Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{ Hear me Croak }

woke up this morning sounding like a drunk frog, I kid you not, it's the weirdest sounding voice ever, so there will be lots of hot tea with lemon and honey throughout the day.

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all snuggly and warm and staying away from those crazy snow storms. I do envy you, you know that, it's times like these that I miss Idaho the most and can not wait to return soon.

Last night was interesting, both kids woke up a couple of times screaming and crying with bad dreams. It seems to go in spurts with them, months will pass with peaceful sleeping and then they'll both go through a week or so of on and off again "night terrors". I know they say it's normal for kids to have these, but it's very frustrating for the parent. Not because I'm being woken up every hour and getting literally no sleep, though I admit that it's draining, but because I feel helpless and there really is nothing we can do to stop these dreams, but pray.

Everytime they have a bad dream, we snuggle in bed and say a little prayer asking God to protect them and to watch over while they sleep. It does help!

I'm curious though, do any of you out there experience the same thing?

Today I have both kids home with me, after a restless night with no sleep, they are exhausted and both with sore throats, glassy eyes and runny noses. I hate this time of the year, their school is in a constant cycle of sick kids, pneumonia, bronchitis and ear infections are running rampant. So here they sit, in their pj's, snuggled under the blankets with these miserable expressions on their faces. There's plenty of chicken soup, juice and hugs to go around.

I'm thrilled to see so many of you wanting to Pray along with me for our husbands. It truly is the best gift we can give them and especially during the month of February which is all about love :)

So now tell me something. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your husband? Do you go out to dinner or a movie or buy each other gifts or cards? Do you make it a special day?

I'm ashamed to admit that we don't, we just never celebrate it in any special way. Sure we'll tell each other "I love you" and "Happy Valentine's Day". But as far as exchanging gifts or anything, we just don't. Tell me we're not the only ones out there?
And if we are, I guess I have to change that LOL

As much as I want to stay and chat more, I have little sick ones to take care of, so I'll leave you with this little prayer that I got off one of my devotionals, it goes with the Prayers for our Husbands.

Father God, I want You to know
that I want to be a friend to my husband.
I want to fulfill the role for which I was made.

Let my husband know that my desires for him
from my friendship with him and not
from wanting
to take away his freedom.



Lindsay said...

We usually don't celebrate either. What is even worse is that it's our wedding anniversary and we don't celebrate the day. Neither of us wanted to get married on Valentine's Day but we were each stationed in different countries at the time and we took what we could get! --Don't worry we aren't horrible --we do celebrate our anniversary but we choose to celebrate it on the day we intended for our wedding to be. We are both happy with it and it ends up being a MUCH cheaper celebration by not being on Valentine's Day.

Tina Leigh said...

Sorry to hear about you & the kids. Tis the season for sickness & I have had enough of it around here! BLAH! I hope you all feel better soon.

Danny & I have done the Valentine's Day thing in the past but we dont any more. My oldest son was born on Valentine's Day so that has always been a problem for us...well not a problem but you know what I mean. We dont celebrate any holidays really...meaning we dont buy gifts for one another or stuff like that. It works for us...leaves out the stress of trying to figure out what would make the other happy. I think after 19 years we just know each other very well so we celebarte that every day in little ways. The girls I work with laugh at me (in a good way) becasue I always say "I love my HURS-BIN" and that is what I call him.. "Hurs-bin". LOL

Wendi said...

I hope that all of you are feeling better soon!

We do celebrate Valentine's Day, but nothing fancy. Usually a card and a nice deed.

Cheri said...

I want to hear your voice- time for a podcast !! :)
I'm sorry you're all not feeling well.
We don't celebrate Valentines- I just feel it's so commercialized.

I went through the night terrors from time to time with my oldest and my youngest. In fact Halle wants us to ask God for good dreams not bad every night when we pray at bedtime.

Mandy said...

Hi, I ran across your blog and I enjoyed browsing through it. Sorry you have sick little ones! My hubby and I don't usually do anything special for Valentine's day. I make an extra nice dinner and a special dessert for the whole family. I've been thinking lately about making it a little more special for just the two of us - we'll see!


Jodi said...

Hope your little ones get to feeling better soon! I always think a good day's rest is the best medicine!

I'm like you and wish we had more snow. We got a little here in CO where I live a few days ago, but it's gone now!

As far as husband and I have always exchanged cards. Once in awhile, maybe a small gift, but nothing elaborate. I like it that way! We might go out to eat, but I think we try to avoid the DAY OF, since that's when the restaurants are packed!

Anonymous said...

Sandra..found this and thought you'd love it

Lord of all the pots and pans and things,since I've no time to be
A saint by doing lovely things,or watching late with Thee,
Or dreaming in the dawn-light,or storming Heaven's gates,
Make me a saint by getting meals and washing up the plates.

Although I must have Martha's hands, I have a Mary mind,
And when I black the boots and shoes,Thy sandals, Lord, I find.
I think of how they trod the earth,what time I scrub the floor:
Accept this meditation, Lord, I haven't time for more.

