Sunday, September 01, 2019

{ The past few days }


I am sitting on the bed, laptop on my lap, a random video on Youtube, curtains opened wide and the sound of wind chimes wafting in through the open window.

It's the first time I'm sitting down to relax, in oh....days.  I haven't even caught up on my vlogs, haven't watched any TV shows and feel like I am all discombobulated and out of whack.

As I was sitting replying to emails, it hit me that it had been days since I had put up a post, and that I needed to get on it.

Then a thought crossed my mind, why bother?

Why bother to put up a post, why bother to update the blog, why bother?

Does it really matter if I update or should I just let it go and do whatever, whenever.  The thing is, though that thought popped up for a split second, the answer popped up even faster than that.

Because it is my journal and I want to keep recording our lives and what we do, so that one day in the future my children will have a place to come and read about their childhood, places we lived, things we did .

I wish I had a blog I could go and read about my childhood, see photos, read stories and follow along.  That would have been amazing.

Anyway, the past few days have been quite busy, I have just been running around, driving, appointments, family visiting and keeping up with my household responsibilities.



The temperatures have dropped, we have been enjoying beautiful Fall like days, loads of rain, 70 degrees and I've been able to switch off the air conditioning for a few days.  Thank the Lord!

We had family over for two days on Friday and Saturday and today I am catching up on laundry which seems to be overflowing, I won't even show you because it is absolutely ridiculous, I'll just say that I've been at it for the past 2 hours and there's still at least 3 loads to go. 

A lot of it is from the kid's bedrooms, they seem to let their baskets overflow before realizing they need laundry.  Tons of it is also bedding, blankets and sheets from the visitors stay.

So I'm slowly getting through it.

I've already set the house back to it's normal state, which always takes a few hours after having a full house.  I've sorted the kitchen out, got all the leftover food in tupperware, ziploc bags etc.  Did 2 loads in the dishwasher and one by hand, and my kitchen is now squeaky clean.

I'm nursing a bit of a headache but I know it's all tension related and fatigue related too.  I need to pick Jasmine up from work this afternoon, cook dinner and continue tossing the laundry back and forth.

I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow, God willing.  Right now, I think I am going to make a quick coffee, change the laundry over and fold another load.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying this long holiday weekend. 


  1. "I wish I had a blog I could go and read about my childhood, see photos, read stories and follow along. That would have been amazing." I don't know what to say - that's such a profound statement. How wonderful that would be, to keep the memories moving from one generation to another. Some people scrapbook, some journal, some blog, some vlog. All are ways to keep a link to our past and what a gift that is. I'm trying to recreate as many stories as I can remember thanks to your idea for Story Time Friday. I try to keep it organized, in chronological order but sometimes something with pop into my head after I've put up a post so I need to do something about those - maybe an annual feature like Story Time Friday Updated!

  2. You've been so busy! It's good to have plenty to do, I think, as long as we have rest periods between. I'm glad you keep this record.

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