Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you know?

That getting into the swing of summer break and no school, is a lot of work?

You didn't know? Well neither did I and let me tell you it's taken me by surprise.

You may be wondering what we've been doing, where we been, well no where.

At home....sitting quietly and loudly at times, laughing and fighting at others, watching tv and playing computer games, eating or drinking, sleeping or running. There's a little bit of everything going on and I'm not quite into the Summer Break know the one? No rules, schedules, no getting up early and rushing, no appointments to keep.

It feels good, it's what we crave all year long and then it's upon us and the first few days seem to be a blur, I'm trying to find that middle ground. I'm trying to sleep in which I haven't been able to do because our bodies are still programmed to get up early and start the day.

So I apologize if my blogging seems a bit sporadic these first few days, I'm just trying to catch my breath and find my way, but I'm sure in a day or two I'll be back to full time blogging.

All this summer talk has gotten me feeling nostalgic, thinking of my own school breaks, how I looked forward to them so badly and how the last day of school seemed to drag, the clock slowly ticking.

Remember how when we were little time seemed different? It still does sometimes, you know when you're enjoying something and having a lot of fun, or out doing something with the family time just flies but then in other instances it's like eternity?

My brothers and I had so much fun during those weeks off of school, there was no thought about going back, it just didn't even enter our minds, we were too busy playing outside, building go karts, eating popsicles and staying up late, going on picnics with the kids from the neighborhood.

Remember how back then everyone would go outside and play? You actually saw kids riding bikes and playing hopscotch and running and hiding and jumping and having fun. It's all changed hasn't it?

The only danger back then was not hearing greatgrandma call you in for dinner and going hungry until the next morning.

So I'm hoping to bring a little bit of my childhood to my children, I'm not sure exactly how yet, but I want to go back in time and remember the things we did and maybe bring some of those to the future and introduce them to the kids.

What about you? What sort of things did you get up to during your Summer school breaks?


  1. I loved the summer holidays. Making dens in the long grass of the school field, making 'stews' with my friend's granddads gardening potions, my neighbour's son pretending he was Air Commodore in the RAF and I was Wing Commander (or something).

    The children on our street still play out. Chatterbox played out all yesterday at her friends' house and ended up staying for tea (evening meal) at one. I am very obsessive where she is and who she's playing with but the children do all play out on scooters, bikes, trampolines,water fights, etc. Yesterday there was quite a large group of them saving the world from the imminent attack of aliens. LOL

  2. ...that should be friends' houses not house (she was all over the place!)

  3. We did all sorts of things...playing outdoors mainly when we were younger, as we got older we gravitated toward the basketball court as my sister & I and brother all loved to play basketball...we eventually spent the summers working at a job when we were old enough, going on a week long family camp, and spending time with our family...we stayed home a lot, we were more of a home bound family and didn't travel as much as other families...

    Now, fast forward, ahead...I have my own family. Because we will be homeschooling, summer break won't probably be as exciting except the swimming, playing outdoors, fishing etc that comes with summer! We get to do a lot of fun things year round as we are at home all the time...but it's all good...I'm looking forward to getting to our nearby lake for picnics & boating, or photography! :D

  4. We lived in a military housing area in Belgium from the time I was 8 until I was 13. We had a trailer at the beach and went up there every weekend from April to October. Summer meant that my aunt would come over on the ferry from England and we would spend a whole week or two at the beach. We played endlessly in the sand dunes, and explored the old German bunkers that we still there. It was time for making sandcastles and getting up early to watch the old men dragging a net behind them in the water. When they took out whatever it was they wanted (small shrimp perhaps?), we were free to take the tiny crabs or starfish or whatever was left. We would explore little down and eat Belgian waffles or frites (french fries, always with mayonnaise not ketchup) while strolling down the promenade.