Warm all the kitchen with Thy love, and light it with Thy peace;
Forgive me all my worrying,and make my grumbling cease.
Thou who didst love to give men food,in room or by the sea,
Accept this service that I do-I do it unto Thee.

Cecily Rosmary Hallack (1898-1938)

Have a good day

Sandra said...

Tanny, thank you so much, I love it :)

Melanie said...

Our kids go in spurts with bad dreams and such, too. There's no convincing them to go back to their own bed alone after they are scared!

V-day: My hubby usually makes me a card and gets some flowers (b/c I like to get some once a year at least!) The kids and I will make him cards, maybe cinnamon rolls in a heart shape or with pink frosting or something. We don't try to go out anymore; last year we made a special dinner with the kids--pink punch, a heart-shaped homemade pizza, etc. :)

Cathy said...

I sooo hope you get to feeling better!!! We are starting a 14 day challenge at church with our married couples group to do something thoughtful for one another. It can be something as a simple as a prayer for them! Im super excited to start on the first and will also be praying with you during Feb. Have a blessed day!

JMRCH said...

I love how honest you are in your blog. I don't like celebrating Valentine's Day either but *ironically* my husband does! You can celebrate Arizona's bday if you want since you're living there; it's the same day. When I lived in Arizona, that is what I did with my friends.
I hope you feel better soon and that you and your kids get some rest today!
God Bless, Meg

Anonymous said...

My children had their share of monster dreams when they were little, I even had one sleep walker but they all grew out of it.
Sorry you all are feeling bad and you're feeling better soon.
After 36 years of being married my hub and I only hug each other and smile.. no need to buy each other anything because we each know we're loved but I do usually try to fix him a nice dinner of something that I know he especially likes.

The Raggedy Girl said...

We are not big on gifts or nights out or celebrations for occasions. We tend to just be nice to each other every day of the year and get things for each other just for no reason.
Roberta Anne

Linds said...

My kids had night terrors, and they went as suddenly as they arrived, Sandra. Tough while they last though.
I hope you and your kids are better soon. I have put up the carrot cake recipe, by the way! And there will be no Valentine's day celebrations here, I am afraid. Lots of memories though.

Unknown said...

My oldest son has a bad dream once in a blue moon. My "baby" has them more often but they have died down. I am able to get them to go back to sleep in their own beds. I just let them know that God is watching out for them and so are their stuffed animals. That seems to work.

As for V-day, I am a HUGE fan of celebrating any occassion I can. LOL I love giving, so any occastion I can give someone a little something I am all over it.

My hubby doesn't really care, but he did get me something for v-day this year and made home-made wrapping paper for it. So I can't wait to see what it is. *big grin*

I hope you all feel better soon. Sending lots of tea and chicken soup to you guys!

Lulu said...

hope youre all feeling much better soon..
hugs and prayers..

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about you and the kids not feeling well. Sorry to say the snow storm did not miss us!! I think at last check we have received 10 inches of snow today alone, with more falling still! I'll be posting pictures on my blog later. Now on to Valentine's day, we don't go all out but this year I purchased the movie "Fireproof" and I'll be making Firehouse Chicken for us to enjoy our dinner and a movie. I'm very excited, we usually don't do much of anything. Hope you have a better night tonight.

Bonnie said...

We don't do anything for Valentine's Day either. Never have. We're of the opinion that every day is Valentine's Day ! ha ha.

I hope you and your kiddo's are feeling better soon ! It's yucky to feel so yucky !!! What a good mama you are taking such good care of everyone !!

autumnesf said...

Night terrors are the worst. And the kids are so hysterical and scared sounding that your heart just races and gets the adrenaline up -- and then you are supposed to go back to sleep????

We don't really do Valentines day either. About the same as your house.

And thanks for doing the prayers for husbands! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the prayer today. I hope you all feel better soon!! As for Valentines Day we started a family tradition years ago. Being in the military there was not always extra money for a nice dinner and babysitter so for years we have stayed home with the kids, I have made a special dinner (like shrimp) and dipped strawberries in chocolate and had those for dessert. The kids loved the strawberries!

Michelle said...

We always celebrate Valentine's Day it's my Mum's birthday as well.One year I received a stuffed dog! which I still have.Get better soon ;)

Amy said...

Oh, Sandra... ouchie on the head, girl!! I have done that too tho... I remember playing with my son, and wack, and I just burst into tears... it's a nice relief, and it probably was always there and needed to come out... and here is the!! Hope you cabeza is feeling better better!

I love the idea of praying for our hubbies in February.. I missed that somehow! But yes yes..count me in, amigita!

Hope you lovies are feeling much better... I wonder if they had restless nights because those colds were brewing under the surface?? I understand the "nigh terrors".. my oldest daughter and son have those off and on and you do feel so helpless as a parent because all you can do is let it run it's course and pray and sing and just be there with them.

Hugs... Amy

Anonymous said...

