Monday, August 13, 2012

# 30 day husband encouragement challenge

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge - Day 8

How are you doing with the "30-Day Encouragement Challenge"? In case you've forgotten, here's the challenge:

You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to your husband . . . or to anyone else, about your husband.
Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband. . . to your husband . . . and to someone else, about your husband!


Day Eight:

". . . but who can find a faithful man?" Prov. 20:6b

Faithfulness is a wonderful but rare quality today, especially in regard to marriage. Do you understand how important this quality is? Your challenge is to continue to root out all negative speaking, and plant seeds of encouragement instead. You may be amazed at what will grow.

Contemporary culture often entices men to be unfaithful to their wedding vows and spiritual commitments. Appreciate your husband's faithfulness—how he is loyal to you. Let him know that you are glad he has "stick-to-it-iveness" in your marriage.

Appreciate his faithfulness to God. (If you have an unfaithful husband, this is a difficult area for you. Pray, speak the truth in love, remain faithful yourself, and discover ways to encourage faithfulness in your mate. The Bible says that husbands may ". . . be won by the conduct of their wives" 1 Pet. 3:1  You may also want to seek counsel from a mature, godly individual or couple.)


I'm extremely thankful to have a faithful husband, not only to me, but to God.

We always tell each other that there is no divorce word in our vocabulary.  We are here to stick it out and will not consider another alternative, which has always pushed us to communicate and to never let things fester.

You do something wrong, I will tell you right away.  I do something wrong, and he calls me on it immediately.

I think as long as we are honest with each other, we will always be able to surpass every obstacle together.


  1. I agree - no words of divorce here either. I think if you go in thinking you may divorce if things don't go well, that day will come. Every couple has arguments and if you can walk after one there isn't any reason to work it out.

  2. Communication is something we value above almost everything in our marriage, we talk everything over. I am very lucky to have a husband who is incredibly loyal and faithful to me.
    Sadly he doesn't share my Christian faith which can sometimes be difficult. xx


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