    Back at home, it was outside to play in the neighborhood. Biking, pulling wagons with little brothers and sisters riding along, skating, and eating ice cream sandwiches. They were such carefree days - we didn't have television, video games, or computers - all our play was outside in the glorious sunshine. Even after dinner, it was back outside to run around until the street lamps came on and then it was home, bath and bed.

  5. Oh, dear, my fingers just don't want to cooperate this morning. That should be...the old German bunkers that WERE still there and We would explore little TOWNS...

  6. I spent summers at my aunts home riding bikes, having picnics in her back yard and watching soap operas for the first times...oh and going with my uncle to the drive in to get milk shakes...that is my summer memories....

  7. I loved summer breaks !! We were outside ALL the time !! We used to collect wood from the neighborhood trash heaps, and build amazing and elaborate forts in our backyard !! We'd change them all the time. Once we built a space station ! We covered the inside with photos we got out of a space magazine we'd gotten from who knows where !!! Good times ! Good good times !!

  8. I remember being outside all the time when I was on summer break. My sister, a neighbor girl and I would take the baby dolls, dishes and such and play house for hours in the shade. There was swimming at neighbor girls house, playing cops and robbers on bikes and after dinner we would play games like tag. I always stayed out until it was almost dark and mom make me come inside.

    That is exactly how I want summer to be for my daughter.

    It is very sad to see how fast kids grow up today. I watch a girl that will be in 5th grade this fall. She is bored all the time. She is a product of to many scheduled activities and doing things that are much to old for her age. The poor thing doesn't know how to enjoy the simple things. Sad.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  9. Going swimming...anywhere but usually in a creek somewhere. We couldnt afford to go to the pool. We lived in the country so even our summer breaks were different from sidewalks....only one neighbor within walking distance. Vacation Bible school was always a big deal! My boys summers were very much the same but I was able to take them more places then wen I was a child.

  10. I grew up on a farm, so spent lots of time playing outdoors in the fields. We had a couple of friends who lived within walking distance we used to play with most days. Most years we went to the Isle of Wight for a week's holiday at the seaside, and for another week to visit relatives in Cornwall.

    My older girls spent lots of time playing with the girls who live next door - indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. They would go through crazes of different games - one year it was playing shops, another it was donkey shows (three girls were donkeys and the other the trainer!). Now it is more going out shopping or hanging out at the park or friends' houses.

  11. yeah, and now with things like a law forbidding bikes on sidewalks etc,...I won't let my kids out of my sight.

    I know we used to be out in the streets all day playing tag and you name it. We'd come and go as we pleased as long as we were home for dinner and before dark. Times have sure changed!!

    My friend and I would play house all afternoon on the days it was just us around and those were the fondest memories ever. Sweeping out our makeshift sheet houses, taking turns being the mom and child etc,...

    We didn't have computers or video games then unless we went to the arcade. Too bad we can't turn back time!!! =)

  12. Sarah reminded me ... my girls love water fights. At the weekend 10yo dd and the 12yo next door were outside having a foam fight, which I think somehow grew out of giving themselves foot baths!

  13. wow- my favorite summer memories were swimming every day at the local pool and having crab apple fights in the playground (me and my friends vs. my brother and his friends). We rode our bikes everywhere, ate lots of junk, built forts, stole golf balls from the golf course and sold them to people so we would have money for pop and candy, etc. And you're right- it's all different. Parents can't leave their kids unattended for fear of abductions and who knows what kinds of things their peers are doing. It's definitely scarier now than it was even when I was younger- and I'm only 27.

  14. I am not a summer person because I hate hot weather so much but that being said...summer now is very special because I don't take care of my sweet babies and I have more time to live the retired life with my hubby who is also home for the summer. I am counting the days...7 more school days.

    The Raggedy Girl

  15. I have a request Sandra. You have a lot of readers and you have good insight...would you consider doing a post some time on beauty tips, what women do for skin care and ageing. I have never had any surgical facial or body inhancment but the bags under my eyes are growing. I dont know that I would ever have any surgery or botox but I would like to know if others have done it & how they feel about it. I have never thought about looking older until recently and I dont have a clue what skin care products really work and dont....what do you think?

