Thursday, February 5, 2009

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I think I just found 100 or so muscles that I had no idea existed, and the reason for it?


I'm determined to get back into short wearing shape now that the weather is getting all hot again, because there's no way I'm going out there in my desperately-needing-a-tan-thanksgiving-and-christmas-weight legs. Nope, not happening. But let's face it, I'm not one to diet, there just is NO way on earth that I can tell my body what to eat and what not to eat.

I'm one of those that the minute my body finds out I'm trying to diet, it goes completely beserk. I'll be raiding the refrigerator at 2 am starving to death.....craving junk food....miserable and depressed, cranky and impatient with everything and everyone. It's no way to live, believe you me, you would not want to be stuck in a house with me for even an hour LOL

So I'm doing what I can, which means, I allow myself to continue eating what I want to eat, but I have to exercise. Which is not easy because I'm not into the whole gym thing, I lack the motivation and will find any and all excuses to NOT go that day.

For me, it has to be something I can do at home, so I'm going back to Sparkpeople which I've had success with in the past. As a matter of fact, the first time I tried it, I lost 6 lbs the first week.

Along with that I'm going to start Jazzercising....but......OY....OY....OUCH is all I can say. I did this video and now I'm sitting here aching and feeling the pain but happy because it means it's working.

Who knows how long this weight thing will last, I'm easily distracted, it might just be that within a week I'll give up on it again, but for now I'm determined to stay focused and to try my best. If I could just get that water intake in....that's a biggie with me, the whole water drinking.

So anyway, now you know what I'm up to.

Other than that, not much is going on. There's lots of little bird making and heart crocheting and reading. Oh the reading. I think I have 2 or 3 books going right now. *snicker*


And there's cooking


And baking



Hence my reason for the sudden need to loose weight LOL

Now I'm going to go pop some motrin and relax....why don't you tell me if you exercise too, or what has worked for you in the past?
Or if you don't like exercising, are you happy with your weight or do you want to loose some?

Do you go to the gym or exercise at home or what? Talk to me people, tell me something, anything that means I'm not the only one wanting to wear shorts but too scared to do it LOL


  1. Hi Sandra,

    My name is Lindsey and I have started a new blog called Peaceful Island Mother. I found your blog through my friend Christin over at Journey to a Gracious Woman!

    I love your blog by the way ;)

    In comment to your post I do this new exercise called Core Rhythms (DVD)! It's Dancing with the Stars type moves and they are great! I lost so much weight after my last baby I couldn't believe it! I never did as well with going to the gym and doing those home aerobics tapes.

    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and I still do the workout and I haven't gained at all accept in my belly, that has never happened lol and this is my 4th pregnancy!

    But on top of this workout, my diet (even before pregnancy) is 3 meals a day with 3 small snacks in between.

    The meals always consist of 2 starches (carbs) a protein, dairy, fruit, and vegetable (a serving of each) for the small snacks it's always a starch and a dairy or a fruit and a dairy and don't eat past 8pm. Preferrable 7pm.

    It keeps you disciplined and motivated for sure! Let me know if you want more info on Core Rhythms, you can even YouTube it to see sample workouts!


  2. Hey Sandra. I've been going to the gym pretty faithfully for the past year. The only time I miss it is when we're sick (kids or myself). I'm up to 5 days a week now! It's hard to believe; I used to hate exercise. The reason I've been so consistent is because my mom is my gym partner. We meet Monday through Friday after I take my daughter to school. It's a lot of fun for me to hang out with her and get my workout on!

    I would suggest trying to find someone to work out with. Start out slow. If you push yourself too much in the beginning, you might hurt yourself. Or give up.

    I hope to feel comfortable wearing shorts this summer too. Good luck!

  3. I mentioned on my blog once that no matter what I do or eat I never lose or gain weight so I've totally given up trying.. granted I could stand to lose weight and a year ago I faithfully went to the gym and busted butt every day and didn't lose one ounce. I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm sure you won't have any problems.. I was just trying to say, I do not exercise or diet. LOL I'm a lot like you about my body starving if I even think the word 'diet'
    Good luck and hang in there, I'm sure you'll be looking fantastic in shorts.

  4. I hate to go to the gym. I have no motivation to go. I have a treadmill at home. I need to use it more, but that is a whole other topic.

    Good for you for getting in shape!

