Monday, January 5, 2009

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Hello....anyone out there???

It's finally here, the moment I've been anticipating for weeks now.....that new week of the new year....aahhhhh!

The kids are back at school and Curtis is back at work and it's deafeningly quiet here in the household. I can hear myself breathing, that's how quiet it is, quite creepy actually if you think about it, but good nonetheless.

I love the holidays and the craziness that starts around Halloween and goes right through until the 3rd or 4th of January, but I have to admit that I love the return to normal, the quietness that comes with being in the house alone, the possibilities of knitting or sewing, baking or reading or whatever I want to do without having to think about putting those things aside to get something else done first.

Like my new template, nothing like having uninterrupted time to sit on the computer and mess around.

Right after this was done, I got to work on the house, cleaning from top to bottom and it looks wonderful and it smells clean and fresh and I'm in pain. I blame the darn vacuum, I have this love/hate relationship with it, every once in a while I will be vacuuming something and BAM, I pull a muscle on the right side of my back. It's always on that side and it's those annoying little twinges that go from the neck all the way down to the ribs and make it painful to breathe. I tell you, it's times like these that you discover muscles you didn't even know existed.

So I'm taking it easy the rest of the day, I'm going to fix dinner and then I'm taking a hot bath and climbing into bed with a good book. Curt is home for the day and he has offered to take care of the kids so I can just relax my back. I honestly think I overdid it today, between the vacuum, the sweeping and mopping and rearranging....errr.....did I say that out loud?
Yes I rearranged Nicholas' room and so I'm paying for it, but that's fine, the house is clean LOL

I'm making this a super short post, there's not much going on around here and frankly sitting like this is just making me hurt more.

I send you hugs and kisses and wishes of everything nice and for all the sickies out there, hope you feel better soon. I'll be back in the morning, refreshed and hopefully able to type without feeling like my fingers are going to snap and break. Oh the joy of muscle strains.

PS By the way, how many of you watched "Superstars of Dance"? I did and I really enjoyed it, it helps that South Africa is on there too and I have to root for my home country right? But I have to tell you I want United States or Ireland to win. I LOVED the Irish Group dance.


  1. Hope your back is feeling better. Seems with cold weather, everything that hurts, hurts more!
    Your plans for the day sound fantastic. Just get some rest and take it easy.

  2. I hope you are better soon. I love your new template!

  3. Wow, sounds like you got a ton of stuff done, and I love your new template! But I'm sorry you hurt your back and I hope it feels better soon. Get some rest!

  4. After all that you deserve a hot bath and an evening off! made me break a sweat!! I love the new look. I always like the things you do with your blog.

  5. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Love your new template!!!
    I remember those days of getting all excited because the kids would be home for a week and then being so very glad when they went back to school :)
    Hope your back is feeling better now.. I'm sure a hot soak in the tub will help a lot.
    Take care

  6. love it love it... the blog looks marvelous darling... just lovely :)

    So nice to have a quiet home isn't it?? And a clean one is even better! It's so funny, I have been on a cleaning spree myself.. gah! Just feels good to clean! Bless you this night.. pray that back get's back in line!


  7. Hopefully some time off for good behavior (or overwork with that vacuum, as it were) will do the trick! :-) Hope your book is great and your back even better.

    Chatty has gone back to school so the days are much quieter when the little guy takes his nap. YES!!!! *angels singing* I now understand the perk of public school. *chuckle*

  8. Sandra, seriously, how do you have time to do it all? I'm in awe that you can cook, clean, tend to kiddos, and still have time to relax with a book, movies, knit, etc. I'm amazed. I often wonder if you have more hours in your day than I do!

    I hope your back is feeling better. That's a bummer to have it hurt. I have the same thing happen, but I have scoliosis so my name rarely goes next to sweeping or mopping on the chore list. :)

    So now I'm curious, do you create the templates yourself (write HTML?) or do you use templates or how does that all work???

    ~Allie Z

  9. Sandra:
    I read somewhere that housework done properly can kill you so please be careful. Take care of your back. I too am glad to be back to normal.
    Roberta Anne

  10. I know about the 'finding muscles in new places' I seem to find it all the time in P.E. I say that I'm getting too old for this P.E. stuff, but being 15 is not that old to be hurting( so I've been told). Our vacuum always is a pain in the butt, so you are not the only one out there. I was looking at all of your food on your blog. ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL CHEF OR WHAT? It looks so good. I like to cook myself. Maybe when I get older I can come up with good stuff like that too. To be a chef has always been my dream. Just tonight I invented something I thought was good. My family said it was good, but I don't really know if that is honest. Happy New Year to you and the family!

  11. Hope your new year is starting out well... Don't overdo it too quickly and take it easy a bit :)

  12. Yes, today was a very quiet and peaceful day here also. I hated to see it end! I hope your back feels better soon. Take Care :)

  13. We watched the dance show last night! It was pretty interesting.

    Happy New Year!!!

  14. I did a similar thing a few days ago. I wish you a speedy recovery like I had. Whew.

  15. I can't remember the last time I had to house totally to myself. I probably would wile away my time with a good book!

  16. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Hope your back is better soon Sandra. A lovely bath and then a book in bed sounds like bliss.

    love n' hugs

    Sarah x

  17. I hope the bath and an early night helped your back, Sandra...good thing your husband was home yesterday! I know the cleanign frenzy thing...once i start I usually end up upending the whole house. Get better soon!

  18. Sorry, you pulled a muscle. Try to take it easy!

  19. I hope you are feeling better! Back pain is no fun! Hope the bath and early night helped you. Your template looks great!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  20. What a great post. I loved it. Yes I think we all have that love/hate relationship. I hope you enjoyed your good book. I got into cleaning over the weekend too. It was too cold to do anything the last couple of days though but today the sun is out! Thanks for sharing and giving us all something to read and sharing a smile.
    Have a great week.

  21. Hi Sandra the new template is lovely.I hope that your back is feeling better..


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