Friday, February 6, 2009

# a day of

{ A Day of .... }

I'm in a funk today, I'm not in the mood for anything, no cooking or baking or crocheting or knitting or puttering. Nothing!

If it were up to me, I would crawl under the bed covers, pop in a movie and stay like that until tomorrow morning.

The reason for my funk? Absolutely no idea! Do you ever get these days? Days where you don't even feel like smiling because it would mean too much effort to make the face muscles work? It's ridiculous, but since I'm a generally happy go lucky person and hardly ever in a bad mood, I do allow myself a day of Blah.

A day of stolen cookies from the cookie jar without worrying about weight or calories

a day of not feeling bad for the laundry piled in the basket, waiting to be folded and put away

a day of sitting on the couch under the warm softest afghan with my book in hand

a day of smiling at the signs of spring emerging everywhere

a day of just me and my cup of tea, the birds outside and the cars going by and a clear mind and a clear soul.

Reminiscing and planning, thinking and praying and enjoying the quiet before the noisiness of life starts over again......and knowing that when it does, here in a few hours, I'll be more than ready for it.


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    As you say, everyone deserves a 'blah' day. Big hugs to you and hope your energy returns soon. I love cosy 'stay-in' type days too.

    Hugs and love. xxx

  2. Speaking for myself, but I'm guessing everyone has blah days... I just wish I didn't have to get up and come to work anyway... and could spend it cuddled up with a good book and a puppy or two...

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I am having one of those days too! It is finally sunny out and warming up (35 degrees!) and I am just blah today. Hope you get over the "blah's" soon, I hope it doesn't last all weekend for me.

  4. i know those days all to well..
    hope it leaves you quickly..
    have a good Friday..

  5. I must say that I would love a blah day right now. . . as long as all the sneezing went away! =) I'm glad you got to snuggle under an afghan and read a book for awhile. . .

  6. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Everyone is entitled to a blah day!! I hope you weekend is better!!

  7. Sending a hug your way! You're entitled to your blah day - enjoy it!

  8. We all deserve a blah day! Enjoy it and then have a fun weekend!

  9. Aint a thing in the world wrong with having a day like that. I think it is your body saying "hey slow down a bit, put your feet up". Spring Fever is coming your way!

  10. Aint a thing in the world wrong with having a day like that. I think it is your body saying "hey slow down a bit, put your feet up". Spring Fever is coming your way!

  11. I have had days like that! I think it is what one needs sometimes. Hang in there! Tomorrow is a new day! :)

  12. I have days like this all the time. I don't let them worry me anymore, I just go with them. Could you post on how you make the cute little hearts by your name?
    Roberta Anne

  13. I certainly have days like that. I think it is good every now and then to have a day just to be. Makes you really appreciate the new day when you are refreshed and ready to go.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I hope that your 'blahs' pass soon, however we all deserve those mental health days and our mind and bodies always let us know when we need them. Be kind to yourself.

  15. Yep, sure get those! And when I succumb, I find out the world went on without me just fine. But I feel a whole lot better about myself for some reason when I get up and start doing even if not in the mood...

  16. So sorry you are having a blah day...oh, yes, I have them, too..when motivation is simply out the window. Perhaps it came on you today because you overdid the jazzercise yesterday? I think the day after a hard workout can be more painful than at the time...and how the body feels effects how the mind works. I say listen to yourself and allow your body to rest. You will be back to your cheery self.

    Thinking of you. And remembering that Spring in the desert is an amazing thing!

  17. Been there, done that, will get it again. LOL.

    I love that picture of you looking out the kitchen window. So contemplative.

  18. I'm feeling ya sister, I am having one of those blah days too.. And don't know why. Its been a beautiful day here but I just wasn't feeling it.. But I'm looking up and praying hard for a better weekend for the both of us.. have good one!

  19. Anonymous8:30 PM

    We all have those down days when we just need to sit back and do nothing and regenerate ourselves.
    Tomorrow is a new day and you'll feel much better.

  20. I'd say your body needs it. That is a lovely picture of the sky.

  21. Hugs to you! I know what you mean! Glad you just let things go and took some "me" time! It always helps!

    Thank you for your sweet comment about the header. I didn't do it all. A friend made part of it for me (most of it).

    Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  22. I think its really good to have days like this. I'm sure you are back to normal by now.

  23. I know those days..I love the picture that Curt took? of you with your tea cup in hand ;-)


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