Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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{ A Little of this and Little of That }

I've been kind of quiet haven't I? I feel like I have so many meme's and features going on during the week that it's starting to cut into my me time, my blog about whatever comes to mind time and that my dear friends, just can NOT happen.

I wish I could say that I've been off on some exciting adventure and therefore been too busy, but unless you count taking care of sick kids and a house and a military husband, an adventure....then yeah, nothing interesting going on.

First I want to thank all the ladies that are joining me in praying for our husbands, I hope that a lot more join us.

Now what exactly have I been doing around here? Well let's see, come on in and sit with me at the kitchen table I have some hot coffee and a wonderful Apple Cheese Coffee cake for you.

Life! There's your answer, I've been living, doing what life is all about, the daily grind and the routine that save for some things, is usually the same over and over.....and I've been cooking and loving my kids and husband and creating and imagining and crafting and crocheting.... continually turning my home into a safe comfy haven for us all.


On Sunday of course we sat down and watched the Superbowl, we ate yummy things and laughed and yelled at the TV and felt sad that The Cardinals did not win, but you know what, it was fun nonetheless. I think the Superbowl for us at least, is mostly about sitting down as family, having a bunch of food around and just lounging in front of the TV.

So moving on, let me show you what I did yesterday morning and I'm actually working on another one now for Nicholas. This started as a project for Valentine's day, I want to make a few for decorations and maybe, just maybe giveaway one or two on my blog.....depends if I have time to get them done. But yes, it started as that and then Jasmine came home from school and immediately claimed it for herself, she even slept with it last night LOL Of course Nicholas wants one too, in blue so that's what I'm working on this morning.

Is this not the cutest bird ever? I mean, I have to tell you for someone who had never crocheted, I'm absolutely thrilled with myself at how well I've taken to it and the amazing things I can make for myself and my family. I just love it.

Our homemade soap is also ready and the kids couldn't wait to try it last night. You should have seen their faces, they were all excited that it actually *worked* LOL

I don't know what they were thinking, maybe they thought this was all fun and games but the soap wouldn't really turn out right.

I put it in a little glass jar I have and made a tag for it and now it sits in the bathroom where everyone can just reach in and grab one.


I've also been reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, for a review that I have coming up on February 9th....you can go ahead and pre order it from Amazon, it will be released February 10th. Let me tell you, I LOVE this book and I just can't wait to share it with you, I think it's one of those books that I will forever remember and will be talked about all over bloggy land.

Oh and I also watched Fireproof. As much as I loved the movie and thought the message was just outstanding, apart from Kirk Cameron, the rest of the actors were so bad at some points that it became quite distracting to watch the movie. I'm not judging, I know they were volunteer actors and in the end the whole message came across loud and clear and completely overshadowed any of the acting, so definitely a movie to watch, I mean hubby watched it with me and he really enjoyed it too.

And this post is getting super long and I'm afraid I may have lost some of you along the way, probably fallen asleep at your desks *snicker*

I'm off, I have a house to clean and I want to get the other little bird done before Nicholas gets home from school. I also have to make a run to the Library to pick up my two Yada Yada Prayer Group books, and then a run to the Post Office to mail off two birthday cards for the family back home.

I hope you have a wonderful day and don't forget to come back later for Day 3 of our Prayer for our Husbands.


  1. bird is VERY sweet :)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the green grass the bird is sitting on...lol We just have massive piles of snow. I love me some green grass in February!

    that coffee cake sounds scrumptious - must try it out soon.

    I love the day to day stuff - I bet it's fun living in your house :)

  2. Cute little bird and I love the way you are storing your soap. Have great day!

  3. I really loved this post about "just life" it was from your heart. It is hard to find the perfect mix of all the things we want to do in a day. Some must be done no matter what and I find they are easy because there is no choice. But the "others" like reading, projects, practicing piano, scrapbooking, quilting and the computer. They must be stuck in between the necessary and sometimes it is really hard to juggle everything. I find I leave out things I really love in order to do the needed. I guess a thirty-six hour day is not a possibility?
    Roberta Anne

  4. Ooooo I love the little peep... did you follow a pattern or just improvise. Just love crocheting...

  5. That bird is so stinkin cute!!!!

  6. Oh I love love your little birds, Sandra! Me and my Sparkle are going to be learning how to crochet.. it inspires me! She is going to love it... she ooozes creatitivity just like her daddy... so I know she will have fun creating little animals like this... can't wait to show her yours!

    I hear you on the movie, I had to overlook some of the acting too...but it was a great message that spurred some great conversation with my hubby.

    Hugs.. Amy

  7. Sandra, you really do a lot of things in one day. I love the bird. Want to see the other one!!!

  8. Hi Sandra, i love reading about your daily going-ons...
    the birdies are just so cute..
    have a great Tuesday..

  9. How sweet is the bird? Lol on Jasmine claiming it as her own that's what memories are made of.Good luck getting Nicholas's done today.The apple cheese coffee cake looks so tasty.Thanks for your sweet comment.

  10. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Your bird is so cute!! I want one too!!!

  11. Oh that little bird is so cute ! Where did you find the pattern?

    I have been having trouble making those little hearts. Reading a pattern in crochet is still a little foreign !! But ... I will persist !!

    The homemade soup looks wonderful ! What a sweet edition to your bathroom !!

  12. Krissy and I saw Fireproof at the theater and I agree with you about the acting. Still, the message was so powerful that the acting didn't end up mattering very much. And I actually really liked some of the characters, especially some of the firemen.

    Your little bird is cute!

  13. I enjoy your blog so much that I think I could spend my entire day reading everything you've got. LOL
    I need to know where your get your 3 column blogpage from. I am looking to make a change. Have a Great Day Sandra, Kae

  14. Love the bird.. could you send some of that green grass my way?? LOL I haven't seen any that green in months.

  15. I'm with Kae, I could just read your blog all day long!

    I gave you the Friendship award on my page, I see you already have it!

    I am definitely interested in reading the Yada Yada books but none of our libraries have them... maybe I can get them used for cheap. I followed the link for The Help and yep, want to read that too. Fireproof will be on my Netflix list...

  16. I love looking at all your creations... :)

  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cute little birdy.. Great job..


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