Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping!

We set out in search of a Thrift Store yesterday. We don't know the area well and had no clue where they would be situated, but within a few minutes we had found a Goodwill AND it was having a 50% off sale. Yep, that's where we headed.

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To say that it was chaotic inside, would be an understatement, but then again, everything was half off and what could you expect? We persevered and I got quite a few goodies, let me show you, but you may want to grab a cup of coffee or tea as I have a few pictures to share.


I got this bowl for $1, I had been looking for something similar and I'm so glad I found it yesterday.


These 3 square ones were $2 for the set. I mean, come on, that is just ridiculous and I love the pattern.


How adorable is this one? $ 0.50 is all I paid for it


And this huge baking dish was $1 as well. I love the green and the olive branches on it, I can already imagine lasagnas and casseroles coming out of there.

This picture/shadow box was just what I needed for my guest bathroom, everything in there has a nautical theme.....and it only cost 25c.


I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find these, I got two of them for my window sill. They are candle holders and go just perfectly with the rest of my red things in the kitchen. I paid $1 for both.



Another 25c for the cutest bird feeder ever. I'm using it as a decoration though, not a feeder.


Then I spotted a wall full of bags of yarn and I made a beeline for that area, I kept saying to the kids "hurry up, if anyone gets to that yarn before me I'll be one irritated mama" LOL

I got 3 bags of various yarn, different size balls etc. They were only 50 c for the 3 bags, I mean, come on how could I say no?


Do you know how happy I was to find The Kite Runner amongst the other books? I immediately grabbed it because I've read some great reviews on some of your blogs and I desperately want to read the book but it's always checked out at the library.

The other books are, The River Midnight by Lilian Nattel and The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett.


Underneath the books and the yarn is a beautiful blue knitted shawl that I can't wait to use around the house. I'll call it my Prayer Shawl for those moments when I'm doing my devotionals or reading the bible.


This little shelf is just what we needed for Nicholas room, it goes with his whole Car theme in there.


Now I start getting excited because I found this beautiful afghan for $3


After a quick wash, it smells heavenly and it feels super soft. Oh it was just pure bliss sleeping with it last night.


And if that wasn't enough, my eyes caught this beautiful crocheted afghan. And for another $2 I brought it home, washed it too and was able to snuggle underneath it on the couch this morning, with my book and my coffee. Yes, just what I wanted.

The book I just finished was "The Yada Yada Prayer Group" and I LOVED it, I couldn't put it down, I truly enjoyed this book and have already started the next one "The Yada Yada Prayer Group gets down".


What do you think? Did I make out like a bandit or not?


I know some people don't like thrift store shopping and I'll admit there are some things that I do NOT buy. Shoes and underwear and such LOL even clothes, they have to be almost new for me to even think twice about grabbing.

So tell me about your thrift store thoughts, do you love them as much as I do? Do you not like them? Have you ever found something that made you go "OH.MY.WORD that's just what I wanted"?

And what is the ONE thing you would never be caught buying from a Thrift Store?


Mari said...

You did great! I never shop at thrift stores because when I've gone in the past I never find anything. I should try again, after seeing your deals!

Mike Golch said...

Sandra,sometimes you can find some good stuff,other times,well not so much.

Linds said...

You have got some amazing stuff, Sandra, and just the sort of things I would go for too. Our charity shops here don't, as a rule, have really great things, but my friend's son got the most exquisite leather jacket, good as new, for £7. I would buy clothes, but not shoes. I am more likely household things.

Org Junkie said...

Oh I love thrift stores! My girlfriend owns one here in town so I'm there all the time. You did amazing. Those dishes are absolutely beautiful, what a steal!!

Lindsay said...

Great deals! Our Goodwill just recently started having 1/2 price sales after each holiday. My in-laws find TONS at the thrift stores - they live and Vegas and there quite a few that have almost new items. Around here we aren't so lucky - it's really hit or miss.

Shilah said...

I love thrift store shopping. I have gone a couple times and not found anything. But usually I walk out with at least one great deal that makes it worth it. I would never buy undergarments or shoes at a thrift shop.

I love all those deals you got. The dishes are beautiful. I especially love the olive one! It matches all of my dishes and my whole kitchen theme!!

Mistress said...

great buys!!!

I love the afgan on your bed!! That was so worth the trip!
Those dishes are wonderful!!!

My kids are re-sale shop babies. I do not buy shoes from there unless they are NEW. I mean no foot pattern or wear on the bottoms. You find a lot of those in the re-sale shops here. I do not purchase socks or undies either. Unless they are NIP, then of course they will be a great buy. Everything else is fair game!!!