For the ten years we dated before my husband and I were married, our anniversary fell On Feb.17th so we generally skipped "V-day." Now our wedding anniversary is in November, so we're just starting to figure out this who Valentine's deal. I do make Valentine's goodies for the children every year, so last year I made the Hubs his favorite cookies...and he did my least favorite chore for me that day.

I think we'll do that again.

Cindy said...

We usually only get each other cards. Sometimes I get industrious and make cookies or brownies. He used to buy me flowers when we were dating but now we know it's so much more expensive on v-day!

I agree with you about the night terrors being scary (no pun intended!) About a year ago tucker was having them just about every night, blood-curdling screaming, holding his head, night sweats. It was right around the time he had a seizure due to a high fever and we were concerned because he would scream that his head hurt. We took him to the doctor and he said they would pass which I guess the worst of them have. He still talks in his sleep a lot but thankfully no signs of night terrors for a little while now!

Mari said...

I've never heard a drunk frog and am curious as to what one sounds like. I think we need another video to hear you!
We just do a card for Valentines Day. Heather was born on Valentines day so we've always celebrated a birthday then!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about the kiddos being sick...probably why last night was full of bad dreams. You will have them well in no time; you're a great mom!

As to Valentine's Day, I'm REALLY glad to find someone else who doesn't do the Big Day thing! We wish each other a happy day, but no big celebration. I do things for dear daughter, like a special chocolate in her lunch box. We have one bin full of Valentine plushes collected through the years, so I bring that out and arrange them all on the sofa so she can cuddle into all of them (at 14!) and then I get a picture. I think it's a great day to have, but we just don't go overboard! Never did, so it's not the result of 15 married years!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


We don't do anything very different on Valentines Day. We try to let each other know all through the year and do nice things. (Jason & I) Sometimes, we do homemade cards and candy or a small gift at the breakfast table for the kids, but not always. It's just never been a big production for us. Besides, our kids birthdays are Feb. and March, so we're usually low on $! :)


Sara Strand said...

Hi Sandra,
No, my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day mostly because we can't afford to. We do say we love each other every day, so I don't feel like we have less of a connection because of it. I do do something for the kids- I usually buy them a special treat and give them a little note saying that we love them a lot. Olivia (our oldest, she's 3) keeps these notes. I try to do those ever so often, too.

As for night terrors- Olivia gets them periodically, too. Hers are really awful and will then manifest into a fear of something in her room. For awhile it was "doggies in the window" (she's on the 2nd floor of our house) and then it was spiderwebs. She thought they were everywhere, including on her and in her blankets. We had to invent a "spider stick" so she could shoo them away!

Mozi Esme said...

Hope you all feel better soon!

We don't do anything really for V-Day, either. The restaurants are all overcrowded, as is just about any other date idea, so we stay home, maybe take a little extra time with making dinner, watch a DVD, and that's about it.

Anonymous said...

chatterbox has bad dreams sometimes, it's always something to do with dragons...and she sleepwalks.

We don't really do anything for Valentines Day...we sometimes even forget the cards! Lol.


Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

...oh and I hope you all feel better soon. We're all still sick!

~ Tisha ~ said...

I'm a little behind on my blog check ins.. So I hope the kids are feeling better and you also.. I so feel for ya all last week was the sick week in my house and now everyones better and I've got the cold.. go figure.. but anyhow.. Yes thats funny that you posted on the night terrors cause mine have them all the time, and even I do my husband says I'm
Valentines day~ We do try to do something special for each other and the kids, we usually get them a movie and candy and a rose each. then I usually write a love letter to my lovey and he usually writes me a note or buys a card and writes in it. Sometimes it flowers sometimes it candy, depends on if I'm pregnant or I'll fix something special and we will have a candle light dinner with our kiddos too and then we try to do something special for each other for our alone time.. But we try to do that through out the year instead of just on that one day. So theres a lot that you can do for each other without having to spend much or fight the crowds. Its the thought that counts. well have a great day and get better soon..

~ Tisha ~ said...
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Blessed Beyond said...

I hope the kids are feeling better!

As for Valentines, we dont' really celebrate it too much. This was hard for James, but now he understands. We say Happy V day and we may even do a card. But really I don't like the fact it is so commercialized. I'd prefer to have flowers, when they are much more affordable, and just because he wanted to, than to show off on Valentine's. Since we have the kids, I make valentines cookies with them and may cut their sandwich into a heart. Little things like that, but we don't exchange gifts. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Hugs and Blessings,

Blessed Beyond said...

I hope the kids are feeling better!

As for Valentines, we dont' really celebrate it too much. This was hard for James, but now he understands. We say Happy V day and we may even do a card. But really I don't like the fact it is so commercialized. I'd prefer to have flowers, when they are much more affordable, and just because he wanted to, than to show off on Valentine's. Since we have the kids, I make valentines cookies with them and may cut their sandwich into a heart. Little things like that, but we don't exchange gifts. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Hugs and Blessings,