Monday, January 19, 2009

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Perfect start to the day!


My eyes had barely opened this morning, when I found the kids hovering above me with big handmade cards in their hands. My mind quickly ran through today's date, was it my birthday, mother's day, anniversary?

Nope, just their way of saying thank you for everything I do. I love my kids, they are by far the best that's ever happened to me and I thank the Lord everyday for my blessings. I groggily sat up, opened one eye and read through the cards....Nicholas' card just said "I love you, what do you want for your birthday?" LOL
Of course it was written in a 5 year old kindergartener's dialect...which was more like "I love you, what bo you want for ur birthtay", but that just makes it even cuter :)

Jasmine's said "I love you" and then she made up a whole menu and asked me to pick what I wanted for breakfast. I could hear Curt in the kitchen with pots and pans. I smiled and quickly picked one of the items on the menu, the Toasty Breakfast....Bacon, Toast and Eggs. Sounds perfect.

So that was how my day began, sitting around the kitchen table with my family, a plate with yummy food and my hot coffee.

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Do you know that it's starting to warm up already here in Arizona? I know some of you are still dealing with tons of snow and freezing temperatures and my heart goes out to you, honestly, if I could, I would be sending warmth to you all...wrapped in a pretty bow with some cookies too.

Even though it's only January, we're already in shorts and t-shirts and outside enjoying the weather, here are the kids running around first thing in the morning, Jasmine hasn't even brushed her hair but she was so eager to get out there in the warm morning sun that not even "looking like a crazy woman" stood in her way.


So what happens when you finally teach yourself to crochet and make granny squares?


And you have tons of new yarn that you purchased from the thrift store?


Well, you begin this Crocheted Afghan journey, with beautiful colors, soft yarn and a smile on your face. If you only knew how happy I am to have figured this all out on my own, to know that I can make the Granny Square without needing instructions anymore, to know that I have the formula memorized in my brain, to know that in 10 minutes I make a gorgeous square with minimal amount of yarn.


I make the squares and then I lay them out and start playing with a pattern, imagining what it will all look like when it's finished. Do you also get that giddy feeling when you're starting a project?

Quite a few of you asked me about the Soap Making and a Tutorial. I don't have a tutorial to share with you, I'm not an expert soap maker, as a matter of fact, I stick to the easiest and simplest way of making it. I started with an easy Soap Making kit and they are pretty inexpensive AND you can usually find them at stores like Walmart and Target.

But once you're done with those, you can get your supplies from places like Bramble Berry, or here at Pine Meadows or craft stores. Honestly, all you really need is the soap base, the scented oil and a mold, though you can use whatever you have on hand, like little milk cartons or plastic little tubs or whatever.

Nowadays, I just use a small saucepan to melt the soap and pour into the molds. I think the main reason I love doing this is because the kids get involved, they like picking the scents and the molds, they feel like they're part of the process and you should see their faces when they give them as gifts to teachers and family. So there you go, I know you're probably sitting there scratching your head because I didn't really explain anything LOL but that's because I'm a hands on person, I am into making the stuff and am awful at trying to explain how.

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I've started a new Monday Feature for myself and for anyone that wants to join in. It's called Happy Homemaker Monday, check it out just below and if you want to play along, just add your name to Mr Linky.

I'm going to get a start on my to do list so that I can sit down and whip up some more crochet granny squares.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting for a while, I hope you're having a wonderful Monday.


  1. What a nice way to start the day - you have great kids!

  2. I think that has to be the best testament to the love in your household that your children feeling so very loved and cherished wanted to give back to you. By them acknowledging your love as a mom and showing their love and respect is beyond words at what a wonderful person you are Sandra. :-)

  3. I can't think of a better way to start your day- how nice!
    You can keep the heat for yourself for awhile yet. I like winter and am in no way ready for the hot summer months yet :)

  4. You have great kids, Sandra. It was beautiful. And I loved their photo.

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    What a wonderful way to be woken up in the morning..
    I'm so jealous of your sunny warm weather.. I'm sick and tired of gloomy cloudy days but one of these days it will be spring and then hot summer and I'll be complaining about the heat again :)

  6. What a great way to wake up! The best part I think is that they made you feel appreciated! :)

  7. Anonymous4:45 PM

    What a lovely way to be woken up! That was so cute; you are obviously so appreciated and loved by your family, it's beautiful.

    Love and hugs


  8. now that was a nice way to start the day.Happy Birthday to you!

  9. The photo of the kids and the swing could be anywhere in Australia, amazing.

    I love your granny squares and the new meme.

  10. thats some great kids you have.
    I crochet too some

  11. Awww, the kids are so sweet! What a wonderful way to start a day, and I'm sure you deserve it.

  12. your kids are just so precious, Sandra..
    love, love your grannies, great job!!!!
    its been hot here for 2 weeks..
    have a great evening reading or doing more grannies..

  13. What a sweet way to wake up! That is just wonderful! You are blessed with a wonderful family for sure! Sounds like a great day! Your granny squares are pretty! You are doing awesome on them! They will make a beautiful afaghan. It's warming up here too, actually was a pretty warm winter over all. Hugs and Blessings,

  14. Anonymous3:48 AM

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  15. how sweet of your children!! :) looks like you have raised them well.

  16. That was so sweet of them. Your soap looks great, and so did your finds at goodwill!! I need to go there and look for some things. I'd love to find a cast iron pan.

  17. Sweet happy day! What a wonderful memory, and I love how your afghan is coming along!

  18. Ok ... so no soap making tutorial but how about a crocheting a granny square in ten minutes tutorial ? A video tutorial maybe ?? Just a thought !! :)

    Your kids (and husband )are so sweet !!


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