The best thing I bought was a suit for Prince. Very similar to the dress blue Navy uniform but this really was blue and in shorts. it was $3!!! I had to buy it!

Vickie said...

WOW!! That nautical theme shadow box is so cute and holy cow the yarn. You got so many nice things today! But it's insane afghans for $2 and $3!!! What a steal!

Take Care :)

Lorie said...

I never find anything good like that in our thrift stores!!! I would of loved to have found those kitchen items you found!! There are certain things I won't buy too, like shoes, socks, underwear or bras lol.. clothes have to be like new too.

Crystal said...

Wow !!! Those dishes and the aghans are lovely and such a reasonable [price}, I mean steal! Thrifting isn't very big in these parts but I'm going to start stopping at the 2 that are in the next town.

I once bought a whole bag absolutely stuffed full of bras to hang on someone's fence for their 70th birthday. It was $5 for as much as you could stuff in a plastic grocery bag that day!! She still doesn't know who did it :))) It was hilarious!

Tina said...

Wow! You got quite a few great deals yesterday. You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Kite Runner - it's really slow in the beginning, but it picks up and it's most definitely my favorite book!

Jen said...

I love the dishes!! The cake plate is just beautiful!! I will not buy shoes, socks, bras and the such!! For Hannah's 10th birthday we gave her an american girl birthday tea party. I wanted to give each girl a tea cup of their very own. I went around to a number of thrift stores and finally found a whole set for $2!! I was thrilled there was enough for each girl plus I now have a beautiful tea set of my own.

Nikowa@KHA said...

Oh I love thrift stores too!!!

Nancy said...

Holy moly, you got some nice deals!!!

Posh And Trendy Back to Basics said...

I'm blown away by all the beautiful things you got and at such bargain prices... Love those dishes and the afghans are just like new.
I shop thrift stores but I'd never buy undies or bra's there and not shoes either unless I really needed them bad. In fact, I seldom buy clothes there for me because I do not like picking through all those racks of smelly clothing... to be truthful I don't even like to shop for clothing.. and totally hate to try things on even if they are new :)

~ Tisha ~ said...

WOW!! You did hit it big...I just love me some thirft stores and Goodwills..They are like going into yard sales to me.. I could stay in a thrift store for hours and I find my kids play clothes there and some awesome dressy outfits as well.. I love looking through their housewares stuff cause there are soooo many things that you can transform by a little paint and time and make it new or into something else. I don't buy undergarmets and only shoes that are new.. But i love getting the kids play clothes there cause they are just for around the house and used doesn't matter and at our goodwills they get Targets overstock items so there are some new stuff there as well. oh and books that is the best place other than we have a local book exchange store that rocks I was just there this weekend looking for my fav books "List to live by" and I found one but there are soooo many books to go through but anyways.. keep getting thrifty.. have a great week ~ tish

cindy said...

What great stuff you got!

I will buy clothes if they look somewhat new. I don't buy shoes unless they ARE new and definitely don't buy undergarments. I've gotten a lot of books, toys, movies there. Actually we did a lot of our shopping there this year, with me being laid-off from work.

Elizabeth Ann said...

WOW, great finds!! I am a veteran thrift store shopper and have loved doing so for years. I can very happily wander thru a GoodWill or Salvation Army for many an hour. I have made lots of great finds...I pick up presents, clothes, pictures, books...isn't it amazing what some people will give away! And I'm really glad they do 'cause it's a BIG budget helper!

The only thing I won't buy is underwear. Other than that, I search with an open mind and am happy as a clam to pick something up for a couple of dollars.

Happy thrifting!!

Ginny said...

You got some great deals! All of the ones by me charge so much for the stuff. A lot of times you can find it new cheaper on clearance.

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Oh my you had a fantastic day! What great finds. I can smell the lasagna now and that white afghan is beautiful! I just love thrift stores!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I can't believe what great things you found at Goodwill for so super cheap!!!!!!! Seriously, they would all be much much more expensive at my store.

I especially love the square plates. They would catch my eye too.

I like shopping at thrift stores. We don't always need new things and if everyone bought new things all this stuff would be filling up our landfills.

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

You did make out great! Good job!

I bought all of my maternity pants at Goodwill this last time I was pregnant. I just couldn't see spending $30-$50 a pair (or more!) on clothing I was only going to wear for a couple of months. I got 5 pair for $20 and they were all practically new!

I used to buy most of my boys' clothing at second hand stores too. There used to be a fantastic one where we lived in NY that only took name brand kids clothing. I'd get baby gap, carters, even Tommy Hilfiger and Polo stuff for like 2 or 3 bucks. It was great!...Wow, I miss that store.

autumnesf said...

Another thing that is sadly lacking in this town is the thrift stores. There are a few but they are tiny, old and don't tend to have anything worth looking at.