  16. I loved that trip down memory lane. The summers of childhood were so special. I grew up on a farm with lots of land to roam on. We had an old coop that my Dad cleaned out and we played house in it a lot. We would walk down to the creek and catch frogs and walk further to hunt for fossils (We had a hillside that really did have tiny fossils on it). We rode our bikes a lot and my Mom would often just announce in the morning that we were going to the lake to swim. Great memories!

  17. Sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately either.. just got caught up in outdoor things.
    My brother and I spend hours playing with cars in the dirt.. building bridges over the creek, floating boats down it.. and walking to our friends houses to spend the day with them... and swimming in their ponds.. we grew up on a farm so our summers were a bit different then city kids.

  18. Summertime *sigh* I lived outside from early day to night time with out a care in the world. Riding my big wheel or bike, playing in the rain, on the swingset, running through the sprinkler and taking picnics with Mom and Pop. (smile) Simpler times and everyone was so happy, without a care or worry. Happy times!

  19. I am looking forward to summer break. We will still have all our therapies and a lot of dr appointments, but at least I don't have to get the CLB ready for school and drive him around and stuff. I am hoping it will be a more relaxed pace.

  20. We used to take toys and picnics over to the junior high a block away. They had a wonderful sheltered area with trees and flowers and we would play there for hours. There was always pick up soccer and baseball games going on in the schoolyard with the neighborhood kids, which I don't see happening anymore. And I live across the street from a school yard. It actually makes me sad. We also went to the local pools alot and swim lesson were always on our summer to do lists.

  21. We pretty much spent the whole day outside. We lived on a river and ran up and down the shore all day, unless we were riding our bikes-in the road. Can you even imagine letting your kids do that today. We wandered from house to house looking for friends, getting a quick drink. We played hide and seek for hours on ends in friends backyards - no one had a fence so we went from yard to yard. Great memories.

    I thought that I didn't see many kids out in the summer now because we live in AZ and it's blazing hot but I guess it's the same everywhere.

    I try to get my daughter out to play each day before it gets too hot.

  22. Sandra,

    I've thought about that alot! (I even thought of a post about it too). My kids have never experienced summer vacation like we did....we were never inside! We had those homemade popsicles. We rode bikes, made mudpies, played in the mud puddles in the street even, made up our own baseball teams and had games. I played "Army" with my brother. And we didn't have to have an adult to give us ideas! lol! We were out until mom called us in either to eat or to "come fold the clothes"...(our chore)! There are too many video games and things to keep kids indoors these days! I'm going to work on that with Joy as well.


  23. I sure do remember those summers. Times have sure changed! Glad y'all are doing well.

  24. oh summer - what a wonderful post - yet makes me nostalgic for the more innocent times we enjoyed as children of the 70s and early 80s. I never ever let my kids go very far - and I screen friends for playdates like a detective :( I'm sad the world is now so scarey. I flew BY MYSELF to Germany every summer to visit my grandparents & biological father - crazy, huh?? There, I'd ride bikes and subways and buses all over the place BY MYSELF. I can't believe what a safe and naive world that was. I'm hopeful though my children can enjoy SUPERVISED summers now as much as I did then! :)

  25. I loved this post. My husband and I have talked many times about how kids just don't know how to entertain themselves with their imaginations anymore. They are always "bored". I wish "we could turn back time too".

    I loved your summer check list. Your kids are very blessed with all of these ideas. It is just my husband and myself here but I think we should make on of these lists for ourselves. Enjoy! Debbi

  26. Oh what memories you have envoked...
    I remember setting in the sun on our back porch, playing with an empty baking powder can and Momma empty thread spools.
    Momma was working in & out & I can still hear the flies and bees buzzing around the flowers and clover in our yard...
    Thank you for memories.
    Elsie <><

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