Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Reading and Relaxing!

The past few days I've been trying to catch up on reading, I go through phases where I either read constantly, every day, a few books at a time....or.....I don't read for months on end.

That's where I'm at right now, in that in between stage where I'm craving a good book and the smell of the pages (please tell me you smell books too or I'll forever feel like a freak of some kind). So that's what I'm doing, I am still enjoying the pioneer books but I also have two others that I need to review.

One of them is the new Double Daring Book for Girls, I'll have a post up next week and I'm going to throw down the gauntlet, I'll be challenging some of you to join me and play along, trying this or that project from the book. Oh don't worry, it won't be anything that out there or impossible to do....maybe I'll make you tie a sarong and take a pic to share with the blogging community. LOL Only NOT!

I've also realized that I've had the same Netflix movies sitting on my DVD player for the past, oh, month at least? Thank God for no late fees, but I guess I should get around to watching them, maybe tonight after American Idol.

And can I just say while on that subject, that maybe I'm the odd ball around but I can't stand Adam? I think he's a great performer for the Theatre or Broadway but I just can't take the screeching he does. It's a little too much. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me, I know most of America thinks he's amazing, along with some of the judges who coddle him so much it's nauseating. LOL

Now that I got that off my chest, I think I'll go back to my books, but before I leave I want you to tell me what book you're reading right now or just finished, tell me which one I absolutely need to read this summer.

And if there's an author that you think I will enjoy, let me know, I'm trying to make a list for my Summer Reading.


  1. Sandra, we are all a bunch of book fanatics here. You will be happy (or horrified! LOL) to know that my almost 7-year-old daughter smells EVERY page before she turns it. So, yes, we also love the smell of books.

    One of my favorites is Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers -- I haven't read it in years, but I'm getting ready to again. Is there anything better than getting lost in a good book???


  2. Not only does my husband smell them, he feels them. He has a thing for leather bound books, and literally fondles the tooling on the front. Made me feel weird to type that!

    I just finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I enjoyed it, but can't tell you to run right out and get it because it is definitely different, slow in spots, and makes you go hmmm at the end. I cried for the last 100 pages. Some love it, some don't like it from what I've read in discussions. Don't read any of the discussions or it will ruin it for you.

    Before that I read "Run" by Ann Patchett. It was good, but I enjoyed her "Bel Canto" much better.

    And now I need to start "Beautiful Lies" by LIsa Unger for book club this Sunday.


  3. I can't stand Adam either! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

  4. I just read through your last post and think you have such a sweet husband! :) Sounds like you had such nice gifts and you can tell your family loves you tremendously!

    I am just starting the Yada Yada prayer group series, so I am excited about that! We are book lovers to the core, and I wish it wouldn't ruin me for the next two days to stay up and read until 2 or 3am. Just can't happen anymore, bummer.

  5. I love a good book or two or three..I admit, once we moved in to our house, I haven't read near as much as I used to! I hope to get back to it though.


  6. I second The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher and also her book Sleeping Tiger.

    I love the Janette Oke books, such easy readings and sweet storylines.

    I quite liked Adam in rock week but we've not been keeping up with American Idol much because we've been watching Britain's Got Talent.


  7. I love reading and I also love the smell of books. You're definitely not the only one!!!

  8. First off, I definitely agree w/you about Adam! :) I was sad to see Danny go home, but I'm glad that now he'll be able to sign w/a Christian label.

    I read a completely LIFE CHANGING book recently--Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. It is a MUST READ for sure.

  9. I am reading "A Mysterious History "by Charlotte Carter. She writes for Guideposts.This book is one in a series from "Mysteries of Sparrow Island.Each month may be a different writer but I've yet to find a bad one.
    this is the only mystery books I have ever liked.. Clean Christian writers.

  10. I'm reading "Pray Big for your Child" by Will Davis and "Walking with God" by John Eldridge....and "Gone with the Wind". I wish I could just read one book at a time now....but...I just cant! LOL.

  11. LOL. I'm with you on Adam. I can't stand the screeching either but I do really like the ballads he does up until he adds his trademark screaming. I've been routing for Kris since top 32. I hope all Danny's fans throw their votes his way and he takes it all. Adam will go on to be big whether he wins or not.

    Right now I'm reading about five different books at once which is really unusual for me. I was reading "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" but then didn't feel so great a few days ago and felt like some lighter reading so then I started "Every Now & Then" by Karen Kingsbury. I'm also reading "I Second That Emotion" by Patsy Clairmont for bible study, "Clutter Free Christianity" by Robert Jeffries and "Eat This, Not That". Whew.No wonder my brain is tired. LOL. I never have this many books on the go at once.

  12. Oh and I love the smell of books especially new ones, and I get a thrill to be the first one to get to crack open a brand new book. My husband doesn't get it at all.

  13. I read just like you...running hot or cold.

    Adam is not my style of music by a mile but I think he is very talented and I can see why he will most likely win. I adore Kris...that is my kind of music and Danny, what a sweetie.

    The Raggedy Girl

  14. Love the smell of books!

    Have you read:
    84 Charing Cross Road
    Black No More
    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Empress Orchid
    The Handmaiden's Tale (great)
    The Last Chinese Chef

    Also, knowing your background and now your children, have you ever read Third Culture Kids? Its a good read - nonfiction.

  15. I, too, love the smell of books. All books smell differently! New ones smell, well, new. The ones from the library have a different smell, and the ones I trade for through tend to pick up smells from their previous owners (I request to get ones from non-smoking houses). To me, they all smell wonderful!

    I am reading Stephen Kings "Just After Sunset", "The Black Daliah" (can't remember the writer), and getting ready to re-read the Kay Scarpetta, M.E. books written by Patricia Cornwell.

    I tried to find all of your pioneer books at my library, but none were part of their collection. I am saving my extra pennies to buy them on-line.

    Thanks for sharing them!

  16. I agree with you on both: the book-smelling and Adam. I thought he was a bit theatrical from the start, but the week he sang Ring of Fire really kind of freaked me out!

  17. Just found your blog through Jen at A Good Cup of Coffee. What caught my eye was the fact that you don't like Adam! HA! neither do I....not sure its even ethical for him to be in the competition,thought it was only for non-proffessionals?
    Anyway, I just finished "In Praise of Stay At Home Moms" by Dr. Laura and started "Jantsen's Gift" by Pam Cope (non-fiction)
    Have a great day!

  18. Just cathcing up on some browsing and this post hit a familiar chord, my mom loved to smell a brand new book when she got it home. A tear and a smile when I think of something only she did, thank you for this sweet memory.

  19. I don't like Adam either and now that Danny is gone will definitely be voting for Kris.

    I agree with Holli; Safely Home by Randy Alcorn is a life changing book. I'm actually re-reading it now. Deadline and Dominion are 2 more books by him that are amazing.

    I love your site and am looking forward to visiting it again soon.


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