{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 09/16/2019 }

I have a lot that I want to get done this week ahead, some painting, some crafts and I'm pulling out my Fall decorations, whether the weather is ready to cooperate or not.  I'm done with the heat.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a blessed week ahead.

Let's see what we have happening around blogland.

The Weather:::
70 degrees right now, but it will get hotter throughout the day.  I've given up complaining about it because it's clear that it's going to do whatever it wants, no matter how much we say no to the heat  Hahaha

Monday - Mostly sunny, 96
Tuesday - Mostly sunny, 94
Wednesday - Mostly sunny, 94
Thursday - Mostly sunny, 92
Friday - Scattered Thunderstorms, 88
Saturday - Scattered Thunderstorms,88
Sunday - Isolated Thunderstorms, 92

On my reading pile:::
I am currently reading Diamond in the Rough by Jen Turano.   

On my tv:::
Youtube homemaking vlogs
When Hope Calls
New Portuguese soap Na Corda Bamba

On the menu for this week:::
I have meals until Friday, then the new menu will kick in.  BTW, I know I haven't added a Meal Plan Friday in about two weeks but those kind of posts take quite a bit of work to put together and the last two Fridays I just haven't had the time.  I'll try to get back to it this week but can't promise because I have no clue if I'll get around to it. 

Monday -  Bifes com molho de natas (Steaks with Cream sauce), Slow Cooked Potatoes
TuesdayCroquetes de Carne, Arroz de Tomate (Meat Croquetes and Tomato Rice)
WednesdayGalinha com cogumelos e ervilhas (Chicken with mushrooms and peas), mashed potatoes
Thursday - Espargete Bolognesa (Bolognaise), Garlic Bread
Friday - Peixe panado com limao (Beer Battered Fish), Rice, Hush Puppies
SaturdayRissois de Atum, Salad
Sunday  - Leftovers

On my to do list:::
Doctor's appointment
Menu plan and grocery list

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I finished the sweater pumpkins which turned out adorable.  I have some patchwork table runners I want to sew, it's all ready to go, just need to get in the sewing machine, so if I have time today I'll do it.  Also want to make some pillow covers for the green living room. 

Looking around the house:::
I was supposed to take off yesterday and just relax, do nothing, watch some period movies and so on.  But, your girl can't sit still, and has to be doing stuff all the time.  Does anyone else do that?  I'll sit and relax and within 5 minutes I start feeling super guilty and need to get up and do something.
Anyway, I decided to give the living rooms a completely switcheroo.  Switched couches between living areas, moved the TV to the opposite wall and so on.  I'm so sore today, but hubby did help me move the bigger pieces, thankfully, or I would have been far worse off today.

The living areas look just like I wanted them now which makes me happy.

From the camera:::
Picked up this book at the dollar tree.  It looks really interesting and I can't wait to dig into it.  It is about David Douglas who was a Scottish Botanist, who actually gave name to the very well known Douglas-Fir.     


On my prayer list:::
♥ My mother in law Pat and her battle with cancer

Bible verse, Devotional:::

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10, NIV


  1. Once again a menu that makes me learn things! The pumpkins were really cute, can't wait to see the tablerunners.
    Have a great week

  2. Anything mentioning botany always makes me think of Outlander and all the herbs and plants that were used as medicine years ago. I hope decorating for fall will help bring your temperatures down to fall-like weather, one can hope! Have a great week.

  3. That book you purchased looks interesting. Have a nice week!

  4. Well, technically it is still summer for one more week. The weather will magically be fall next Monday, right? Ha Ha. Maybe though. That book sounds really interesting. Hope you have a great week!

  5. I loved your sweet pumpkins and can't wait to see more of your "makes" in the future 🎃 ❤️ We are cut from the same cloth because I feel so guilty if I sit around too long too. I need to check out more of the goodies on your food blog too. You always have something yummy going there. 😋 Blessings on your week ahead! xoxo

  6. I saw that book at my DT this past week. I want to make some sweater pumpkins, maybe this weekend. Have a great week!

  7. Good evening! I hope you day was amazing! I am much like you I have a hard time setting still. I can always find something that I could be done. However resting is important,we all need it from time to time Praying for your Mother In Laws battle! Praying for you this week.

  8. Sorry I got called away before I could finish this comment. My week is quite full too and I have so much to get done! I'm curious to see your review of Diamond in the Rough. I hope your week is as productive as you hope.

  9. I hear you! I'm done with the heat here, too! Will be so glad when fall weather arrives! Your menus look great! Have a great week ahead! <3


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