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# 30 day husband encouragement challenge

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge - Day 9

So a couple of you have let me know that you've been struggling a bit, that it seems that your positive speaking to your husband seems to be coming across negatively, or that your husband isn't exactly reacting the way you were expecting.

I just want you to remember that it's a work in process.  If you've always talked negatively to him or about him, or even in your actions, it will take some time for the change to set in.  When you're used to talking to someone and reacting a certain way, you won't change overnight.

Take comfort in knowing that while some of you may be at that crossroads right now...I have also gotten a lot of emails from others who were at the same place and at first and now are seeing the changes and the positive reaction from their husbands. 

So hang in there, don't give up, keep going ok???  And if you really feel that you need prayer, let us know in the comments section and we'll pray for you :)


Day Nine:
We are often so busy speaking that we don't take time to listen. We are so quick to offer a comment - negative or positive—that we don't really "hear" our husband's heart. Remember: we have two ears and only one mouth. We need to listen more! 

As you continue in your 30-day challenge, not speaking negatively and focusing on positive encouragement, hear the Lord's admonition today: "Be swift to hear." If listening is a real problem for you, play a game with yourself. See if you can listen to your husband for one whole day, only speaking when asked a question. If your husband notices the difference, explain that you are learning to listen more-not only to God, but also to him. 

One easy way to express admiration for your husband is to ask a question about something he enjoys, and then listen to his response. If it's an area of personal familiarity, keep asking questions until you learn something you didn't know, then tell him, "Wow, I didn't know that!"


I do this ALL the time with my husband.  Matter of fact, daily, he will talk to me about something that I had no clue about and I always find myself telling him that he is a genius and one of the smartest people I know.

We are a family that is very much interested in astronomy, the universe, science etc.  My husband especially devours every thing he can on the subjects and he is very smart, often coming up with theories and blow our minds and even his coworkers.

So yes, luckily I love this subject too, but don't let that stop you.  There are many things my husband is interested in of which I really don't like.....math, and chemistry and chemicals and whatever LOL  

But I just listen to him go on and on about it and smile.  The point is not that I don't like the subject....it's that HE enjoys it and is so smart about it :)


  1. Another good one - There are several things that Bob is really interested in and knows a lot about, one of the big ones in History. I'll work on listening!

  2. Thank you again, Even though this is for my husbands best interest I have noticed more how this has helped me. I can see how I tear my husband down instead of build him up and I am the christian. It was a whole week and I felt like we were on a honeymoon, then I went back to my old ways. I really see how I hurt him too. I am so glad I have this daily reminder.

  3. I know exactly how it goes with feeling like the complete opposite is happening. I was there just last week .. but I stuck it out and prayed and prayed. And just today I was doing something with my little two year old who's been sick and my husband saw I was busy so he cleaned up dinner for me. Small things matter and if it's worth it to you stuck it out because the rewards ARE worth it ;)

  4. That's a good one, Sandra! Jason is good at fixing anything or making anything and I try to make a point to tell him that I have no idea how he knows how to do all that stuff but I think it's amazing and that I'm so proud of him. And he goes into little details sometimes that go way over my head and I just listen and smile, as you said. :)



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