Thursday, January 29, 2009

{ Nurse Calling }

If you're anything like me, when the phone rings and you see certain names and numbers on there, you get nervous. So it went this morning when around 11 am, I was just about to start mopping and the phone rang, knowing that it's probably a telemarketer, I just wandered over and took a peek at the caller ID.

The number on there was from the kid's school and right away my heart clenches, I don't know what it is, but the minute any call comes in from that number, my mind immediately goes to "what if's".

So I pick up the phone and it's the school nurse informing me that Jasmine's teacher had sent her down to the Nurses Office with a sore throat, sore stomach and a headache. She asked me if I wanted her to just give her tylenol and see how it goes or if I wanted to come and pick her up seeing as she has been sick this week and was home yesterday because of it.

If this had been any other time, I probably would have told the Nurse to go ahead and give her the medicine and keep an eye on her, BUT being as both kids have been sick this week I felt it better to pick her up. I did go ahead and grab Nicholas too....apparently he was just going to recess. He comes walking around the corner with his little backpack on, a runny nose and coughing. Yep....I made the right decision, so they're both home for the day.

I'm a very protective mother, I don't like knowing that I'm not in control when my children are not feeling well, so having them both with me at home where I can keep an eye on them, is just what we all needed.

So that was my day, surrounded by kleenex, clingy miserable kids, blankets and teddy bears, medicine, soup and juice. I'm exhausted right now, it's hard enough when one child is sick but when they're all at the same time, it's double the work for little ol' me.

I have to tell you earlier today I felt quite overwhelmed, because at one point I had laundry needing to be switched from washer to dryer, the dishwasher open with dishes waiting to be loaded and I had both kids crying at the same time and asking me for different things. I literally felt like I couldn't breathe, like I wanted to just dig a hole and climb in and come out when everyone was feeling better.....and then I remembered this book that I absolutely love, "Diapers, Pacifiers and other Holy Things".

In one Chapter the author says "If you faithfully wipe your child's runny nose, I will give you a mansion." LOL

Which of course we know is from Luke 19:17 "Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities."

It always reminds me that in order for me to be responsible for big things, I need to be faithful in the little mundane ones.....far too often as a mother and wife AND especially military wife, there are many times that I want to throw my hands up and give up, cry out "UGH, enough, I don't want to do this anymore". You know when you're having a super bad annoying, everything goes wrong, kinda day?

But this book always snaps me back to reality, when I feel that way I grab it and I page through it and see things like:

God entrusts you with little things to teach you faithfulness in big things.

God wants you to see that each little thing you do can have eternal impact.

WOW! Yes, Yes and YES! Everything we do matters, even the little things which we think of with no significance, like cleaning runny noses and scrubbing toilets, if your motive is right.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."
Colossians 3:23, 24
And that's what I try to do everyday! I don't always succeed and I don't always remember this, but I try.

I did get a chance to sit down and do some crochet for Valentine's Day. Curt and I don't do anything specialy, as you already know, but I do usually make little chocolates for the kids Teachers and a nice dessert for dinner.

This year though, I'm going to take a page out of Bella Dia's book and make this adorable Crocheted Heart Garland. I've had my eye on it for so long, but alas my crochet skills were non existent. So glad I can do it now.

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I'm going to stick with red, white and pink hearts for my garland and I've already made one and started the second. I couldn't believe how easy and quick they crochet. It's the perfect project for when you want to get rid of leftover yarn.

(click each thumbnail to enlarge)

Here soon I need to get the kids in the bathtub and ready for bed, I've decided to keep them home from school tomorrow, no sense in having them go back only to get called by the nurse again. Baths and pj's, milk and medicine and off to bed early, I'm sure with some good rest over this weekend they'll be healthy and ready to return to school on Monday morning.

Tomorrow it's payday so I'll be out all morning, thank goodness that Curt is home to watch the kids. So I'll be out getting groceries, running errands and picking up lunch and whatnot. It's usually an exhausting day but it feels good to come home and see the cupboards and refrigerator overflowing with food.

Anyway, I think I've babbled enough for today, hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday night. Stay warm and stay safe and God Bless!


Jennifer said...

I would do the same thing. Princess starts school this fall and while it is for 3 hours, I am terrified! I know that things will work out. We are military wives, we get through it!

I hope the kids start to feel better. I hate sick babies, it melts my heart.

Have a great night!

Tina said...

Poor babies :( I hope they feel better soon. It's bad when they're all sick at the same time.

That book you mentioned sounds great - I'm going to look it up!

Mozi Esme said...

Hope you all get on the mend soon - it sounds miserable! That is a cute garland you're working on, btw.

Melonie said...

Great post. I had one of these days earlier this week/past weekend. I'm reminded of one of the answers I gave when somebody asked me how I was doing "everything" as a single mom working full time from home and homeschooling : "I don't have any choice in the matter, so it GETS DONE." lol

I had to kick myself in the rump and remind myself of that this weekend. Just because I'd like to go back to bed (and yes, that hole you mentioned digging sounds lovely too) and just curl up in the fetal position and go to sleep - well, it ain't happening, so might as well plug on through.

We went to bed early last night too though. I was plum worn OUT. But today's sunny so I guess Annie was right; the sun did come out "tomorrow".

Hope you're all healthy and comfy soon!

Anonymous said...

Those hearts are so cute.. I looked the pattern over and think I have it memorized and hopefully tomorrow I'll make on myself and sew it on a towel for a valentine gift.
Hope tomorrow everyone is feeling better.
God Bless

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

So true...I like what your book said and the Bible! :) I hope yours are feeling better soon!

