Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{ Just here, Just us }


One thing about being sick and everyone being home, is that you end up spending precious time together, just loving each other and handing out as much TLC as needed. It helps people, it really truly helps get over the sickies and I think we're well on the road to recovery, at least we're at the crossing point, the one where it's either stuck in bed or past the fevers and able to go back to work/school and function. Yippee for that!

See the above picture of the Honeysuckle? That was taken with my new digital camera. I have said before that I have the best husband on earth but sometimes I wonder if it's said enough, because he really is the smartest, sweetest, thoughtful man on this planet....because even though my other digital camera still works, it IS a couple of years old and it's been acting a little weird lately. So he got me a new one, a Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd. It's pretty inexpensive but it's a 10 megapixel which is a lot more than my other one had and boy, oh boy, does it take the sharpest clearests photos. I'm thrilled beyond words.

o anyway, yes, the kids had to stay home again today, they were still running low grade fevers and it is so cold here today, I honestly did not feel right sending them to school like this. We're all home, all four of us, me and the kids sick and daddy home to study. I would love to be able to say that he missed the cold bug but unfortunately my poor husband is sniffling around too.

We've filled our days with lounging around the couches, lots of fluids, homemade chicken soup, Vicks, tissues and hugs. It's the cure for the common cold, the doctors just don't tell you that *snicker*

I snapped some pics with the new camera today, let me share them with you, it may just give you a quick peek into my day




I got my new Gooseberry Cookbook in the mail today and all I have to say is OH MY WORD, it is jam packed with delicious recipes that I can not wait to try.


It's a very pretty book, the photos are beautiful, the recipes sound amazing and it's still full of the tips and tricks that make the usual Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks such a success.


One of the things I most love on earth, is to figure out how to work a new toy, in this case my new camera.

I find that the easiest way to learn how to use something is to just get in there and try it, try all the different options and little buttons and see what it does. It will take me a while to completely know how to work all the functions in this one but as long as I can get the close up shots for the food blog pictures, I'm good to go.


It also gives me the chance to get up close and personal with some very cute critters, like my puggie Lola.



So you see, not much going on here, it also explains the reason why I haven't been around on the blogs much, or email, or anything really.

Oh I almost forgot, I'm sorry if I tend to skip from subject to subject, I have never been one to stick to one thing LOL I just had to say that I had the best night's sleep on the new mattress. The BX was having a sale and we got a Serta Firm something or other, I honestly can not remember at this point LOL I guess my brain has turned to mush. Anyway, all I know is that it's perfect and it's firm and it feels wonderful and it's higher than the other and the pugs are having a hard time jumping up on it LOL

It's not uncommon to walk by the bedroom and see one teetering on the edge. Hahahaha

I'm off to start dinner, I think some Monterey Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes is just what the tummy needs, nothing like good filling comfort food.


Mari said...

How exciting to have a new camera. It takes great close ups! I'm so glad you slept well last night.

Mike Golch said...

Sandra,nice photos,thanks for sharing them.

Pat aka Posh said...

Your hub is a sweetie to buy you a new camera.. I'm sure you'll soon be a pro at using it.

Lindsey said...

I hope everyone is feeling better :) Awesome cookbook by the way, looks like it contains some fabulous recipes!

Nancy said...

Your pictures are great, what a man to get you a new camera. I think you have the knack of using it already... Get well soon

Amy said...

Yay for new bed and a new camera! So fun!! Enjoy it... it is so fun taking picture and playing when they just turn out so darn good!
So glad everyone is on the up side of the sickies... hope tomorrow total healing comes... hugs.. Amy

Tina said...

What a good guy you have! Enjoy the new camera AND the new cookbook :) So glad to hear your babies are on the mend, too.

Raggedy Girl said...

Your photos are really great. I am trying so hard to learn how to take good photos. I am not sure your puppie likes to have his photo taken,he looks very suspicious.
Roberta Anne

Carrie said...

don't you just love it when the hubby does something so AWESOME!! Our husbands must be on the same wave-length. I've been wanting to get into photography, so this weekend my new camera should be arriving. He got me a Nikon D40. I'm SOOOO EXCITED for it to arrive!!! Hope you're feeling better soon....

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful camera! It takes such beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing your day with us. You make me want a Lola of my own---so sweet!

JMR said...

How can I get days 1-4 of the Prayers for my Husband? I am starting a bit late but still want to do the 31 days. Thanks!

I hope your family starts to feel better soon! I'm so happy you got your new bed! I bet that will help you feel better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments! I love getting comments!!! It's nice to have "blog" friends! :)

Thanks and God Bless,

Carla said...

I like your outlook on sickness-maybe I should view it more than way instead of being bitter that I am continually sick this winter and we've had the yucky stomach virus 3 times. lol. Eh, I'm a work in progress.

Don't you love tax season when you actually get a return? A new mattress would be nice! For now you tempt me with all things attainable - like new cookbooks. I swear I will stop buying and then a new one pops up to add to the list. My poor husband.

MoziEsmé said...

Love that camera! Once again - hope you guys feel better soon - even if you are enjoying the company!

MoziEsmé said...

Love that camera! Once again - hope you guys feel better soon - even if you are enjoying the company!

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Hope everyone gets better soon! Your new camera takes great pictures! I just love those shots of Lola!

Samantha said...

Glad to see you're on the road to recovery over there! :)

We hope you guys get better soon!!

the Harkens

Bonnie said...

A new camera !! Sweet !! Can't wait to see all the amazing photos you will take with your new toy !! Have fun working out all the new settings and experimenting !!

desorganizada said...

I'm glad to know that everyone is getting better.
It's funny. Hubby and I agreed to buy a new camera this saturday, like a Valentines gift for each other! (I'm tired of taking pictures with his cell phone!lol)


cindy said...

Very nice pictures-enjoy playing with your new toy!

Your dog looks like she is just daring you to take a picture!