Saturday, May 30, 2009

Five Senses Saturday!

Good Morning everyone, I don't quite know what I have planned for this day other than the usual housecleaning, mopping and laundry etc.

Oh I also plan on updating the blogs, all of them, food and books and tv watch for those later on today.

For now, I leave you with my Five Senses Saturday, it's been such a long time since I've done this and I miss it. Enjoy!


- Barlow Girl "Never Alone" on the computer
- Lawns being mowed outside
- The kids playing games on the computer
- Pugs sniffling around on the couch
-The keys on my keyboard as I type


- My grass needing to be mowed

- Merlin on the TV
- The sticky spots on the kitchen floor needing mopping
- My husband's tired face as he arrives home in the early morning hours
- My children's laughing faces as they play


- The hose outside as I turn on the sprinkler
- New Yarn as I get it ready for Dishcloths
- The pages on my new book
- The barbecue grill as it lights for the first time this summer
- The creamy soft "Safari Body Lotion" as I slather it on my legs



- Monkey Bread....YUM
- The bitter taste of my Vitamins
- Homemade fresh bread

- The first sip of a glass of ice cold water
- Homemade butter


- The monkey bread as is bakes
- Fresh picked lemons
- Lavender dishsoap
- My kids warm soft necks straight out of the bath
- Burgers grilling outside


Pamela said...

Where do you buy your Good Home Co. lavender cleaning supplies?

Sandra said...

Pamela - I buy them at Lavender Green

Mari said...

Those are all great! I love the pattern of the dishcloths, the bread looks tasty and lavender is one of my favorites!

Susanne said...

Love those dishcloths!

I'm really wanting to try that monkey bread but it is way to hot to bake today. Maybe tomorrow.

Renee said...

Wonderful post. I love the dish cloths. What Merlin TV/series are you referring to? I love anything to do with that era!

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely post. The lavender dish soap looks lovely. I have been looking for lavender spray for ironing. One of my projects is to find a place to keep my iron board up all the time.

The Raggedy Girl

Amy said...

Great post. I so enjoy this time of year. The kids playing, the fresh fruit and veggies, the flowers in bloom. Lavender is a favorite of mine too...

Terri said...

I love your dishcloths. I really wish I knew how to make them!

...they call me mommy... said...

What a neat post, Sandra! :-)

Tina Leigh said...

A great summer post!