Friday, November 08, 2019

Simple living, simple work

Be cheerful, for it is the only happy life. The times may be hard, but it will make them no easier to wear a gloomy and sad countenance.”
-The Royal Path of Life


The past few years, I set up a Fall/Thanksgiving tree.

It's not something I have always done, but since doing it the first year, I completely fell in love with the idea and I find that it's a good transition into Christmas.  This tree sits in the den, and our real Christmas tree will be bought and set up in the living room.


It seems that the minute I get the tree up, everyone is drawn to it and I find that the kids hang out more in there, not to mention Mister Marley.  This is his favorite spot, he sits like a person and just watched the outside of the house.  He is such a sweetheart!


I've been working around the house, moving things here and there and getting things ready for the home inspection.

Curt and I have been painting, touching up and just making sure that everything is up to par.  As I've mentioned here many times, being able to purchase this home and make it ours, would be a dream come true for us both.


The past couple of days have been so cold with some mornings in the 20's,  and really only a nice fire going, some long sleeves and comfy slippers, seems to make it better.


I live for these moments.

Condensation on the windows, dark mornings and pretty lights.


I was thinking about my life the other morning and the kind of person I am, or rather who I have become.  One thing is pretty clear, and that is, that it's taken me a long time to be completely content in who I am and how I live.

I used to think that I had to live like everyone else did, and if I liked something but it didn't fit into what others believed or thought was the cool thing, then I had to hide it, or pretend I wasn't interested, or even change it.  But as I did that, I realized that I wasn't living the life I wanted and at one point, I got so tired of having to justify myself or what I believed in, that I just stopped.



"Why would you want to live a simple life, why do you like doilies that is such an old people thing, why isn't your house decorated with the latest color scheme, why don't you want to live in the city, why do you want a farmhouse/country kind of look no one wants that."


Because I do, that's just who I am and what I like.  I am all about the simple things, simple life, simple house, simple daily chores.  Canning and crocheting, cups of coffee, washing dishes in the sink, flowers picked from the yard and brought in to display on mason jars.


“The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right.
Next to faith this is the highest art –
to be content with the calling in which God has placed you.”
– Martin Luther

I will be completely and fully honest right now, and tell you that aside from homemaking, being a wife and mother, I am totally winging everything else in life.  It's almost like I feel out of place constantly and wishing to be surrounded by like minded individuals.

I'll scroll through social media, or watch TV and it becomes glaringly obvious that I don't fit in and don't want to. 

It's such a strange thing to me, it's like missing something that you never had, like living in the wrong era.

And so I block out the outside world views and move on, dusting a window here, washing a curtain there, preparing a meal for the family or kneading some dough for a fresh loaf of bread.

The only one whose opinion really matters, is that of God's and I believe that this is my calling, the life He saw fit for me.  So I'll obey and continue on my path, living this simple life and doing this simple work.


  1. I love a simple life! I say keep doing you! I like my farmhouse style and I don't care if others do or not. I live on a small hobby farm so I say I can decorate how I want. Right now, I have desires to travel and see the world and I plan to do more soon so I don't have time to be worried about the current stylish paint colors.

  2. My life has always been more or less simple, not following any trends, style is eclectic. Decorated with hand me downs, curbside finds, flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops for the most part. To be simple is to be free. I don't collect 'stuff' anymore, I have enough, am even letting go of some things.

    God's continued blessings on you as you lovingly care for your family and home ~ FlowerLady

  3. Several years ago, I came to the same realization. I had always been jumping through hoops, trying to be and do what "everyone" thought I should be and do. Eventually I realized that I was different, and that was okay. My soapbox saying and life mantra is "different doesn't mean wrong."

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  4. Powerful words, Sandra, I wish young people today would read them and learn a lesson from you. It's not about what everyone else has, or does, or likes. You do You is a phrase I saw somewhere when there was a conversation about how to do something. There is no right way, there is only YOUR way. Bless you for sharing your simple life, it's a blessing to join you here on your blog, it's so calming.

  5. You and I could be great friends. I feel the same as you and I am now so content with my life. It's a wonderful peaceful way to live and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love your blog. Keep being your wonderful self.

  6. Your Autumn Tree is a delightful idea! Why only have a decorated tree at Christmas/Yule Time??? Really?????? -smile-

    And Re: Your comment on my blog, about when do we start to decorate for the coming Season??? I love your answer! "While the turkey is still digesting!!!!" Yesssss!!!! I used to do it immediately, when younger, too. Lovely growing up memories, for your family.

    Me too... I don't fit in. Oh I think I do pretty well, at 'faking it,' a lot of the time. -smile- For "Pretty Blog Land" blogging, one has to kind of fit in, in some ways. But I don't, in many ways. And that's just how it is. I'm ok with that.

    In Real Life, I surely don't fit in!!! -giggles- A Woman Of A Certain Age is *supposed* to *do* certain things. -chuckle- I don't. Home is where I want to be. Not out, doing things, and fitting myself in, with others.

    And perhaps that is why I seem to _have_ to blog. First I love to write! And I love to try to make my blog look 'pretty.' And find 'pretty' pictures, to post. And to find thoughts, to illustrate, with the pretty pictures.

    And so, I really enjoy a post like this one of yours. It's not so much about the "doing" of home making... As about how you feel. About many things. Yes, I do love a post, which shares one's feelings and views and etc. Of course, we don't have to fully see-things-the-same-way. That goes without saying. Nor do we have to state _all_ our feelings/views.

    But we humans are so interesting, when we give our "Me Thoughts/Views"! To me, this is more interesting, than recipes, or knitting, or etc. To me. Just to me. Nothing I say, has to apply, to anyone else!!!!!

    So thank you for commenting on my blog. And thank you for writing this sort of post. And thank you, for letting me know, I am not the only one, who doesn't "fit in." -smile- And this is perfectly OK!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Your house looks so warm and cozy, I love it! Living the simple life is so much better than the modern day chaos. I definitely feel like I don't fit in with anyone anymore, especially when it comes to how I raise my kids. I might blog about that sometime. Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and the week to come.

  8. And, it is just perfectly okay for you to be who you are, in fact, that is how the Lord intends it to be. More folks need to yearn for a simpler life for sure, most lives are far from simple. Such a heartfelt post and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Have a great new week!

  9. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I love crocheted flower doilies, especially the vibrant, colorful ones. I used to feel that I didn't fit in, but I've found so many people like me online, and a few around my county, that it made me feel that I'm no longer alone in my thinking.


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