Add that to the lack of grocery stores (and competitive pricing) and its not a frugal place to live around here for sure. Sigh!

Michelle said...

OH WOW Sandra you did amazingly..I love the plates and the afghans.Love the picture of the pug on the bed relaxing it's such a hard life being a pug..

Lulu said...

great finds Sandra..I love the ghans and plates, so cute..
wow, all that yarn, thats nice..Happy knitting..
i always love seeing pics of your little pugs, they are so cute..

Bonnie said...

You did so well !! I love thrift stores. I have a couple in my area that I frequent ! I love that green cake pedestal ( or whatever you call those things !! ha ha ) It is sooooo cute !! I love to buy single plates for making my food photography look pretty and unique. And just for neat serving dishes. Love the afghan, though I don't need one as I have one just like it that my grandma knit me !! I've read the kite runner ... it is GOOD ! Oh, and I'm reading the Yada Yada books too. Currently on the first one.

Bonnie said...

PS ... love the bird house !

Lara Gisela said...

Good shopping Sandra. I do like thrift stores though, as you know, we don't have many here.
I must tell you that we had a wonderful time on Saturday and that my daughter and I started knitting and are very excited about it!

Melonie said...

WOW you did find some lovely things. How excited you must be -especially about the yarn!!!

I wouldn't buy undergarments of any type or used shoes. I used to work in a shoe/clothing store and I have heard of problems with children's feet due to hand-me-down or used shoes ... not diseases per se but because the shoes are already broken in to another child's foot shape and it can be bad for little one's feet/legs. So I learned not to use even hand-me-downs from friends with clean footed children LOL unless they were just baby shoes that were basically there to look "cute" and get thrown on the floor when you're not watching.

Laura said...

I love the little cake pedestal thing! That is adorable!!! I am jealous, LOL!

I am a huge thrift shopper, love it!

Carla said...

SCORE!!! My last purchase, I told my daughter I wanted to go and look for a doll house and stuff to go in it. I walked in, found the house for 3.00 and a whole bag of people and furniture for 1.00. The girls I babysit (3 and 4) love it! Just love it!!

Your purchases are just too perfect! Ehjoy

Susanne said...

You did good, Sandra. I don't mind thrift stores but the thrift village we have here is actually getting expensive. I've found some great deals though on designer or brand new clothing that still has store tags on it, so those always make me happy. I will not buy underwear or pj's, sheets either. Shoes usually not unless they look absolutely brand new.

Anonymous said...

You got some amazing ceramic ware, and they go together nicely.

I have decided to shop thrift stores to collect christmas dessert dishes and mugs. It is fun having different dishes to serve with.

I buy tops alot. Especially for my mother, who is elderly and has lost lots of weight. She is happier accepting my gifts if she knows they didn't cost alot of money.

I also buy supplies for crafting, especially fleece pieces.

I will also not buy underwear or shoes.

You are lucky to have a goodwill close by. And did you take children with you shopping? and no toys came home? - ciao, cheryl

Brigitte said...

You made out! I just wrote about something similiar in my thrift stores blog. I love thrift stores.

Kirstin said...

I'm totally good with thrift stores. You can find quite a bit of cool stuff. If you even shop at a goodwill that is closer to upscale neighborhoods, the stuff is even better!!

HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS said...

You got some excellent bargains. My favorite was that crocheted afghan. I love thrift shops, but the key is timing. Sometimes I can find something and other times come away empty handed.

I love bargains!!

Michele said...

Like other comments, the thrift stores here are good on some days, pretty lean on quality things the next visit. I tend to buy shirts and jeans, craft supplies, and small baking dishes. I will not buy undies of any type, night clothes, or stuffed toys.
In the two towns I commute between, the one with the Air Force Base is usually better for awesome finds. I guess since people are leaving quite often (with household weight restrictions for the move) many families have to get rid of some nice stuff quickly. The other town seems to have more "old lady" clothes, but tons of craft supplies!
Great Finds! You did good! Did you let the kids pick out trinkets, too? My kids always loved our thrift store outings because they could get a book, game, or pick out a new shirt.

Jenette said...

I love your blog! It has been forever since I have been to a thrift store but I am going to go now! You found some amazing things!!

girlymom said...

I'm new to your blog and think you are very clever with all of your tips around the house. I just wanted to comment and say that our Goodwill gets brand new with the tags on it, things from Target- AND CHEAP! SO yes I will buy shoes, but this is my exception to the rule. I have never even seen undergarments at a store and would not consider buying anyways- EW!

Jenn said...

Wow, that is one NICE goodwill...LOL Ours are small dumps here, I'm impressed! Wish I could join you!!