me and hubby trotting along doing whatever we need to, and very seldom will we have one of the kids with us.

Jasmine is 18, she's an adult, she does her own thing and from the two I would say she is more inclined to come out with us here and there.  Nicholas is 14 and like other 14 year olds these days, his life revolves around video games, youtube videos and spending time in his room taking naps.  Family get togethers are not one of his favorite things to do, he is quite shy and doesn't like big gatherings.

It makes it difficult to plan anything but it's also giving Curt and I the opportunity to start getting used to an empty nest.


The annual family reunion was this weekend, and it was held at the lake.  Everyone stayed in the cabins for 2 days, but we couldn't stay overnight, mainly because they don't allow pets and we have a puppy and an elderly dog.  Secondly, Nick wasn't feeling well for a few days and didn't go, Jasmine then decided not to go either and rather stay home and watch him and take care of whatever he needed.  Perks of having an 18 year old around :)



So Curt and I headed out Saturday morning to spend the day with the family.  It was a quiet reunion, not many could make it, there wasn't much going on aside from chatting, playing card games and eating some barbecue.


I always enjoy being at the lake, there's something about water that I find immensely relaxing and calming.   While everyone either swam, or talked or played, I took a few minutes to walk down to the shore and just stand and take it all in.


I mulled over a lot of things, plans we have for the future, current financial burdens, my children growing up, family issues and so on.  It's not like staring out at the water you get the immediate answers, but I think what it does is calm you enough  to where you think clearly and maybe consider certain aspects that you wouldn't otherwise, especially when you're stressed and your mind is clouded.


After about 20 minutes, I walked back up to join everyone.

We left around 9PM, we're only 45 minutes from the Lake and I was in contact with my kids constantly throughout the day.  It's hard for me to get used to the idea that I have an adult as a child already, and even though I trust her, I'm the kind of mom that feels uncomfortable being away from her kids so long.


It's been a pretty relaxing long Labor Day weekend, and I've enjoyed every second of it.  But tomorrow it's back to full hands on deck, back to homeschool and housework, jam making and bread baking, menu planning and picture taking and blog writing.

Days that start before the sun has begun to rise and are packed to the brim with the busyness of a family.

Today I'm taking it easy, relaxing on the couch with Curt as he binge watches Supernatural Season 12.  I've seen it but I love the show so don't mind sitting through it again.   I've taken this time to put up my book review, today's Happy Homemaker Monday and a few recipes up on the food blog.   I need to catch up on so much around here, I was just thinking this morning that I haven't even finished my Blog Book for 2012.

Well friends, whatever you're doing today, I hope it's filled with love and surrounded by family.

Happy Labor Day!!!!


  1. I am very glad you had a good time at the lake. I love water and mountains and lots of trees! That is my happy place!

  2. Looks like a great time at the lake. My favorite place, as a kid!

  3. Looks like a relaxing time. I love going to the island and other lakes in our area. We spent the holiday weekend doing outdoor work. Rain is on the way, so we took the time to get ti done.

  4. I love water and mountains and lots of trees! That is my happy place!



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