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{ Wild Seas by Thomas Peschak - TLC Book Tour }

 About Wild Seas

• Publisher: National Geographic (November 30, 2021)
• Hardcover: 240 pages

One of @NatGeo’s most popular nature photographers shares 200 breathtaking images — and the stories behind them — from a wide swath of wild ocean locales around the globe.

From gregarious gray whales plying the waters of Baja California to acrobatic manta rays in the Maldives and parading penguins in Antarctica, National Geographic photographer Thomas Peschak has spent a lifetime documenting the beauty and fragility of underwater life and the majesty of wild coastlines.

This awe-inspiring book of photography charts his transformation from marine biologist to full-time conservation advocate, armed with little more than a mask, fins and a camera. In these vivid pages, Peschak photographs sharks in a feeding frenzy, tracks sea turtles the size of bears, and dodges marine poachers, to reveal the splendor of pristine seas as well as the dark side of pollution, overfishing, and climate change.

Filled with magnificent images from Southern Africa, the Gal├ípagos, Seychelles, and more, this illuminating collection offers an impassioned case for revering and preserving the world’s oceans.

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About Thomas Peschak

Thomas Peschak is a National Geographic photographer who documents the beauty and fragility of the world’s oceans and coasts. Originally trained as a marine biologist, he embraced photography after realizing his images could have a greater conservation impact than his research. As the Director of Storytelling for the Save our Seas Foundation and a National Geographic Society Fellow, he merges science with photojournalism to tackle critical conservation issues. His TED Talk, “Dive into an Ocean Photographer’s World” has been viewed more than one million times. When he is not underwater or exploring remote islands, Peschak calls Cape Town, South Africa home.

Oh my word, where to start with this one.  I don't even know what to say other than, buy this book, put it on display on your coffee table and enjoy it, every day.
The first cool thing that caught my eye is that Thomas Peschak, lives in Cape Town, South Africa.  If you know me or my blog, you know that I lived in South Africa, did my schooling in South Africa and lived my whole childhood in that beautiful country.  It's always so neat to be able to read a book that is written by a fellow South African.
But, that aside, this book......WOW!!!!
I've always admired the photos we see on National Geographic, I mean, for anyone who likes taking photos or aspires to be a photographer, it is right up there with a dream come true.  The angles, the close ups, the action shots, just everything about these photographers is absolutely fantastic.
Wild Seas is a book that brings us not only those amazing photos, but it is mainly about the seas, so you know it's going to be gorgeous not matter what, but nothing really prepared me for the shots that would be displayed on these pages.
From turtles that are quite simply HUGE, like humongous, to sharks, penguins, and night time photography?  Like, no kidding, just jaw dropping beautiful.  

But, it's not all about the photos, though for me that was of course one of the biggest draws to this book.  We get to also learn about Thomas' life, where he came from, how he became a marine biologist, and how he now fights for the conservation of our oceans.
No really, GET yourself this book, or better yet, get it for a Christmas gift for that person in your life who loves animals, loves photography, the oceans.  It will make the best gift under the tree.
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and National Geographic for providing me with a review copy.

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  1. My kids were absolutely obsessed with paging through this one! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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