Monday, May 11, 2009

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Well Hello there.....

Come on in out of the sun, it's a scorcher out there. Of course that's for us folks here in Arizona, I'm not sure how the weather is going for you all in the other states, but here? Goodness gracious, I'm already hating stepping outside the door.

So anyway, it's Monday afternoon and here soon I'll have to start fixing dinner, but I thought I would stop in first and do a little post on this ol' blog of mine. I feel like lately I've been sorta, kinda, maybe neglecting it a bit, not intentionally, mind you, but life has just been happening around me and I have to attend to it.

I mentioned earlier in my Happy Homemaker Monday post that there's sickies in the house again, but it's actually not that bad. Curt got sick with a cold for about a day or two but he's fine now...Jasmine just has an ear infection, which is so weird because if you remember correctly, 3 weeks ago she had one in her left ear and strep throat. Now it's her right ear....oh and let me tell you something, when the doctor says "come here let me show you", just think twice.

I am all for being educated and learning new things and I'm glad I did look into her ear because it's absolutely fascinating to me, but in another way I thought, gross, with a capital G.
I wonder if it's easier just not knowing what our insides look like, I mean...really?!?!?!

It started yesterday afternoon with her saying she couldn't hear out of that ear, she could hear her heart beating through it and it felt blocked like when you're on an airplane. By this morning she continued complaining and as much as I don't want to be that mom that runs to the doctor for every little thing, I don't like playing with ears and infections, those can become quite serious if not taken care of.....after seeing what it looks like, boy am I glad I took her in.

The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin but told me to hold off on it for two days, to use just the drops he's giving me and the motrin and see if it clears up on it's own, if it doesn't then start her on the antibiotics. We both feel it's better not to just give her another dose of antibiotics seeing as she was just on some 3 weeks ago, UNLESS, absolutely necessary.

She's doing fine though, unfortunately, we had to walk to pick up Nicholas from school and being outside just hurt her ear, she's in bed now trying to get some rest and complaining of ear ache, poor kid. Bring on the summer already, we're sick of this.

Now the weekend....oh the weekend, where to begin. Maybe with the fact that it was not exactly how we had planned it. See in the Air Force if a Jet breaks down, it has to get fixed...THAT day, come rain or shine, snow or a tornado, whether it's flying or not, weekend or week day, Mother's Day or other special it went. The kids were beyond frustrated because Curt works swing shift which like I've talked about before, he goes in at around 2pm and doesn't get home until late, very late, sometimes 2 or 3 am, which means the only time he sees the kids is on the weekends.

Well when the weekend rolled around, he was stuck at work for 13 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday, fixing Jets. My first reaction on Sunday was to get really irritated, I thought "you have to be kidding me, it's Mother's Day" but then I had to remind myself that this is Par for the Course.

Curt woke up extra early yesterday, made me a wonderful breakfast and I had all these sweet gifts waiting for me on the kitchen table. It was his way of making it up for me somehow for the fact that he wouldn't be here. He's such a wonderful husband.

Let me show you how well my family knows me, and before I do, let me just say, I don't like expensive gifts and jewelry and such, I'm extremely easy to buy for and everytime I get gifts from my family, I'm reminded of how well they know me.

Am I the only one who could spend hours playing The Sims? *snicker* I don't know if it's the fact that I can make a family and decorate a home and play them, it's the whole housekeeping thing in me, I can have veggie gardens and beautiful flowers LOL

And he got me Kahlua, for my Kahlua Don Pedro's....some vanilla ice cream, a little bit of milk, a shot of Kahlua and mix it all up in the blender. YUM!


My kids, they know my love for chocolate AND coffee....and not just any coffee but the Godiva Creme Brulee. Yum is not even enough to describe it, you have to try it.


Some of the cards from the kids, they are so sweet :)


This just cracked me up, I couldn't stop laughing. I had this gift from the Pugs....yes from the Pugs and the card was the funniest thing ever.....and of course some Calgon bath products.


Beautiful flowers.....



And lastly, yesterday afternoon, the kids and I stepped out into the front yard for a few minutes, just to get some fresh air and enjoy the afternoon breeze.

This little cat is constantly around the houses here in the neighborhood, I'm not sure if it belongs to someone or if it's a stray and truth be told I'm not going near it. I'm allergic to cats to the point where the cat came up to me and just rubbed itself on my leg and that was enough to make my nose start itching and my eyes watering.....look, I'm not a cat person but I can admire a pretty animal, so I grabbed the camera and just snapped some pics. From a distance LOL




So there you go, a peek at my exciting life. Oh and I almost forgot *snicker.

My car has decided to not even start for me, so until this coming weekend when we plan on getting it fixed (because Curt was stuck at work, therefore not getting to my car), I am driving the kids to school in Curt's big ole truck and walking in the afternoon's. You should see me coming down the street in that huge thing LOL

It's like driving a bus, good grief.

