Thursday, September 05, 2019

Pupcakes for the birthday boy!


When I lost my little Lola, I was completely and utterly devastated.  People will often say that an animal is just an animal, you shouldn't feel about them the same way you do about people, but I can't help it, but pets have always been my babies and when one of them passes away, it leaves a hole in my heart.

If you've followed my blog from way back in the day, you know how much Lola meant to me, so losing her was heartbreaking and I didn't think I could ever have room for another dog.

That changed when I started feeling the want for another dog to love, and even though no pet will ever take that special place Lola holds in my heart, I wasn't prepared for how much I would love Marley.

He came into our lives 3 years ago, and I can't imagine him not being around.

Isn't it weird when you look at your pet and can't remember life without them in it?  That's how I feel about our Marley.


He is 3 years old today and the sweetest of souls.  I thank God daily for this little boy, He knew exactly what I needed to get through the loss of Lola.

I always bake him pupcakes for his birthdays and today was no exception.  He loves them and it's just a way of giving him something special for all the love he has given me in return.
 I went to open my bedroom curtains and blinds this morning, and immediately spotted this huge spider web, just floating back and forth in the wind.  I am so glad that I wasn't out there hanging laundry  because I think I may have just walked smack dab into it.  *shiver*


Even though it creeps me out, just thinking of walking into it, I can't help but admire the intricacy of the web.  How amazing is God's creation?



Took a quick peek around the yard and I'm already noticing some changes that are pointing towards Fall.  One of the biggest this year, are the Pecan trees filled with pecans.  Come October we will be harvesting and this year, we have 6 huge trees all producing huge pecans.  Will be freezing a ton, shelling, making pies, making pecan milk and pecan butter, and I will take you along on that journey and share it all.



I love fresh cheese.  I have fond memories of early mornings in Portugal, when I was a child.  I would sit at the table with my great grandmother and we would have toast slathered with the yummiest butter and thick slices of fresh cheese.  So yummy!

I don't buy it often but while at Sam's club last weekend, they had a pack of two for less than $3. 


Jasmine has taken this week off work, and I have been loving being home all day without rushing around.  I've had time to do my chores slowly, pottering around, cooking lunch for the kids and reminiscing about the days they were little and my day revolved around fixing meals for them.

At the time I would sometimes feel exhausted and couldn't wait until they were able to do things for themselves.  Now, I want to go back in time and be needed for all those things I took for granted.

You live and you learn!


So, as I was saying, I've been enjoying the slower days and being able to spoil them a bit, and truth be told, they have also enjoyed momma making them lunch.

Today, it was macaroni and cheese, something so simple but it's one of their favorites and they were quite happy to devour it.


I've also started pulling out some Fall decorations and started making a few pumpkins for the living rooms.  These are all made using an old sweater that was headed for the thrift shop.  As you can see, they are nowhere near finished, I need more stuffing and I need to make their stems and sew their wedges and so on.

I have to wait until this weekend when I can get to Walmart for some more stuffing, so for now they are just hanging in this crochet basket.


I've also pulled out my next review book as I need to get going with it because I'm expecting quite a few more in within the next few weeks.  By the way, if you're curious, I've added a list to the sidebar with the upcoming book reviews and their dates.


It seems I go through phases with reading and TV watching.  Lately I can't seem to find anything that keeps my interest on TV and I'm far more interested in a good book.  I guess we all go through these moments and that's not a bad thing, there is so much to grab our attention lately that it's often hard to find time for everything we want to do.

I've thought about doing a sort of schedule where I switch off my interests every two weeks or so, that may give me time to enjoy all the hobbies but then again, I may just be biting off more than I can chew and end up complicating things.  Who knows?

Anyway, enough babbling for now.  I am going to watch an episode of Star Trek with the hubby and then it's off to bed with me. 

Oh and if I can make a suggestion, try to find something that both you and your husband enjoy watching, and watch an episode or two each night.  It's something we've done since we were first married, and it's a great way to spend some time together each night.  :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Marley! Is the pupcakes recipe on your food blog? I absolutely agree with finding something you can watch together. I've discovered that Vic has quite eclectic taste and loves some of the genres I've been enjoying for years. Makes me think of the great time we had a few Christmases ago when it was just the two of us and we discovered A Place to Call Home. We really binged and it was always a case of "just one more episode". It was so addicting.

    1. No the recipe is not on the food blog, though I guess I should get it on there lol I found it online years ago and have been making it since, it's basically just banana, peanut butter, flour, honey, baking soda and baking powder. Super easy and he loves them.
      I love A Place to Call Home, such a good show, and I'm jealous that your husband loves the same kind of shows, mine is more into superhero and science stuff hahaha

    2. I watch a lot of superhero and science stuff for Vic too, not my choice, but it's give and take that makes a marriage, right?

  2. I so get the love of a pet and not thinking you can replace them. I am that way with my kitty Lulu... I don't think I will ever be able to get another cat. For now we have our Lici girl to love on and that is good. I wonder if my pup would like those cakes.. hmmmm.


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