Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{ Now, where to begin? }

Here I sit, on my bed with the tv on and the laptop on my lap and I'm sighing a big sigh of relief.

Relief because after many days of waiting, the tax return finally came through and I am able to enjoy a new bed. You don't really know how much you are in need of a new one until you wake up every morning with back and neck pain, until you realize that you haven't really been getting much sleep because you spend all night tossing and turning, trying to find that one comfortable spot in a sea of springs.

Ah but now I can not wait to go to sleep tonight, not just to try the new mattress but because I desperately need some rest. It's been two days, two whole nights since I've gotten more than an hour or two of sleep.....I've been sick, with a miserable cold that just lingers around shoving what seems like knives into my throat and using invisible fingers to pressure my sinus and make me gasp for air. See, I cannot sleep when my nose is congested, there is just no way around it, no breathing through my mouth....no sirree, that just won't do.

But to top it all off, my kids are yet again sick with colds. You know I would think there is something seriously wrong with us but everyone else around here is going through the same, it's like a vicious cycle that won't stop. The school kids are constantly sick with colds and ear infections and pneumonias, and they pass it amongst the students and teachers like they're handing out candy or some other great treat, then they get better but a week or two later, it's all back to the same. I blame the weather, or rather I just blame Arizona.

You may laugh and think that I'm being mean just because I don't like this place, but that's not it at all, I can honestly tell you that from the moment we moved to this base, I've been sick on and off and so have the kids and so have apparently a lot of the other families who have been assigned to the area. How sad is that?

I had both kids home today with fevers and runny noses. Jasmine seems to be doing much better than Nicholas, the poor kid is miserable as can be. We had gone to pick up some medicine when next thing I knew, Nic is hurling in the car and Jasmine is plastered to her door crying out "Eeeewwwww Ewwwww" while I'm throwing any bag I can to him in the backseat.

I can handle a lot of things but vomit is one thing that really bothers me. After pulling over and cleaning everything out, we came home and he pretty much climbed into bed. He's miserable, he is running a fever, he says his head hurts and he is just downright not happy at all. Which makes me miserable too, there is nothing more painful than watching your child unwell, it just cuts right to the heart strings doesn't it?

So it's back to school with Jasmine tomorrow but I think he'll be staying home, unless the fever is gone, then he's going too. I absolutely hate having them miss school but there's times I have to put that feeling aside and do what is best for them.

It's this crazy weather and the constant rain we've been getting...I'm certain of it!

So as much as I can say that it hasn't been easy for me and the family the past few days, I can also say that we're fine, we're getting through it and we're still here which is what matters. You put one foot in front of the other and you persevere.

Both kids are asleep and I'm going to take this opportunity to pay some bills and use the Tax Return for good. You know we are extremely lucky and blessed in that we have no debt. There are no credit cards or loans or mortgages we have to worry about and other than my car payment every month, the only other bills we have are the usual phone and cable. So, whatever money we get from the IRS is usually used to replace things in the house or for a vacation.

I thank the Lord that we are so blessed!

And with that my dear friends, I plan to close off this post. My wonderful new mattress calls my name, and who am I to ignore it?

Have yourselves a wonderful and restful night and I'll see you back here tomorrow, where I'm sure I'll have something more exciting to chat about.


  1. I am sorry to hear you all have been under the weather but I am sure you are going to enjoy that new bed. How exciting.

  2. Your poor little guy! Hope you all are much better in the morning. I am sure a good nights rest on your new mattess will do wonders for you.

  3. Awww - poor kids, poor you! I hope you sleep well on that new mattress!

  4. Well there you are :) I was wondering where you had been... :) Enjoy your new bed tonite... sounds so wonderful! And praying for your little love tonite... the passing around the sickies from school is for the birds.

    Hugs.. Amy

  5. How wonderful - a new bed! A comfy bed is essential for true happiness!

    I am sorry your kids have been sick. That is so hard! I hope you all start to feel well real soon!


  6. I don't 'do' vomit either, yikes. We've all had a tummy bug (with our fair share of vomit and the trots). Now it's the turn of a hideous cold that poor Squidge has been suffering with for two weeks now, I have the knives in the throat thing too.

