Wednesday, November 06, 2019

{ Slow Day }

As my stress levels hit an all time high, I realized that it was not only affecting me mentally but physically too.  That is usually when I switch gears and force myself to slow down, to have a slow, cozy day surrounded by the things I love.

There was much needing done around the house, and so I slipped the apron over my head, tied the straps behind my back, took a deep breath and just got busy.


I started with the dishes, since there's always piles in the sink, no matter how many times I run the dishwasher or hand wash.  While I was standing at the sink, I took the sprayer from the faucet and quickly gave the window a quick wash too.


With the weather turning cold the past week, we've lit the fire twice, which means ashes needing to be cleared out from the fireplace.  It's not a chore I particularly enjoy but I do like a clean fireplace, so I got right to work.

I cleared out all the ashes, then gave the metal border and the glass doors a really good clean.  I then swept and vacuumed the brickwork and left the fireplace looking spotless.  I can't believe I didn't take a photo to show you, I'll have to do that tomorrow.


I also emptied out the ash bucket, gave it a clean, and restocked some firewood in the basket.


As I moved around the house, doing this and that, the rain started outside.  Within a few minutes the house darkened so much that it looked like nighttime, so I lit some lamps and candle warmers and continued working under the cozy lighting.


I finished off a few loads of laundry, including one of kitchen towels and tablecloths.  Just because it was raining outside, didn't mean that I needed to run my big dryer for this load, so I set them up in the living room and let them sit overnight.

All I need to do now is iron them.  Maybe you think I'm strange for ironing kitchen towels and tablecloths, but I was raised by my great grandmother and she always instilled in me this love for homemaking, even in those menial tasks we would otherwise find useless to do.


Furniture was polished, floors were vacuumed, windows were washed and rooms set to order.

There is something so calming and peaceful about a clean room.  I don't often show you Curt's office, I don't know why because it is one of my favorite rooms in the house, but maybe I'll do that another time.


I have to tell you that I truly do love this house, and I would be extremely happy, and blessed, were we given the opportunity to buy it and stay forever.

But I know that this is all in God's hands and I'm letting Him take the reign. 

We may not have the certainty that this home will be ours, it will be a few more weeks until we know for sure, but for the moment,  I plan on enjoying it and loving it, just as much as if I already knew the outcome. 

And so, even in the uncertainty, I take the utmost care in every room that I clean, in every corner that I decorate, every floor I sweep or window I wash. 

It doesn't take but a bit of my time and effort, and it's the least I can give back to these four walls that have given us so much love the past 4 years.


  1. What an interesting post because I was just thinking about how much needs done here and how I loathe housework, but after reading this, I will look it in a different way. I need to get things back in order and enjoy this home. Mine will be mine until we decide to leave it as we will make our last payment in February. I pray that God allows you to stay in your home!

    1. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the housework and we don't always enjoy it, but I find that if I go into it with an open mind and joy in my heart, I actually enjoy it. I find that it's all about giving our home a little effort in return for the warmth and the roof over our heads that it provides. :) Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate it!

  2. I was taught if you clean your house for the ones you love and think how you would feel if Jesus came to your door. I really loved reading this post and it honestly challenged me. Loved your pictures too.


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