  5. Your not going to like what I say....I have to not eat. Meaning I cut way the heck back. I like my coffee & a little something in the morning, like a granola bar. I wont eat lunch & then when I eat supper I'm usually not that hungry but I will eat a nice meal. If I ever get started eating the sweets...its over. I did this in November & have gained 10 pounds. I have tried to exercise but I WILL NOT GO TO A GYM!! I've tried to do other things at home but I just dont like to exercise. I use to walk but got out of that habbit too. I guess you could say I have fallen off the wagon all together!
    Sandra...Motivate us all please!!

  6. I hate to exercise!!! It seems like when I hit 35 the weight started to slowly creep up and this past year I could not even fit into my shorts!! I don't feel comfortable going to the gym so I walk. When we lived on base I would walk everywhere and now that we live in a neighborhood (off a base) I drove a route that was 3 miles and I walk that as often as I can. Good luck!!!!

  7. MamaLuci9:36 PM

    Regardless of my need to loose some weight, I would LOVE to be able to wear shorts tomorrow. Here in N. Iowa, it is to be in the upper 30's for the next couple of days. So we go out in sweatshirts and think that we are 'hot dogs'. But we all know that it will be back down to the teen temps. before we know it. So never underestimate the power of shorts. Just a little fun with your posting. Love every bit of it. God Bless- MamaLuci

  8. I'm doing belly dancing.But plan on going to a Core Class as well as spinning(riding a bike)To lose about 35 lbs..In time for summertime.

  9. I just started working out last week ... I have been wanting to for ages but it's just been too hard before my youngest started school !! But, she's all settled in now so I'm out of excuses !

    My plan is to swim once a week, work out in the gym ( I have a free membership to a GREAT gym because of some volunteer work that I do ) twice a week and then ride bikes with the kids to and from school everyday. That's where I'm starting !

    As for dieting ... nope, don't do it. Never have been able to. I just try to focus on feeding my body things that are good for it. With the occasional not so good thrown in for good measure !! :)

  10. Way to go! Tho I'm the kind who would rather starve and sit around than get up and move so I can eat... :)

  11. Olá Sandra, hoje escrevo em português porque não estou capaz de pensar muito!!! Estou com uma crise de sinusite e as consequentes dores de cabeça. Eu também tenho um problema com o exercício e com o peso. Até aos 30, comia tudo o que queria, não fazia exercício e não engordava. Depois dos 30, engordei 20 quilos, o que me vale é que sou alta e era muito magra mas ainda assim é evidente que estou com peso a mais. Já tentei ginásio, hidroginástica, várias coisas, mas aguento um ano depois já não dá mais. Este ano, também pela questão financeira, não posso inscrever-me em nada e estou a engordar mais do que costuma ser normal. Normalmente engordo seis quilos, emagreço outros seis e ando sempre nisto. Este ano tinha pensado fazer o exercício em casa mas ainda não consegui fazer nada. Vou ver se me animo.

  12. I don't like exercise classes because I'm so uncoordinated and I get the terrible giggles and then I need the loo and it just gets too embarrassing! :)

    I walk a lot for exercise, it's very hilly round here so it's good for the thighs.

    Hugs n' love.

  13. ...and I know what you mean about shorts, I prefer the ones that come to the knee...which aren't very appropriate for exercising.

  14. I never go to the gym- hate it!!
    When I do it- it's the treadmill.

  15. I don't exercise (I really don't like it!). However, I should start doing it, not to loose weight, but to gain some!!lol (sim sim, sou magra. nem uma gravidez de gémeos me fez engordar! Se soubesses como é frustrante...)

    I like the way the little birds turned out!! They're so cute!!!


  16. Exercise? What is this thing you speak of? ;v)

  17. Hi Sandra! I like to work out a lot! I do body combat and RPM ( a bike class). They are from body sistems, they have classes all over the world. I work out so I can eat because I don´t like to do diets...
    Have a nice weekend!

  18. Exercise is NOT my idea of fun, but as I get older it has become a necessity for some health issues. I recently purchased the Dirty Dancing Exercise DVD and am really enjoying it. I love to dance so it makes it more fun! Good luck & have a blessed day!

  19. I've never done jazzercize but just watching it makes me tired!!! I usually do well with Leslie Sanson Walk off the pounds once I get started. I've had the DVD sitting on top of the TV for the last 2 weeks and still haven't put it in! LOL Seriously though I now the feeling of needing to do smoething. In the past I've done good with following The Biggest Loser plan online.


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