Saturday, April 11, 2020

{ Happy 17th Birthday Nicholas }


It's hard to wrap my mind around that. 17. My baby boy. 17. How?

My heart is full, and happy and sad at the same time. It's all a huge roller coaster of emotions, but as sad as I may feel that my last baby is no longer a little boy, I am also enormously thankful to God and blessed beyond measure.

Nick is hilarious, he is so frigging smart that he continuously amazes me (definitely takes after his dad in that department lol), and yet he is still a mama's boy. He is now 6ft 2 inches tall, completely towers over me, is finishing up 11th grade, still into video games, interested in Game Design and is not only drawing and creating characters on his computer but animating them too.


I am constantly in awe of him and his sister, I clearly hit the jackpot with the children God bestowed upon me.


Happy Birthday Nick. My wish for you is that you continue to thrive and grow, continue being the sweet kind heart that you are, and continue making us laugh until our sides heart with your quirky and quick witted sense of humor.


Jasmine and I made his cake.  We basically raided the pantry and used what we could find.  It turned out to be one of the cutest birthday cakes I've made.

The cake itself is a white cake that I added sprinkles to in the batter.  The filling is a chocolate mousse and the frosting is whipped cream.  We made the little banner using wooden skewers and cupcake liners.


Had so much fun baking with my girl and coming up with this cake for Nick's special day.  I have always made their birthday cakes, from their very first birthday and all through the years.  I don't have anything against store bought, but it's a tradition I've stuck with and my kids wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Nick ~ My goodness Sandra it is so hard to believe he is this age. I've been following you for ages and he was just a tyke when I started doing so. This cake is cute, carefree and full of love in the making of it. Love, hugs and prayers for all of you at this time ~ FlowerLady

  2. I can't believe he is 17! I remember when he was just a little tyke. Cute cake!
    Happy Birthday Nick!

  3. That cake looks and sounds magnificent! Your description is making my mouth water...

  4. My...all grown up. I remember when you were posting pics of him when he was little. Happy Birthday, Nick!


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