Alright, I have to get on out of here, I'm supposed to be making Salisbury Steak for dinner, but the kids have requested Grilled Cheese and Ham sandwiches with Zestie Cheesy that's what we're having.

Have yourselves a wonderful Monday, stay out of the sun, stay in from the cold and I'll see you back here tomorrow.


  1. Is the Zestie Cheesy Fries recipe on your food blog? They sound delicious!

  2. Great the cats.

  3. It's sunny but windy and quite cool. Glad you had a nice day, even though Curt had to work. Andy had to work on the helicoptors yesterday too. He's not married so it wasn't a big problem for him but he said some of the guys weren't too happy about having to go in on Mothers Day!
    PS - I found the onion gravy. Thanks for the help!

  4. I LOVE the Sims! I could just play for hours on end...LOL! I've said it before if you are ever in this area I'd love to take you guys to this museum. When I worked there a couple of years ago I would just sit there on my breaks and just take it all in. I worked in the evening cleaning the houses...I had to leave because of my back. I love the sights and smells of that place. Next time we go I will take you along on a photo tour via my blog, sound good?

  5. Lovely to catch up with you again :) It started out at like 45 degrees here this morning - but warmed up to a lovely 70!! :)
    I am glad you had a nice Mother's Day despite the AF schedule. Pretty kitty pics - I love cats - thankfully, I am NOT allergic. :)

  6. We have rain ,wind and sun & Cold!!!

    Glad that you had a good mother's day.lucky girl.

  7. We have had rain for weeks and a devasting tornado to top it off in a nearby county. Today we are going to see the sunshine. Yipee! Then, rain for the rest of the week again. Enjoy some of that beautiful weather for us here in Kentucky.

  8. Forgive me if I just couldn't find it on your food blog but, is there a recipe for your Zesty Cheesy Fries? They sound wonderful!

  9. Awww you know I love cats, he's a cutie.

    And oh my does the picture of the Italian sausage lasagne look fantastic in your sidebar...mmmm going to have to jot down that recipe!!

    Hope your car is fixed soon. I couldn't even think about trying to park a truck, I'd have to pretend I was the flying squad* and just leave it in the middle of the road.

    *lol I forget when I use some expressions you might not have a clue what I'm talking about - it's a special division of the police that deal with armed robberies and screech up in their cars and park where they stop - usually blocking the road.

    Anyhoot I'm rambling on. Loved to see your mother's day presents - you're like me coffee, chocolate and flowers are wonderful presents.

    Hugs and love

    Sarah x

  10. Glad you posted to let us know what else was going on...I miss your regular posts. I hope Jasmine feels better soon.

  11. Your mothers day sounds great....that drink sounds great too.

  12. It's perfect weather here- 70's and sunny. I have to enjoy it now because it will get hot soon and then I go inside and stay there!!

  13. Warm and very windy. I heard on the news that it is really hot in your neck of the woods...I hate hot weather so I just tread water until Autumn and try not to whine too much. Your Mother's Day sounded wonderful.

    The Raggedy Girl

  14. We had an orange cat named Shelby - she was a long-haired and totally gorgeous but completely crazy!!

    My brother works on the jets too - over at Kadena - and his hours are just insane.

    I am glad you got loved on for Mother's day!


  15. That cat is adorable. They say the orange ones are the most affectionate.

    We haven't drank alcoholic beverages for many, many years but that drink of yours is making me want to run out and buy a BIG bottle of Kahlua and a huge bucket of ice cream in preparation for summer. LOL. The cards from the kids are cute. Now that my kids are all older teens, I never get the homemade gifts anymore. Sometimes I turn all nostalgic and miss those sweet things they made from the heart. Don't get me wrong I still love anything they might give me, but those little homemade crafts were precious!

  16. What a great Mom's Day you had. I enjoy your blog. Take care... Amy

  17. Just stopping by to welcome you to SITS! We are glad to have you with us!!! I hope you have a wonderful day:) Now I'm off to enjoy more of your blog:)

  18. Wow! That's a lot. I took my youngest in to get her ear looked at a few weeks ago and the doctor had me look. Hers was all clear though so I didn't have to get grossed out!

    You do such a wonderful job writing. I should take lessons from you (C:

    Have a blessed week and I pray that no more sickness would come on your family!!

  19. Kahlua and coffee...Yea!
    Love the following you.
    Ck out mine and if you like what you see follow me!

  20. "I wonder if it's easier just not knowing what our insides look like, I mean...really?!?!?!"

    I got news for you, Sandra, after a certain age it's easier not knowing what our outsides look like, either!

    Looks like you had a good Mother's Day.

  21. That looks like my cat, Lenny! He's got the same coloring and stripes and everything. :) Except my cat doesn't go outside- he's too lazy to really leave the stack of blankets in the closet!


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