    I totally sympathise, I hope and pray you get the sleep you need so that you can care for your family and be rested.

    Love and hugs

    Sarah xx

  7. That's a total bummer that your kids are sick and that you haven't been sleeping ... but, YEAH for your new bed !! I hope you are sleeping soundly and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning !!!

  8. Oh how miserable! Praying all of you start feeling better soon! And smiles on the bed!

  9. Great nws re the tax return and the mattress. Priorities are good sleep and rest first. I hope you are all better very soon, Sandra. Lots of love

  10. Sandra I feel yours and Nicholas's pain. I've got the same thing he does right now. I'm feeling pretty crummy too.
    Enjoy your mattress- hope you're all feeling better soon.

  11. You know a new mattress is a huge thing. I loved mine when we got it....and I was giddy. lol.

  12. You do seem to get the yucks out there, hope it passes soon. Yeah for a new bed however!!!

  13. I hope the new bed slept great!
    Colds are no fun, I'm dealing with that and sinus stuff right now.

  14. Yipee on your new bed and hope you get some rest. Praying for everyone to get well. I too got a cold from my Miss Cakes who just had to share.
    Roberta Anne

  15. Good grief! I am sorry that all that sickness is going around! You know I just watched that movie Erin Brockavich (who knows if I spelled that right) & I have been questioning our water here....and we have good ole deep well water! If I fill a glass with water & let it stand a few days...a white film stains the glass. Danny says it is lime or something or another. All I can think of is (do I have a white film inside my body building up...?). Yeah I know I am crazy BUT I will say that is the reason for my weight gain!!! LOL!! Hope yall feel better soon.

  16. I hope everybody gets well soon. That is so hard.

    Yay for the new mattress. Go enjoy it.

  17. Hooray for the new mattress!

    Best wishes that you all get all better soon. But I know, with kids in school, it's almost a constant merry-go-round of colds, etc. I see it next door, with our Grands. -sigh-

    Wishing you an early Very Happy Valentine's Day...

    Aunt Amelia
    "Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
    Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
    ~ Franklin P. Jones

  18. Congrats on your new mattress.. you forgot to tell us which brand and where you bought it?
    Sorry everyone is still not feeling well and hope by tomorrow everyone is up and back to school,.

  19. I'm glad you like your new mattress and you are right about the not sleeping and back hurting. I hope it's just what you needed. Poor Nicholas but poooorrrr Jasmine. I hope everyone gets better soon....my Brianna has fought a cough for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Kae

  20. I'm glad you like your new mattress and you are right about the not sleeping and back hurting. I hope it's just what you needed. Poor Nicholas but poooorrrr Jasmine. I hope everyone gets better soon....my Brianna has fought a cough for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Kae

  21. I hope you are all feeling better soon!!! I like the new laptop. I got one for Christmas and it is so nice to say it is all mine and personalize it just for me!! As for the tax return we did the same thing with it before we retired! Enjoy your new mattress!!!

  22. Thanks for stopping by Sandra I hope you all get over your sickness real soon! I have just joined your happy monday home maker but haven't posted yet. I need to work out how to get Mr Linky on my blog !!!!!!!! Marie x

  23. Sorry to hear the bug is going around down there, too. I have been sick for a week now, and I can sympathize with the not being able to sleep all stuffed up. I have spent a few nights propped up on the couch to try and get some sleep. It seems as soon as I lay down, the congestion and the cough get worse. I feel for all of you!

    Congrats on the new bed! You will notice the difference right away, then wonder why you waited so long.

    Give the kids some extra lovin'... and yourself, too. This too shall pass!

  24. Sorry to hear about your sick kids. I can totally relate about the mattress. I have had back surgery and cannot sleep on a bad mattress. I love my bed!

  25. I'm hoping everyone is feeling better really soon and you get a wonderful night's sleep. So sorry everyone is so miserable.

  26. hope youre all feeling better soon...
    hey you got your laptop, thats wonderful..I love the pic you have on there..
    take care,

  27. I really hope the new bed is going to help relieve your back and neck pain. I know you have been looking forward to having one.


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