Thursday, January 22, 2009

Randomness and your help needed!

I don't really have anything in specific to blog about this morning, it's been an uneventful couple of days....that is if you don't count the power outtage yesterday afternoon.

So there I was, having finished all the housework, I had just sat down on the computer with my lunch in hand, pulled up my Google Reader and POOF. I literally jumped back from the desk, I thought I had done something wrong and my first thought was "Crap, I broke my computer". But then I looked around and realized that it wasn't just the computer, it was the WHOLE house. Everything was out.

Now if you're like me, I consider myself a pretty good handy person, I can use power tools and hand tools, I nail and screw, change light bulbs, build things etc. But for some reason, I can NEVER figure out how to turn the power back on. So I'm sitting there looking like an idiot, staring at this thing:


It's like the panel to a spaceship on Star Trek or something...I've never been able to figure it out and then I have no luck because whoever lists the according numbers to the appliances...NEVER EVER EVER....does them correctly.

I tried flipping those buttons, which have you noticed are not easy to do either? You have to grab them with both hands and push really hard LOL

Anyway, after trying for about 5 minutes, flipping these things on and off, I decided to just call Housing Maintenance and find out if there was a Power Outtage in this area or if it was just me. Yes, I know, it would have been so much easier to do this from the get go, but I never said I do things the easy way LOL

Problem is that I forgot that if power is out so is the home line, and to top it off, I go and grab my cellphone only to find that the battery is so low it's already beeping at me. Anyway, long story short, I turned on my car, plugged the charger in there and called Housing only to be told that yes, the construction people by the shoppette accidentally cut a power line, it would be at least an hour or two to get it back up.

So what's a girl to do with no tv, no internet, no phone, no radio, nothing....well, I go and clean out my Durango which was in serious need of some help. All the parents out there know what the cars look like when you have children. There's crayons and crumbs and crackers and fries and whatnot in I got it all picked up and sprayed down with febreze and when the power came back up all I did was vacuum and put all the toys back in the kids toy baskets.


Ahhhhh so much better!

Ok now that I've bored you to death with my tales of woe LOL I need your help with something.

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See, we haven't replaced our mattress in YEARS, I'm too embarassed to say how many, and for the most part it's been ok but it's getting to the point where I'm having a hard time sleeping and the springs (yes that old) are popping through and literally digging into my hips and ribs at night. For the past two weeks I've been in so much pain when I lay down and we've finally decided, enough is enough, as soon as the tax money comes in, the first thing being bought is a brand new comfy mattress.

So help me out....tell me which mattress you think we should get, which one you have that you absolutely love or which ones we should steer clear from. Just keep in mind that I don't want to completely blow all the money on a mattress, those things can be really expensive.

I just need something that will help me start feeling better, I truly believe a lot of my back and neck muscle issues are stemming from the horrible torture chamber I sleep on.


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Sterns and Foster baby-dont even look at other mattresses. NOTHING else comes close. Your mattress is an investment in YOU. You deserve (and your family deserves for you to have ) a good nights sleep. Sterns and Foster. Dont even think about complaining about the cost. Buy it and you will never think about cost again. Sterns and Foster. No I dont have stock in Sterns but maybe I should-I have a misssionary like zeal once i discovered this company.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    sorry for the double post

  3. We had a temperpedic for a while, but it lost its ability to spring back after 3 years (20 year mattress, my eye!), then we bought a foam topper so we didn't have to replace the mattress, but that only lasted about 2 years. We then went back to a regular spring mattress (posturpedic) and discovered we were hopelessly ruined for spring types. We finally ended up with a sleep number and we love it. It takes a while to find your real number, but I don't wake up with a sore back anymore.

  4. we have a sealy posturpedic, and we both really like it. we've only had it for about two years, but it has held up very well, and is still like new. (and we bought the floor model!) =)

  5. It is kind of creepy but my power has gone off twice while trying to comment. First time just a flicker and everything came back but second time--the whole show. Close down everything, pull all the wires on the modum and airport and plug back it... and run out in the rain and put the hot tub back on regular because it goes to standby during power outages.

    Okay third time is the charm. I have a pillow top and I really love it but it did require new sheets because it is really fat. My guest room just has a regular mattress with a feather bed on top of it and I love how it feels to scrunch down in all the fluffyness.

    Happy Shopping!
    Roberta Anne

  6. I'm always grateful if the power goes off during the day rather than in the evening. I loved what you said about having kids and having a messy car! I used to have an immaculate car till we had our first child! :) The house used to be cleaner too! ;)

  7. Sleep Number's #1

  8. We have a Simmons Beautyrest that is going on 10 years (this summer, actually!) and it is still *so* firm and comfortable. (Don't know about you, but soft mattresses make my back ache). I guess I'd say to go and lie down on a few and see what is most comfy. (Yeah, I know that is not that much help, LOL!) PS - I have your pea soup cooking away right now. Can't wait for dinner!

  9. A few years ago we were having the same problem and after buying a new mattress, those aches are gone. We have a Simmons Beautyrest and it's worked well for us, but I think there are a lot of good ones out there.

