Friday, February 20, 2009

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{ A closer look at your digital camera }


I know that when we first look at the cameras, everything looks so overwhelming I mean, honestly I was terrified of even turning mine on the day I got it. But the more I mess with it, the more comfortable I get with it and the more fun I have figuring it all out.

Look, let me just say straight up that I do NOT want to be a professional, I do NOT want to take amazing photos that should be framed, I don't even want to take a photography class. I'm just a mom with a camera in hand. Plain and simple.

But I think that there's nothing wrong with taking full advantage of everything your digital camera has to offer, so I thought, why not start sharing with you the different features and what they do, as I learn them. Don't expect to see detailed tutorials, Lord knows I don't even know what the heck I'm doing LOL

For today though, I spent most of the morning playing around with my Macro Function. It's that little feature on the camera that looks like a little flower. All it means is you are safe to shoot anything close up.
I LOVE my macro function and that is the one I use mostly for my food shots, but one thing this new camera has that the older one didn't, is the Super Macro Function.

Position your subject as little as 1/2" from the tip of the lens and you can capture amazing close detail. And THAT is what I did today. So I'm going to show you my new favorite subjects to pugs. All those wrinkles and whiskers are perfect for these shots. (Go ahead and click on the pictures for a larger version)

This little tongue is my downfall, you have no idea how many times a day I find her like this and all I want to do is squeeze her.

There's something just too adorable about puppy paws

So now you know what that little flower icon on your camera is for, go ahead and get close to whatever your shooting and then show us how you've learned to use the Macro function. I would LOVE to see your results. Maybe we can all learn this photography thing together?


  1. You've taught me something new. I just checked and i have that on my camera. I'll be testing it!
    I saw you posted day 20 and I'm still with you!

  2. I think its great that you're exploring all the features your camera has..
    You make me ashamed of myself.. my DG bought me a really nice camera for taking pic's of things I sell online and I've had the camera for a year now and have never checked out all the features.. shame on me.. after reading your post I feel inspired to play with mine.

  3. Oh I love this! I have not had the time, energy, or drive to get into the features. I'm sure I'm going to learn that I could have been taking much better pictures all along. Can you do this with cell phones too?!

  4. I love playing with my camera. I haven't played with the manual settings as much as I'd like....I will.

  5. I love playing with my camera. I need to use it alot more. especially the manual settings.

  6. I was wondering how close you can go to the subject, thanks.

  7. I'm glad to hear that you love the fujifilm s1000fd my s6000 is an awesome camera and you will love all the features. The Pug pictures are great and I agreee on the squeezing of the pug!

  8. Your baby is precious! I will have to try that feature if I have it!

  9. Great tip! Thank you!!!!!! I just checked my camera and I have that feature. I didn't know what it did. I'm going to try it out!

  10. Great tip! Thank you!!!!!! I just checked my camera and I have that feature. I didn't know what it did. I'm going to try it out!

  11. Hi Sandra! I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your blogs! I look forward to checking them both each day. I have to admit, I have really enjoyed the 31days of prayer. My husband & I have been going through a rough patch and it has helped me to realize how I have been much too angry at him to properly pray for him. THANK YOU!

    Your cooking blog is one of my favorites, I rank it up there with Pioneer Woman!


  12. The tongue picture is the cutest! But you look awfully cute in your camera post too!

    Great idea for a post, Sandra! I try to do close ups too, but haven't tried as close as you showed us!

  13. I appreciate your posts as if nothing else it may inspire me to read my instruction book if I ever get well. Thanks and the puppy photos are awesome.

    Happy Saturday to you...
    from Roberta Anne

  14. Forget the camera. Girl, I want to know where you got your cuter than cute dress! ;v)

    But seriously, good tip. My kids have taken some of the best pictures by using their macro feature. We used to roll our eyeballs at them but then these pretty amazing shots started happening. Thanks for the tip. Hope more will come.

  15. I also meant to say last night that I use my macro setting a lot. I posted some pictures last fall of some dahlias using the setting. Love it

  16. But I don't have a little flower setting, right on my dial. -le sigh- ,-)

    I think I have to "go deep into the bowels of my Settings" [Eeeeeek!] to do macro. And then I take the chance of messing everything up.

    Because the one time I did try, I messed up the color. As in, all my shots were way too yellow. And it took me forever to try to fix that. And truth be told, to finally fix it, I had husband read instructions book and 'walk me through' it.

    Yes, I'd love to do macro. It's amazing, as you show. Yes, I'd love to be able to take macro shots of single flowers. But I simply don't have the guts to go into Settings and learn. Bleahhhh...

    I'm such a whimp...

    Aunt Amelia
    "Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings."
    ~Jane Austen

  17. Oh the macro setting...I'll have to go check this out. I love baby feet and always want to get closeups of my daughters' feet! Thanks, Sandra!

  18. You make me want to get a better camera! Though I still haven't figured out everything my camera does, yet.

    I did mess with the macro setting and flowers yesterday - on my spring post:

    But what I think I discovered is that if I use the zoom and the macro at the same time on a close-up shot, it's always out of focus on my camera. Lesson - don't use the zoom when you can just put your camera really close to the subject...

  19. This is perfect timing. I recently had a birthday and I asked for a camera. I think I found one that I like but I'm not sure. Would you tell me what kind of camera you bought...Thank you, Kae

  20. I received a new camera for Christmas. I'm going to have to play with it a little more.

  21. i love your camera Sandra..Love the close up of the pugs, they are so adorable..Keep taking more pics of anything and everything..:-)

  22. This is great, thanks for sharing, I will definitely be taking a closer look at what my camera can really do.

  23. When we get back from church today I will *shoot* the cat again on the macro setting. Sounds like fun to learn all the features on the camera. I did take a photography class last year but our camera has so many features it was difficult to learn them all.

  24. Jo-el1:52 PM

    Hi Sandra! Love your blog, and thank you for the tips on the camera-I just got a new one and it is so daunting. What kind of camera do you have?

  25. I love how we all share things. Thanks for sharing your camera tips. I just don't know if any of the rest of us have such cute subjects! Once I get back to normal here I want My Daisy to write a Sat. post about your little darling with tongue that sticks out! I got a new camera too so this deffinately is encouraging.
    BTW I love the new look again.
    Oh I glad ya'll had such a great Saturday those burgers looked so yummy!
    I'll see you tomorrow for Homemaker Mong.

  26. Interesting pictures!! I too have wonderful and multi featured camera...


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