I love the crocheted heart chain! Now I think I "might" could do that! It's been awhile since I crocheted...I need to dig out the needle and yarn!


threesidesofcrazy said...

Hope the kids are feeling better, it's that time of year. That garland is sooooo cute. I can't wait to see your finished work.

heidi @ ggip said...

I'm so glad you made the right decision. It is so hard in those situations to know what that is!

The heart garland is going to be darling!

I hope your kids have a great day tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

I understand about glad you have uplifting words to hold onto when you're dealing with a difficult day on your own. Glad hubby will be there tomorrow.

I remember when Amanda was as young as yours, she would get some nasty colds and I'd need to keep her out for a week at a time. It was hard, but it felt so right not to send her to school and to be there when she cried and not in the Nurse's office.

Those hearts are fab...your skills are great...give us photos of the finished product!

Stay safe.

Lulu said...

poor babies...home is where they should be when they are sick...I would of done the same Sandra..They feel much better being home when they are sick..
your hearts are coming along beautifully..
take care,

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Hope the kids get better soon! I'm sure they'll get lots of TLC! THose garland hearts look cute! You'll have to show your finished product!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post! I am sorry the kids are still not feeling well and are sick, but I agree at home with you is the place. Lil E started to run a slight fever today, after she wanted to take a nap this afternoon and just be lazy, so that is what we did the rest of the day. It was one of those days here too. So thankful for your words that encourage you, as they gave me great encouragement tonight.

Your heart is just too cute! The garld is precious!

I need to do the pay day errands tomorrow too.

Hugs and Blessings!

Bonnie said...

Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better real soon !! Good thinkin' to keep them home tomorrow and let them rest up over the next few days ! I'm sure they'll be good as gold on Monday !!

Tina Leigh said...

Sandra you are a good mom. I remember feeling the pressure of "having the kids at school" even when they were sick. It was terrible. Our bodies need the rest. I hope you have a good day today & I know by monday the kids will be A-OK!!

Oh you inspired me to get back to the library to finish the Yada Yada's. The 6th book has been out for awhile so I had them oder me another one....but....I went ahead & got the last one & started on it.....I HAVE BEEN BALLING!!!!!! LOL

Lara said...

Beautiful post, as usual, Sandra. And you're a great mother and woman.
I hope your kids get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Your post was a real encouragement. It is so hard to have both kids sick at the same time, and I've been sick too which is triple the nightmare. Those quotes were beautiful, thanks. And I want to read that book!

Hugs and love


Anonymous said...

Oh and I hope and pray your two little ones will be well soon. Big hugs to them too.

Cheri said...

You're such a good mom! Hope they're back to 100% soon!
Love the heart garland- it will be so cute!

cdayzee said...

What a cute heart garland!

I'm surprised the school wouldve given them Tylenol!! Where I live that is forbidden.

Hope they'll feel better soon :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

Great Post!
You so draw me in with your writing skills. I love that aqua cabinet and all the colors on it. Now I will be running around my house to find a place to make something that colorful.
Happy Friday to you!
Roberta Anne

Cindy said...

Hope your kids feel better soon! It sure isn't any fun to have sick kids! I love the crocheted hearts-they are really cute!

Michele said...

I always look forward to your posts. Your blog is wonderful and always insightful.
I remember those days when the girls would be home sick, but the chores needed to be finished,too. Then came high school when one or the other would pretend "sick" just to be able to stay at home. I always knew, as mothers do, but many times I did let them stay home. We would sit and watch movies, or just have a quiet day together. Even between the 15-17 aged years, sometimes they just needed a little mommying!

I think I am going to try and crochet your hearts, but with smaller #10 sized yarn (doily yarn). I have some pink verigated that I could use, then sew the tiny garland onto a white tea towel. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra...thanks for visiting my MomZookeeper's Therapy excited to know that at least one or two people are reading it!!! :) Stopped by today and read your recent post (I read them in Google reader and sometimes don't pay enough attention!). :) Sounds like you've been bogged down with sickness around your place. Have to say I LOVED the crochet-heart-garland...TOO cute! I added it to my ravelry queue...are you on ravelry??? FUN! Well, I think I'll make some hearts for everyone for Valentines and maybe embroider their names on them...something fun and handmade from Mom. :)

Have a great weekend,

JMRCH said...

I loved reading your reminders! It's so easy to get bogged down with the things we need to do. Thanks for putting it all back in perspective!

I hope your kids start feeling better soon and that no one else gets sick. You're a great mom!

Melanie said...

Hope your kids feel better soon! I get so tired of illness in the winter--I've got 4 kiddos and my hubby in various stages of crud and fussiness. The has been on my to-read list for too long, I definitely need to read it!

Thanks for the link to the adorable crocheted hearts--that looks like something I could tackle with my limited skills! :)

everyday mom of one said...

I think as moms we all understand those days of pure exhaustion where you would like to just give up. You are doing a wonderful job!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am loving your blog. I am a fellow Christian mom to a curly-red-headed daughter! :0) And I have a son on the way. My husband and I were both in the Air Force so we have that in common too. I am just going to keep moseying around your blog. I love what I've seen so far! Keep up the good work!

Peggy said...

How pretty are those hearts? I wish I could crochet! I fear if I were to try them, I'd have to pin a sign saying "hearts!" on whatever abstract shape they would take.