Monday, February 26, 2024

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/26/2024 }

Good morning everyone, happy Monday.  Welcome back to my little blog!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed week ahead.
I'm going to get this post up as quick as possible, because I'm using my phone's Hotspot to get on here, since our internet has been out since 11am yesterday morning.  We have some plumbing issues and backed up pipes etc., and while working on that and digging some trenches etc., the fiber cable for the internet was accidentally nicked.  Oh well, things happen right?
They are coming this morning to fix it, so no internet for the moment.
Anyway, let's get right on with our post for today. How was your weekend?  

 *** The Weather *** 
I think we are in early I know I must just jinx it all with that statement, but all our trees are budding, there's green everywhere, and our temperatures have been amazing.  More of those nice temps this week.       
Monday - Mix of clouds, 93
Tuesday - Mostly cloudy, 88
Wednesday - Partly cloudy, 55
Thursday - AM showers, 58
Friday- Sunny, 80
Saturday - Sunny, 83
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 82
*** Right now I am *** 
At my desk working on this post, and making a list of what I need to do today.  I'm listening to Danielle Kirsty on Youtube.  
*** Thinking and pondering *** 
I had my appointment on Friday and it went great, my doctor was very happy with the weight I have lost and told me to keep doing what I'm doing, and also suggested the Mediterranean Diet, which is something I've mentioned even here on the blog, a couple of times.  
We also talked about the pain in my finger joints and the swelling and cyst on my right index finger.  She thinks it may be Rheumatoid Arthritis so had me do an X Ray of both hands, and I'll have the results today.  It's either Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Do any of you have those?         
*** How I am feeling ***
Really good, I'm very happy with my health at the moment.  Also looking forward to knowing exactly what kind of arthritis I have in my hands so that I can start dealing with it.  
Also been very energetic lately, which means a ton of projects have been done around here.  Yesterday morning I was out back for a couple of hours, cleaning and getting the yard ready for Spring and Summer. 
*** On the breakfast plate *** 
Cup of coffee and oatmeal.       
*** On the lunch plate *** 
Salad with eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, onion and cucumber with grilled chicken.   
*** On the dinner plate ***
Torta de Frango sem massa {Chicken Pie with no crust}, Sauteed Squash.  (didn't make this one last week, so it's being pushed to today)
*** On the menu *** 
Will be working on the new menu plan this week, so meals as always are until Thursday when the new plan kicks in.
Dinner - Torta de Frango sem massa (Chicken Pie with no crust), Sauteed Squash 
Dinner - Ground Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry with Brown Rice, Salad  
Dinner - Brazilian Hotdogs 
Dinner -

*** What I am wearing *** 
Black Leggings and a long grey v-neck shirt.    
*** On my reading pile *** 
Book of John in the Bible 
Below Stairs by Margaret Powell 

*** On my TV this week ***
Youtube - Brazilian and Portuguese Homemaking Vlogs  
Turkish shows - Hudutsuz Sevda, Ruzgarli Tepe, Bir Sevdadir, Gelin, Uc Kiz Kardes 
Sic Portugal TV - Senhora do Mar
TVI Portugal - Cacau
*** Looking around the house *** 
Just needing the usual tidying up.      
*** To do list *** 
Call doctor to have prescriptions sent off base (I don't know if you heard but apparently there was a cyberattack last week, that affected pharmacies, I guess the base one was hit as well) 
Daily homemaking chores
Continue removing wallpaper 
Start meal planning
*** From the camera *** 
No caption needed.       

*** What I am crocheting ***
I am almost done with Part 3, which is the Nordic Snowflake.  Loving this blanket, can't say it enough. 

*** Devotional, Prayers, Bible Verses *** 
Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;  keep watch over the door of my lips.
- Psalm 141:3


Elisha said...

The blanket is beautiful! And I'm jealous of your temperatures, ours are a bit warmer but we still have a ways to go before spring is really here.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Hello dearest Sandra! I always love these Mondays here with you. ;) So glad your appointment went well. I have been tested for rheumatoid arthritis and didn't have it- but I have an Aunt that's had it for years. I believe it's a bit more of an autoimmune situation along with the arthritis?
That blanket is absolutely epic! I'm so in love! Everything is nordic up here and I love it. (lots of Scandinavian folks live in our area). Blessings on your week.

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Glad your appointment went well. Our temptress are about the same and I have a few Spring flowers blooming. Take care.

Debbie said...

Hi Sandra :) Congratulations on your weight loss and burst of energy. I guess they go hand in hand. I love the blanket you're making and the colors are beautiful.

Luludou said...

Beautiful blanket. Good work on the wiehgt loss. Hoping for best results possible for your hands. Cyberattacks are frightful and we are so much at risk.
Have a wonderful week

Mother Em said...

Not sure where you are located, but hope you are all safe from the horrible fires happening there in Texas. Please keep us all informed. Love, love your blog, your home, your home keeping, recipes and you. Mary in GA