{ A new noodle board }

 Previous noodle board back in 2010

Years ago, I had my husband build me a noodle board, if you don't know what that is, it is most commonly referred to as a stove cover.

I've always been into the country/primitive/farmhouse look and though my house doesn't completely reflect that yet, I do try to incorporate pieces here and there.

When we were stationed in Arizona, I asked my husband to please build me a noodle board, and he obliged, because he loves me and because he loves woodworking.  We both wish he had more time to devote to it, but with his work schedule it is not always possible.  Well that and the cost of the lumber, which is not as cheap as it used to be, back in the day.

Anyway, he built me one and I just loved it so much.  It was very basic, simply slid over the stove and that was it.  I still remember it as being this dark cherry stain color.

You can see it in a couple of my posts:

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Somehow, through all the military moves back and forth, I ended up losing it (the stove cover, not my mind), and since we arrived in Texas, I've been asking my husband to please, pretty please build me another.  He hasn't had the time though, but yesterday we dropped off Jasmine at work and then popped into Lowe's to see if we could find some cheap lumber for a few projects I would like him to build me.


We were able to find some inexpensive boards and picked those up.  I was so giddy with excitement because this is something I've wanted for so long, I could hardly wait to get home and see it come to life.



My husband knows me well though and before I even told him what I wanted exactly, he had already planned it in his head and put it to work.

One thing with me, I do NOT like perfect wood projects, if they look really good and store bought, I am not having it.  I love my pieces to look imperfect, old, beat up, slapped together kind of thing.

In the beginning my husband would try to get things perfect and make the projects look new but then I would take a hammer to it or tell him not to cover the screw holes or the nails etc.  He couldn't understand why I would want it like that, but he has learned over the past 21 years to not fight me on it LOL


He walked in and placed it on the stove and I couldn't contain my happiness.  It was PERFECT, in that imperfect kind of way, if that makes sense?

I had thought about putting either rope or some type of handles on the side, to make it easier to pick up, but before I could tell him that, he had already done it LOL

I don't even know how he figured that out because I never mentioned it, but it just goes to show you how well we know each other.


He wanted to cover the screw holes and I was like "NO don't touch it, leave it".   I just love how it looks.


Today I'll be painting it white because we will eventually be painting all the cabinets too, and I want it all to match.  I'm not sure if I'm going to pain the rope too, or leave it red to give it a pop of color.  I may just paint it as well because my kitchen is going to be white with pops of blue, my backsplash behind the stove is going to be Portuguese blue and white tiles, and the rest of the backsplash will be a white brick tiles.

That will all happen when we buy the house, in a year or two.  I DO have a DIY idea for a removable backsplash that I can pop on for the moment.

I'm off to get started on the painting, I'll be sure to take pictures and will most likely show you tomorrow on the Happy Homemaker Monday post, or on Tuesday in one of my regular posts.

I would love to know if any of you have noodle boards or have ever heard of them. 


  1. I've never heard of a noodle board but what a great idea! I wonder where the name noodle board originated?

  2. Never heard of a noodle board. I have a flat glass topped stove these days, but a noodle board would have been great to cover burners. So nice to have a very creative and handy husband. I so miss mine. Have a great week dear Sandra ~ FlowerLady

  3. I have never heard them called a noodle board, but that is sure cute! I think they are so neat and allow for another decorating space if you so desire. Your husband did a good job.

  4. Never heard of such a thing. I'm always cooking so the stove top is not covered. I had burner covers once, but it was just more work to take off and on again. It looks interesting though.


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