Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Cooking Thursday - Portuguese Chicken Spaghetti

Good Morning everyone :)

Here we are at another Thursday, almost at the end of another week. Thank you all for always participating in Cooking Thursday and for sharing your wonderful recipes, I've bookmarked so many to try. :)

Today's recipe is an old family favorite, matter of fact it's one I used to love as a child and now I enjoy watching my children devouring it and loving it as much as I did :)

Galinha com Espargete

Portuguese Chicken Spaghetti

1 lb chicken thighs, skin removed and cut into bite size chunks (you can use breasts as well, or chicken legs, or even a whole chicken, up to you)
Olive oil
Small onion, diced
salt and pepper
Small can of tomato sauce
Carrots, sliced
Spaghetti (enough for your family, I usually make about half of a package)

In a pot, add a little bit of olive oil.  I don't measure anything when I cook, but I guess about a tablespoon or so.  Add the garlic and the onion and cook on low heat until the onion is transparent.

Add the chicken pieces, season with salt and pepper.  Add the can of tomato sauce and some sliced carrots and cook over medium heat until chicken is cooked completely, and carrots are tender.  Make sure to give it a stir once in a while and keep adding a little water so it doesn't stick or burn.

When chicken is cooked, add in about 2 cups of water, and in goes your spaghetti.  Give it a good stir and check on it often until spaghetti is cooked to your liking.  If it's too watery, just pop the lid on and let it cook for a few minutes longer to absorb some of the liquid.

That's it.  Simple but my kids LOVE this stuff :)


  1. That looks SO good, Sandra! It's too early to be making me that hungry, girl!

    Have a great day!

  2. Yum - that looks so good!

  3. Thanks for Hosting! Today I am sharing my Healthy Chicken Taco Recipe. It can be cooked in a slow cooker and it is Gluten Free!

  4. This looks quite yummy!! Thanks for hosting!!

  5. This does look yummy!!! Thank you for hosting! I have missed cooking Thursday and visiting here.


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