Thursday, January 1, 2009

# resolutions you? Or don't you?

I'm not one to make New year's resolutions. I used to be but I never followed through and ended up feeling like a failure, so a few years back I decided to stop making a list for myself and if I accomplish something during the year...GREAT....if not....oh well!

But I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning "La Dolce Vita" and she posted something on there that made me stop and think, maybe making this resolution for myself won't be so bad.

Stop wanting stuff;
it keeps me from seeing what's real.
When I want stuff,
all I see are things.

Boy is that the truth. How many times do we get so focused on the material things that we become blind to what we really need around us?

So I'm going to try....key word TRY, to stick to that, to stop wanting stuff, honestly I can tell you that there really isn't anything that I need. I'm blessed to have nice things around me and a wonderful family, whatever else I may think I want is just extra. But if it comes at the price of loosing my focus on the emotional part of life or my relationship with God or my family, then it's not worth it.

Here we are, a new day of a new year, and so much ahead, what will happen in the next 12 months? I prefer not to think about it because it will drive me crazy not knowing *hahaha*

What about you, do you make resolutions, do you stick to them? What is that ONE thing that you are hoping you do or achieve this coming year?

For myself, it's getting closer to God and working on that relationship, because when that is going well everything in my life just falls into place. I have the courage, I have the strength, I have the wisdom to deal with everyday life and whatever hurdles may come my way.

Christian Resolutions
How can I use the New Year
To better serve my Lord?
I'll read my Bible every day,
And be more in accord.

I'll find new ways to serve others;
I'll love my neighbor, too.
I'll focus on "give" instead of "get"
In everything I do.

I'll forgive the people I'm mad at;
Angry feelings I'll discard;
I'll try to love my enemies,
Even though it's hard.

In the new year, I'll lift people up,
Instead of putting them down.
I'll fill my heart with love and joy,
And never wear a frown.

I'll let go of my worries;
I'll put it all in His hands;
I'll repent and try to sin less,
And obey all his commands.

These new year's resolutions
Are difficult, at best,
But there's something I can do each day
That will put my soul at rest:

I'll love my Lord with all my heart,
With all my mind and soul,
And if I do that essential thing,
All the rest will be in control.

by Joanna Fuchs


  1. What a great thing to concentrate on...reminding ourselves of the difference between "wanting" and "needing."

    '07 I perfected the basic skills of baking. '08 I got down some basic cooking skills and began my love affair with the crock pot. '09 I've given myself two options...learning basic sewing technique or basic gardening. I'm the only one in my family with the "home making" gene- so I'm having to learn all these things late. Wish me luck!:-)

  2. This is an awesome idea for New Years and it's one I could use too. I definitely have enough stuff and for sure I'd rather spend my earthy resources on time with my family, friends, etc. than with my stuff.

  3. No I never make Resolutions. Just plans... :-)

    And OT... but I'm so happy that your brother returned home. His test results sound as if he had a 'wake-up call,' and he is lucky. Now for lots of good resolutions/plans for him and his family, hu? To get those test results in line.

    New way of eating for him {and of cooking, for is wife} and of daily exercise {would help if his wife joined him, I bet} and finding a way to eliminate stress from his life. He's going to need lots and lots of help, doing this, I'm sure. Best of luck to him and his family.

    Aunt Amelia

    "We have had a lovely day. All the trees were covered with ice, and it shone like diamonds or fairy palaces," wrote Louisa May Alcott in her girlhood diary.

  4. I know you saw my list earlier... basically it's about two things, getting healthier, and spending more time appreciating my friends and family (learning more Icelandic is so I can speak with my cousins children better)

  5. Hello Sandra,

    Beautiful and important sentiments expressed in your post! I like the new photos, you're all so photogenic.

    I wanted to wish you a very happy and joyful new year. I hope it brings you and your family many blessings, of health, joy, love, prosperity, and peace. I haven't been blogging lately, as life is crazy, but I did want to go around to my fave blogs and convey my best wishes. I hope 2009 is a stellar year for you and your loved ones!

  6. I find New Year resolutions more helpful than not. There have to be a few of them, as I know my success rate will be hit or miss - if I just make a couple and fail abysmally I get discouraged, but if I make a few and have even a couple of successes, then I can see myself making progress. They also have to be concrete rather than vague.

  7. I don't make resolutions either for the same reason as you. But this year there is a few things I'd like to accomplish. A regular devotional time and I'd like to start a prayer journal. And I'd like to get healthier.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    No resolutions for me either but I have decided to do one thing this year and that's to start deep cleaning every room in the house and de-cluttering them. LOL it'll probably take me all year to do it but I'm sure going to try.

  9. Sandra that poem was really great. I plan to set goals for myself this year. I have some things in my head much like your plans but I have yet to put them on paper. My relationship with God has been on the back burner....isn't that stupid! I've got to get it together!

  10. I've gone back and forth on my feeling about resolutions over the years. For this year mine is : Look Outward. Look Upward.

  11. well written!

    oh that we'd all achieve this!

    best wishes for the New Year

  12. That sounds like a wonderful resolution. Just stopping by to say Hi. I'm starting to get back to normal...kind of. Hope you had great holidays.

  13. Resolutions for me is more like a goals list of what I'd like to accomplish. I have been trying to get rid of the 'things' in my life and definitely don't 'want' more things and try really hard to concentrate on just the 'needs' these days.

  14. Hey Sandra~

    I came across your blog from another blog and I just love all your great recipes and hearing about life on the other side of the us.. And I love this post you did about resolutions, I am always trying to tell the ones that always say I want, I want, that if you stop and look you already have all you need.. May the Lord bless you and your family in 2009 and always... Happy new year

  15. I don't make resolutions either because I know I won't keep them. I really like that little saying, I don't need more stuff either and lately have been trying to unclutter. As they say "less is more" God is a good provider and He gives what we need.

  16. Sandra:
    What lovely thought and sentiments.
    Roberta Anne

  17. I love it! Well written and time with those we love is way more important. Can I copy the Christian Resolutions and share it on my blog too? It's so awesome!!!!!! Hope your new year is awesome! How is your brother doing?
    Hugs and Blessings,

  18. I'm not a great resolutionist, because I've not got very good follow through. I get distracted along the way by other interests, plans, ideas! When I finish a project, it's a Big Deal LOL! But it's a bit different this year: Important Goal: unpack from the move and in so doing, de-clutter!

    Wish me luck! (See, here I am procrastinating already by playing on the computer!)


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