  10. Hi Sandra,
    We had to get a new mattress after our first baby because my back was soooo sore! We tried out (laid on for awhile) several before buying a traditional spring mattress with a memory foam padding (5-6 inches thick) on top. It came together as one mattress. I think the manufacturer is Simmons. Anyway, the bed is very comfortable and it gives tons of support! We went from a firm mattress to this one. We both like firmer mattresses but our old one was just not allowing my back to get settled. I hope this helps!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was really excited to get your comments! ;)

  11. If you have a Sam's Club card.. check out their mattresses.. my daughter bought one from there a couple years ago and they love it.. it's a pillow top one and is holding up really well.. it's also a lot cheaper then other places.
    We have a Serta that I bought about 10 years ago that cost a fortune and is still sleeping good but if I ever need to replace it, I'm going to save some money and buy from Sam's club.

  12. Sleep Number all the way! We just bought a new bed for ourselves for Christmas and boy was it worth it. I agree with the other poster who said it takes time to find your real number but when you do, it's heaven! Good luck.

  13. Wow, great responses on the mattress question. The only thing I would add is that a pillow top is quite comfortable but it does mean you might have to get new fitted sheets because it makes the mattress so thick. Of course being the frugal chick that I am, I still use the sheets I had before and use those mattress garters on the corners. Works just fine.

    About power outages: My daughter keeps a flashlight right by her bed because she knows that when it happens at night I can NEVER find mine! Don't you hate that if you have electric clocks they all start flashing 12:00 and you have to reset them all? I have ONE electric clock that is clever, though: it has a battery backup for when the power shuts off!! Should have got them all that way...

    This wasn't a boring post Sandra, I enjoy reading about your days, even if you're not climbing Mt. Everest or something LOL!

    Take care.

  14. We have a pillow top by Serta. It's a never turn and we have had it for many years and it's still very comfy.

  15. My parents just got a sleep number bed and love it. Thats all she talks about, lol !!

  16. We had a power outage yesterday afternoon too.

  17. We consider a mattress an investment to a good day because without a good night's sleep and not being sore all time is a major thing to a good day. We invested in the mattress where the springs are individually wrapped. (The one where they drop the bowling ball on the mattress and the glass of wine on the other side doesn't move, Yeah that one). And it was worth every penny. We've never slept better.

  18. I know what you mean about losing electricity-we had an "ice" day a few eeks back and lost power for the whole day. My son was home and I thought I would go out of my mind! Seriously, how many photo albums and board games can you play?!? LOL We ended up going to the mall to have lunch to break up the monotony! I was thinking you would post pictures of your car BEFORE you cleaned like the couch LOL

  19. Hey, I needed to start my day off with a good laugh. Laughing because I have been there and done that. You know those people put things wrong on those boxes on purpose right? I mean they have too there is no other explaination for it. I even have one that for the live of me can't figure out what it goes to.

    You have already cleaned out your car? I'm not even going to think about that until it warms up and by warms up I mean at least 65 or above. I'm not a cold person! And by that time cleaning out the car is a scarey thing you never know what may be lurking in there to get you. Just a helpful tip here don't ever open up your child's sports bag that has been left in the car for over a month it's not pretty! Take Care :)

  20. Hey, Sandra!

    I don't have any advice for you, but since we need a new mattress, too, I'm going to sponge off your answers:)

    I have heard the SImmons beautyrest are good ones, and I do know that the pillow top ones at Sams' are good, too, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. ours is 10 years old and I'm not sleeping well on it either, which is annoying!

  21. I usually end up reading when the power goes out, if it's daylight. Sometimes even in the evenings, by candlelight or flashlight! I would never occur to me to go out and be productive and clean out my car, LOL!

    We're going to need a new mattress soon too. Ours is about 10 years old, and it's been a good one. We may just get a new one like we have, it's a Serta or simliar brand, a pillow top. The pillow top is on both sides, so that when we flip it, we still have that soft cushy side :) I sometimes have issues with a muscle in my lower back hurting when I wake up, and I know it's time to flip the mattress. Also, my husband was having some neck aches in the mornings about a month ago. I bought him (and me too!) a memory foam pillow and he swears by it. He says his neck has not hurt one day since then.

    Let us know what you decide to get :)

  22. The basket in the car idea is great!

    Our mattress is a pillowtop one we bought on clearance from JC Penney. It was very expensive, but marked down was not so bad. I tell ya to go to the stores and lay on the beds till you find one you like that you can afford.

  23. Everyone that has laid on our mattress swears it's the most comfortable thing they've every been on. (It seems weird but it's actually a pretty large number of people because our guest bedroom isn't finished and is in the basement, so hubby and I use it and let people stay in our room when we have company.) I don't know what to call it but it's a spring mattress with a pillow top. The pillow top is about 2-3 inches thick and has memory foam in it. It was one of the more expensive ones at the store, but after years of having a sore back it was WORTH every penny. I'll dig around for the tag tonight for you.


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