Friday, August 3, 2012

One step closer.........

So, I have news.

Some big news.  Some wonderful, happy news.  Some scary news.  Some *kick start* a new Chapter of our lives news.

I'm on this roller coaster of emotions right now, but I have to tell you that the foremost feeling above all is one of extreme joy.  And I'm sure by now you're thinking "shut up and tell me the news".


In about 8 months, my husband will be retiring. 

After 21 years in the Air Force, it's time to hang it up and go home.  And you know what I mean when I say go home, I think I've made it pretty clear what we consider home and where we want to go when he gets out.

That is where the extreme happiness kicks in. 


Finally, after 5 years of being in this place, we get to go home.  We get to buy our first house, we get to start another Chapter of our lives and we get to lay down some roots for our children and for ourselves.

But it's scary people.  I'm terrified.  When you've been in this long, you become accustomed to a certain way of life, to a routine, to a set of rules and do's and don'ts.  That is all going to go out the window.

It's almost like we will be regressing to being toddlers who are just learning to walk. 

I feel like there's so much to do in preparation for this and so many decisions to make. 

Biggest one being that even though my husband has dropped the paperwork, he still has the option open of testing again for Master Sergeant in February, and if he makes it we could extend again for another two years.

But this military life is hard.  It's hard on the active duty member, it's hard on the spouse and it's hard on the children and after so many years, it starts becoming too much, I think that we're at the point where we are just ready to start our lives, to carve out a future, to find a permanent home and to not have to deal with the deployments and the TDY's, because truth be told when you get to this point of the military career, the separations feel THAT much harder to take.

Even though the separation date is not for 8 months, technically we would be pretty much out, in 4 months with all the leave and such.  That's SCARY!  hahah

So in the next few months, unless something changes, you will get to go along on this journey with me, as we prepare to retire, as we house hunt, as we juggle and jump and crawl backwards through military paperwork and craziness, which is always so much fun. 

I'm just keeping the main goal in mind.  Idaho!

Beautiful Idaho.  A house that we can call our own.  Land to grow veggies.  Chickens.  Green trees and four seasons....and snow for Christmas.

Yes.   I think in the middle of all that is bound to come our way, I will concentrate on that and thank the Lord that we are that much closer to making our dream come true.  


  1. I think you guys should move to Virginia instead:)<3

  2. Exciting and nerve-racking to say the least. But hey, you survived 21 yrs in the military - the new journey will be a piece of cake. If we make it thru the military (deployments and whatnot) we can make it thru anything...

    Good luck and start house shopping! :)

  3. WOW! Pennsylvania is nice also! Just saying :)

  4. I am so excited for you. You know that we are all here for you for support, encouragement and advice. And especially prayers for patience, wisdom, peace and strength.

  5. I'll chime in and say - come to Michigan! (But I do know how you feel about Idaho) :)
    This is exciting - I'll be following this ride with you!

  6. That is such wonderful news, I am very happy for you all. I spent a bit of time in Idaho Falls with my hubby when he was on a job there.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it. xo

  7. Every step in life is a new adventure...Uncle Mike & I are there too, only not to the extreme...being Military adjusting to civilian life is major, retirement is major we show our house we get anxious...anxious to move, to be near family, to be retired...I cannot even think about that yet as selling the house is first..then I can relax a little & worry about how we can make it 4-6 months on half a retirement check cause yes that's how long it takes the Govt to get a full retirement check going....just like you one step at a time...

  8. I thought for sure you were going to say you were moving to England. I can SO see you there. :)
    However, seeing the photos you just posted I can also see you and the family having the time of your lives in Idaho.
    Being a military wife myself for the past 23 years I know why you mean about things being up in the air.
    I will follow your journey with positive prayers for whatever your path may be. :)

  9. Yay! This is exciting :) I'm excited to also follow you on your new journey. I love new journey! :D

  10. yes, exciting and scary ... after we separated from the military 7 years ago, I found I actually missed moving sometimes - or it was hard for me to set up the house we bought NOT in preparation to always be ready to move - I could actually STORE STUFF for the long haul ... weird feelings - but it is great. Looking forward to your journey to Idaho!!!

  11. So is there already a job lined up? Probably shouldnt ask that since hubs had 2 lined up - both of which folded when the big Zero started his cuts. More are to come. Keep that in mind and job hunt now-- the extra couple of years might be vital to eat.

  12. Well I have lots of questions to...most of which would be none of my business ....I'm trying to be patient and let the story unfold..... But I will have to ask just one....will y'all be moving near family? I can't is exciting! You are going to have to get a smart phone. I know there will be times you want have can still post & keep us Fans up to date!!

  13. I had a feeling you were going to say that you are getting out of the military. Now, you guys are 'short'. That's what we called it when we were getting near the end.

    I am so excited for all of you and Idaho looks wonderful and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through these next few months.

    I look forward to going on this journey with you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  14. I know you have been working toward this goal for a long time. Congratulations!

    I understand scary. It was hard for us to leave the security of military life for the civilian world. Praying that your transition goes smooth and that you find peace in all of your decisions!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Congrats! How exciting! I can't wait to follow your journey! I know about the ups and downs of military life-my husband is army :-)


  16. Will Pray that everything works out for You and your Family! A exciting time in all your lives! God Bless, Suzy Myers

  17. That is very exciting...and terrifying. I was 14 when my father retired from the Army(Canadian). It was a life changing event in many ways...but so exciting.

    So happy for you!

  18. Oh and I totally agree with Conny about missing moving. I have fought this compulsion to move all my life. I think it comes from having grown up in a miltary family. Then again, my husband also grew up in the same environment and he refuses to move :)

  19. I'm so excited for you! I have a great idea- move to Idaho but buy a vacation home in Michigan :)
    Can't wait to see what happens in the coming months!!!

  20. Sandra, I'm so excited for you! Remember God is with you every step of the way and there might be hard things but He'll be there to turn to! Praying everything will just come together for you from house hunting to paperwork!

    Idaho is beautiful. Not all that far from where we are. :v)

  21. So excited for you! And praying! xxxx

  22. I'm so happy that you get to start 'fresh' where you feel you'll be happiest!! :) Excited to see what God holds for you! :)

  23. It will be a new season of life for your family and that is exciting. I think you sound TOTALLY ready for this new adventure. What fun!!

  24. First off thanks to your family and hubby for your service to our country!!!! Congrats on your early retierment, scary stuff but still exciting

  25. How exciting, wishing you & your family a wonderful transition & many blessings along the way. Thank you for your service to our country!


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