Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two weeks in review.....

I mentioned on the blog facebook page earlier, that I am starting to really miss my daily photo posts, and catching up with you all.

I am really enjoying the 30 day challenge, I think it's important to do it and share it with you all, but it's also stopping me from doing personal posts because I didn't want to overload the blog with stuff.

Problem is that it's seriously hindering my blogging spirit and so with that said, I've decided that I need to continue saying hi, I need to continue sharing my day and what I'm doing or reading or cooking or enjoying.

With that in mind, I thought I would do a quick review of what my last two weeks have been like :)

August 1::::


August 2::::


August 4::::


August 7::::


August 8::::



August 9::::


August 10::::


August 11::::


August 13::::


August 14::::


August 15::::


August 16::::


August 17::::


August 18:::


August 19::::


August 20::::


August 21::::


A little of this and a little of that. It's just a small peek into my daily life as a homemaker :)


FlowerLady said...

Wonderful photos of your very real life.

Thank you for sharing so much.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Stacia said...

Awww, thanks for the photos. I really do miss hearing how things are going for you. :)

Susan said...

So love your pictures Sandra They are so wonderful.Loved the one with the candle in front of the rain splashed window so peaceful Thank you for sharing Blessings,Suzy

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Love the pic of the candle with the raindrops on the window! Beautiful!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for sharing your daily life...these photos bring a smile to my face and heart, enjoying seeing 'this and that' around your home and away, too (Sedona, beautiful!).

You make me proud to be a homemaker!

~Carla~ said...

Just beautiful! :)

Kelly H said...

I love these posts as well!!! I have always been a working mom. After 17 years of working, I have been staying home. It was hard at first. Your blog has helped me so much in accepting my role as a homemaker and mother. Thank you so much. P.S. We are close to military retirement as well. Best of luck to you and would love any posts/thoughts that lead up to it.

Mehul said...

Long but good post. Sandra. These photos bring a smile to my face and heart. August 2 photo is lovely.

- Mehul
Indiana Limestone