Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boy was I busy yesterday!

I wanted to sit down and blog and never got a chance to get near the computer at all. By the time I slowed down it was 9pm and I was NOT going to do it, I don't think you would understand a single word I typed, I was exhausted and pretty much incoherent.

I got my groceries done yesterday and while I was at the commissary I found something that made me flip out....completely.

Just the other day I was telling Jasmine and Nicholas that I miss my favorite candy bars back home in South Africa, they wanted to know which ones and I told them that I LOVE Flake and Crunchie bars from Cadbury.

Well I'm walking down the aisle with all the imported products and I see some flakes just sitting there all sad, waiting for me to pick them up. I did a double take, ran back, grabbed a bunch of those and then spotted crunchie bars right next to them....I think I yelled or Woohoo'd or something because the people next to me gave me a very weird look. LOL
I DON'T CARE, I've been craving these and I didn't think I would ever taste them again, at least not for a few months until I go back I'm a happy camper today. I will have to go back and get more soon because mine are gone, but that's neither here nor there LOL

So as you all know Jasmine just turned 8 but I swear it's like she turned just 2 years old, where does this laziness and not wanting to do anything come from??? I don't want another 2 year old, I thought I was past all of this. This girl really knows how to work my nerves. The day will come when we can get out of the house in the morning without having to fight.

The sibling rivalry is also getting out of control, apparently wanting the same things to eat in the morning *or any time of the day for that matter* is a big NO NO. It's called being a COPYCAT??? *shrug*

Or God forbid one smiles at the other, that is also a punishable offense according to the Sibling Rules Memo. It's just so frustrating to have to hear them bickering at each other constantly....just last night Curt said to me "boy do I feel bad for you when summer comes" LOL
Yeah, thanks Curt, you get to run away to work and I have to be home listening to the fighting and the "I want to watch tv"....."no I want to play video games"...."but it's my turn on the tv"....."you played 2 turns, it's MY turn now"...."I want to be peach, no I want to be Yoshi"....DARN MARIO GAME DRIVES ME INSANE!!! LOL

I want to thank ALL the ladies who dropped by with wonderful advice for the I said it's not a sure thing, I'm just trying to get as much info as possible so that if I DO have to homeschool I'll know where to go and what to do. All the great insight and info you gave me has been saved to my computer and I'm looking into it all, I had no idea there were such great christian curriculums available. Thank you again.

Last night I fixed Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas for dinner and then I whipped up a ton of Barb's Breakfast Burritos, I LOVE them and we eat them for breakfast or lunch. It doesn't take too long to fix them and it's great to have a bunch in the freezer, especially on those busy days.

Alright, I'm leaving you, keep an eye out because I'm posting a book giveaway after this post.
I leave you with my plans for today:


For dinner tonight I'm fixing Baked Penne with Meat Sauce and a salad.


Thank God You're Here - *New* - NBC 7pm
Guest performers in unscripted comedy are Tom Arnold, Angela Kinsey, Fred Willard and Fran Drescher.

American Idol - *New* - FOX 8pm
Bon Jovi perform, and two of the six remaining finalists are voted off.

Medium - *New* - NBC 9pm
Neve Campbell begins a three-show guest appearance as Allison's friend. Here, Allison helps put away a man (Jason Priestley) accused of murdering his wife. But Allison is mightily puzzled when dreams about the crime continue to haunt her.


Sweeping and Mopping floors
Clean Bathrooms
Sort through clothes to donate
Do a little more packing
Get my paperwork prepared for INS interview
Take out meat for tonight's dinner


  1. yes you sounded very busy. As for t.v. I watched Gilmore Girls.

    I do know what you mean about finding things you crave for so long. My thing are creme horns and when I moved from OK to CA they didn't have them, from CA to here they do. Thank goodness, but that means I must play catch up for all those years I missed them. :)

  2. Sandra, you are my biggest breakfast burrito fan. LOL I swear, you make them more often than I do.

    Congratulations on stumbling across your favorite candy bars. How "sweet" that is!

  3. Isn't the Commissary awesome! You'd better stock up though, just in case Luke doesn't have any! That would be very sad indeed.


  4. Great find! My sister in law was married to an Australian who would bring this candy called violet crunch (sp?) and it was so good! If I should ever run across it in a store I will do as you did, buy a bunch!
    Have a great day Sandra!

  5. That old sibling rivaly -- it's a trial, I know. It does get better though.

    I like your music that's playing. Can you believe what perfect teeth she has????

  6. Oh my I Looooove Crunchie bars and flakes! You can't get them in the US??? How do people live? Do you get Galaxy bars over there? I couldn't live without those either! LOL

    Hope the sibling rivalry eases for you, we have outbreaks of that here too *sigh*

    Hugs n' love

  7. If it helps this is a tip for stopping my kids arguing who's been on the computer or the Playstation longer than another. I bought one of those giant eggtimers filled with sand from an education suppliers - mine takes 30 minutes for the sand to work through - my kids soon found out that once the sand was finished it was someone else's turn - amazingly they never actually cheated and turned it over after it was half way - I guess you could use your cooker timer in the same way. I don't like to depress you but there are still mornings where one can just look at the other the wrong way and start a riot and mine are 10,11 and almost 15

  8. Is that true, you can't get Crunchie bars in the states? We have them here in Canada and I LOVE them. If you ever need me to send you some, just let me know!

  9. Yes Crunchie bars are pretty good...but a flake...that is a find!! Hey Laura want to send me a chocolate bar too??

  10. Boy oh boy, do I know about 8 year olds who take forever in the morning!!! I have threatened to carry my 3rd grader to the bus in his PJs, and thank goodness he's small enough I could do it if I had to!! One day he wouldn't even respond to that threat, so I put on my oldest robe and slippers and told him not only am I carrying YOU to the bus stop in your PJs, I'm going in mine, too. It worked. (I have sung Jingle Bells in WalMart when they wouldn't stop being naughty, so he knew I would do it... my kids live in fear of me embarrassing them in public. Whatever works, I always say.)

    Sibling rivalry seems to come in phases around my house. I haven't figured out a foolproof solution yet. When you think of something that works, please share it!! :-)

  11. Hi Sandra,
    I don't miss hearing all the time Mommy she is looking at me. Mommy Christopher touched me. LOL My 2 fought all the time. They are 29 and 30 and still fight. LOL
    Keep me informed of your new address.

  12. I loooove Crunchie bars. They're readily available all around here, but I've never heard of Flakes. Great find.


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