Monday, January 26, 2009

{ The baking, the cooking, the reading }


It's been a quiet day. It started with the sun coming up over the horizon and bathing the skies in a beautiful orange glow. There I stood, at my back door, in my robe, my coffee cup in hand and my pugs running around enjoying the morning air.

Thankfully it was one of those mornings where the kids were up and ready for school without any squabbling or me having to literally drag them into the car.

I think the beginning of your day always sets the mood for what will happen, it's like a snowball effect, if it begins badly you tend to be in that negative frame of mind and everything just goes wrong. Far too many times we forget to pray for a good day, we just expect it to happen and then wonder in amazement why things didn't exactly go as we wanted them to.


So yesterday, I refilled the cookie jar, you all know that Sunday's are my "refill the cookie jar" days, I sit in the kitchen for an hour or so and make a huge batch. And just as I place them on the cooling rack, they seem to disappear, little fingers slyly remove them, thinking that mommy can't see. But I do, I just pretend not to.

While the kids were at school today, I got the house clean and then I sat down at the kitchen table and started my menu planning for the next two weeks, I'm drawing a bit of a blank when it comes to meal ideas so I pulled out some cookbooks and Taste of Home Magazines and got completely lost in all the goodness on the pages, but while doing that, I had the Jets flying overhead, making this awful roaring sound that got the pictures on my walls shaking.


It annoyed me, it really started getting on my nerves, so I stepped outside for some fresh air and while I was looking up at the incoming rain clouds, I caught a glimpse of the F-16's flying above me and then it hit me. How can I get annoyed or upset? Who cares if they're making noise, the mere fact that they're flying means they're working, it means that the pilots and the crew chiefs are doing their jobs, it means they're training and practicing and keeping our skies safe. It means that I'm living inside a military base where my children can run around safely, where armed uniformed soldiers are at every corner, where I never feel scared.

It's far too easy to get caught up in the moment, to forget the big picture. I'm definitely guilty of that, so I've decided to stop and think before I go off and complain about anything.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnyway, I had a knock at the door today and the Fed Ex man brought me a big envelope, when I opened it I found The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I'm doing a book review here on the blog on February 9th for Mom Let me tell you, I opened the book, read the first two pages and am completely hooked, I can not wait to finish it and then let you all know what I thought, I can already tell that it's going to be one of those books that will be talked about everywhere.

Right now, I'm off to supervise bath time, help with homework and start our bedtime routine. After the kids are in bed, I plan to make myself some hot tea, grab a big chocolate chip cookie and curl up in bed with the book. I think it's the perfect ending to the day, but first I leave you with a photo of Jasmine and Lola. They looked so cute on the couch, I couldn't help myself, I just had to snap this photo.



  1. It sounds like a great day! I love the photo!

  2. Sandra,great photos,thanks for sharing them.

  3. Sounds like a good day to me. The cookies look good! You have the right idea about the way to start your day. It does matter & so does prayer. See you tomarrow!

  4. Your cookies look so good, I have a question maybe you can answer. I use that recipe all the time, but lately my cookies seem greasy. I'm thinking that I am fluffing the flour too much when I spoon it into the measuring cup, or, my oven has been acting up lately and perhaps the temperature is off. Any thoughts?

  5. Good advice, hope is that you will always be able to salvage a day if it begins on the wrong foot..and you have the best ideas to do that! My grandma had a cookie jar (which I inherited) and it says:

    Happy the children,
    Whereever they are,
    Who live in a house
    With a full cookie jar!

    I can still remember her filling it; she was a great baker.

  6. What a great idea, praying for a good day every morning. I love it! I'm going to start tomorrow. I think just waking up in a good mood makes all the difference.

  7. That picture of Jasmine and Lola is too beautiful!

    I try to snap similar pictures lol, but neither my 20 year old sister nor her adorable cat are nearly as photogenic nor patient.

    Oh well :)


  8. Sounds like a great day. As a woman who has had children in her home for the last 46 years I am looking forward to some alone time. I have either worked outside the home or had my kids or taken care of my family's kids and I am ready for some alone time. My last little charge is two so I am seeing the end of the road of being a Mom-Grandmom-Great Grandmom. I really don't know where this all came from except you said you were alone today and off I went. You just seemed like a friendly shoulder :>)
    Roberta Anne

  9. That book looks good. I'm going to have to see if I can get my hands on a copy of it.

  10. ahhh! as i read this my pug is snuggled up on my lap :)

  11. I don't usually pray in the morning, but I must start doing that. I think my days will become so much better than they actually are.
    You really are truly inspiring! Thank you for allowing me to read your thoughts...


  12. Mmmmm those cookies look delicious!

    Always love reading about your day.

    Hugs and love.


  13. What a great day- I love your positive attitude!

  14. This post is exactly why I just love popping in to visit, Sandra. I feel as though we are sitting in that kitchen of yours eating cookies and sharing days. Lovely!

  15. I never cared for planes till I moved so far away from my family and now planes are a need and big part of my life ( I am sure you understand this). I also live near a military base and love love love the sound of those F16's and the air show is one of my fav things about Summer.

  16. When I was a military spouse I found the sound of planes and artiliary so comforting. Just warmed my heart and made me feel secure knowing of the sacrifices being made for all of us!

    The Tamera Alexander book was good. I wouldn't say she is my favorite author, but I enjoyed it and would read her again.

  17. Ok - but you have to admit...when you have babies that are napping or afraid of the jet noise, its NOT so fun! LOL!

    Love the picture! My youngest thought it was her sister. Except my daughter didn't get my red hair.

  18. I think that's so true Sandra about starting your day. It definitely snowballs for me if I start it off on the wrong foot.

    Cute pic of Jasmine and the doggy!


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