Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom on Facebook

I know, I know, tons of posts today but this is what happens when I've been kind of MIA and then frantically back and trying to catch up and update :)

You'll find lots of great book reviews today and in the next few days as I participate in TLC's Blog Tour for some of the best books out right now :)

You'll also find reviews for other products coming up and there may be a giveaway or two.  Stay tuned.

But for now, will you help me welcome Diary of a Stay at Home Mom to Facebook?

Yep, I finally did it, finally made a little home for this bloggy over at Facebook, this way you can stay updated on new posts, contests, recipes etc.  If you wish of course, I wouldn't dream of forcing it on anyone.

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom on Facebook
Full Bellies, Happy Kids on Facebook

Go forth and click the like buttons, it will make this girls smile!

God Bless!

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