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{ I am Beauty by Riku Campo - TLC Book Tour }

 About I Am Beauty

• Publisher: HarperOne (September 15, 2020)
• Hardcover: 240 pages

A groundbreaking celebration of ageless beauty, providing the ultimate skincare and makeup guide for women in their forties and beyond from celebrity makeup artist Riku Campo.

The first makeup guide to celebrate and support women forty and over, I Am Beauty is Riku Campo’s labor of love. Riku has worked with some of the most beautiful and recognized faces in the world, like Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anne Hathaway. But he has always wanted to create a book honoring those women we don’t always see on the runaways and in magazines—women like his mother, whose beauty is everlasting.

I Am Beauty includes step-by-step tutorials, advice from skincare experts, and Riku’s best behind-the-chair tips every woman needs to revitalize her routine, including:

  • Day and night skincare routines that keep you fresh and beautiful, whether you’re in your forties, fifties, sixties, or beyond
  • At-home facial massages to stimulate collagen production and optimal skin health
  • Must-have everyday makeup tools
  • Choosing the right foundation for all skin tones, types, and textures
  • Tricks for modern, elegant eyebrows and keeping lipstick fresh all day
  • Eyeshadow colors and types that work best on mature skin
  • Finding the eyeglass designs that best complement your style and daily makeup

Riku also has one-on-one conversations and day-and-night makeovers with sixteen incredible women—each with her own unique style—and shares their secrets for finding beauty in all parts of life.

Comprehensive, practical, and inspiring, packed with more than 100 full-color photos, I Am Beauty is the ultimate resource for women to maintain their glow and live their most joyful, beautiful lives.

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About Riku Campo

Finnish-born international skincare expert, makeup artist, and beauty director Riku Campo has worked as a makeup artist since 1988 and has lived in the United States since 2003. His work has been featured in major fashion and beauty magazines and ad campaigns for L’oreal, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Smashbox, Guess, and others, and he has worked with some of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses. Riku is passionate about bringing out the beauty of many different women by highlighting their own personal style. Instead of following strict rules, he believes in using makeup to bring out joy and confidence.

Find our more about Riku on his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

I always strive to be completely transparent in my reviews, and I have to start by saying that I haven't read it in it's entirety.  Well, I did look through every page and stopped at some for a more in depth read, however, I want to be able to sit with it and really devour every word and every page.
I just turned 47 years old, and whether we like to admit it or not, we are getting older.  The lines and wrinkles on our faces, the skin on our neck, it all makes it blatantly clear that we are no longer smooth skinned, fresh faced youngsters.
I am ok with that.
But, I do struggle to do my makeup in a way that looks natural, without being caked on, or looking like a clown.
I am Beauty takes a closer look at women over the age of 40, and puts it all on paper.  It's like the tutorial for our age, that we always wanted to have but never could find.
Skin care, what make up to use, how to use it, how best to apply it according skin tone and texture.  Eye shadow, yay or nay?
I know this book is going to become my best friend, and I can not wait to dive deeper into it and actually try each make up look, and routine.  
I just haven't had the time, but if you like me, want to learn more about our changing skin, routines and so forth, this is a MUST have for women our age.


  1. Looks like an amazing book. Iam 60 now and go for a more natural look. Thanks for pointing this book out. I

  2. I'm close to 40 and I definitely can tell I need to start learning about taking care of my skin! I definitely took my youth for granted in my 20s. Ha! Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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