Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is it almost over????

School I mean....I swear every year it gets down to the last two weeks and I'm practically counting the minutes until it's done, I don't know why I do it because after 3 days of having both kids home fighting, yelling, bickering and complaining I'm ready to send Jasmine back to school LOL

Curt just laughs at me, what he doesn't understand is that I will gladly sacrifice my sanity for extra sleep in the mornings and not rushing to get anyone ready while walking around like a zombie with a coffee cup clutched in my hands.

Isn't it amazing the craziness every morning??? I'm telling you if they would put moms and kids on the Amazing Race we would win it hands down, you'd be surprised at the obstacles we go through and what we accomplish in those last 30 minutes before we head out the door.

You all know that Jasmine is 8 years old and she's at that stage where she is independent and downright snotty at takes all the patience I can muster not to pull my hair out and run for the hills. The back talking, the deliberate not listening topped with the NOT WANTING to do anything around the house is enough to make me question my ability as a mom, did I mess up somewhere or is this just the norm with all 8 year olds?

This morning we were doing great and pretty much ready to go with time to waste.....then it begins.

Jasmine - "Mommy where's my shoes?"
Me - "Ummm where did you leave them?"
Jasmine - "I don't know"
Me - "well look for them please, standing there is not going to make them magically appear"
Jasmine - "but I can't find them"

Yes she can't find them because she's laying on her bed staring at the ceiling like maybe they decided to hide up there just for fun....or maybe the ceiling has become a special storage area for lost shoes, could it be that we're all walking around with a cloud of shoes above our heads holding the ones we misplaced and can't find????

I think these are the things that we're not told when we decide to have kids, I think some wouldn't be that quick to do it LOL

But you know what, I don't mind, it's frustrating and it's nerve wracking and let's not even mention the constant worry we have from the minute they are born and through the rest of their lives......but it's so rewarding!

The move is coming along well right now, there's actually a site online that I use which is very helpful for the military. It's called Military Homefront and there's tons and I mean TONS of great info, tools etc to help you make your move.
They even have a calendar for you with the dates of your PCS move from one base to the other, and each day details what you should be doing, which is great because you get so overwhelmed and don't want to end up forgetting important maybe forgetting to empty the trash before the great movers come, unless getting your trash nicely wrapped and brought over to the next destination is something you would enjoy. LOL

I'm going to be super busy today, I have a house begging to be cleaned good, not that I don't clean it, but it needs a real good scrubbing top to bottom, not to mention with the move we have stuff that needs to be shining before the dreaded House inspection.

I'm by NO means a Martha Stewart, actually I would bet that if she ever came by my house she would pass out at the door. I DO keep things clean and organized...well, after following the wonderful Laura's blog, I realize I'm not that organized compared to her....something I'll work on when we get settled in the new house. LOL

I'm going to leave you with my to do's, I'm telling you I'm holding on to the Lord's hand so tightly today I'm sure I'm cutting off circulation but He's great as always and loves being included in everything I do. He'll put up with me through toilet scrubbing, laundry, mopping and sweeping and I'll be babbling away as usual.

Have a wonderful day everyone, please don't forget the Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow and thank you to the ladies who faithfully participate every week and also don't forget the book contest, seems that only 4 people entered LOL

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For dinner tonight I'm making Chicken Florentine with Mashed Potatoes, yes I changed my menu around AFTER I posted it on monday. (the recipe will be up later on my food blog)

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Thank God You're Here - *New* - NBC - 7pm
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American Idol - *New* - FOX - 7pm
One of the three remaining finalists is voted off.
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Changing Bed Linens
Vacuum living room and bedrooms
Clean upstairs and downstairs bathrooms
Mop kitchen and hallways floors
Clean up computer area
Clean couches......dogs are shedding and it's messing up my allergies


  1. Well, I've decided to bite the bullet and homeschool ALL 4 of my rugrats. Yikes! But like you I just tired of the chaos that goes on before heading out the door - and not to mention the million things that go one throughout the year with each kid! Whew. I'll take the "chaos" of having them with me all day for some extra shut-eye in the morning too! :)

  2. You made me howl with laughter at your daughter not being able to find her shoes while looking at the ceiling from her bed - my middle one (the only boy) is still like that at 11 (sorry!) my favourite saying about parenting is 'They never tell you this at ante-natal classes!'

  3. Oh my goodness! You're daughter sounds just like mine. She's 9 and thinks she's going on 16. I am always after her about picking up after herself. I would have thought by now she would anticipate what I would say and do it before hand. I too get the bickering and yelling (I have two other young ones) and it does get me crazy sometimes. Thank God for His strength to get through the day! Take heart. You are right, it is rewarding. We are indeed blessed!


  4. You know I homeschool Daisy Girl, so I have one around all the time. But when school's out, I have THREE all the time. And two of them sound a whole lot like your two! Daisy Girl and THE BOY seem to argue nonstop.

    I'll be doing a couple hours a day of homeschooling all summer long though, with all three -- but more laid back.

    If you happen to come up with a way to keep the kids from bickering aside from duct taping their mouths, let me know.


  5. What you're cooking sounds wonderful! Mashed potatos...yum. You're way ahead of me, girl. I never know until I get home and open the pantry to see what's available to cook. Have a great day.

  6. Me & Emelia (9) have been having a lot of those kinds of conversations lately!
    I guess it is the age.
    Re: Izzy, I hug her tight all the time! She's such a doll.
    Hope your day is really blessed & productive too.
    See you tomorrow for SCT.

  7. Oh my! Your mornings sound like mine!! However early, however organised I am, we are always last minute and B will always announce "Mummy where's my..." just as we are about to leave the house.



  8. My 4-year old, I think, intentionally looses stuff so he and I can go to what he calls as "treasure hunting."

    It's fun, except when he wants to do it at 2:00 in the morning.


  9. Hey Sandra! You are busy today! I love reading about Jasmine - what she's doing today is what I'll be experiencing in about 5 years. lol It's always good to know ahead of time what to expected. lol

    I mentioned your book contest! I've also left a comment and I've commented on the author's blog. Thank you for entering me. I hope I win!!!!

  10. Hello Sandra,
    I hate to tell you this but it is beginning . Just wait about 5 more years and the hormones will kick in. Then you will think your dd has been replaced by a monster. LOL You won't be able to look at her without her biting your head off. LOL Been there done that. Now that my dd is 29 she is human along as she takes her hormones.LOL So it does get better.

  11. I tagged you:
    If you write it please let me know by sending me the URL. Thanks.

  12. I know what you mean, school mornings can be a nightmare sometimes!! And then trying to do dinner, referee sibling squabbles, and help with ALL that homework... I am looking forward to the relaxing days of summer too.

    Elizabeth's so right, hormones throw things into a whole new dimension. But we are definitely up to the challenge, right?! :-)

  13. Gosh I'm feeling for you, moving is just so much work but I have no doubts you will be just fine. Wish I was there to help you.

    I can so relate with the daughter thing. I am always questioning my parenting ability!!

    Hope your day is happy!

  14. hey gal.....sounds if you are busy. Packing is wearing on about you? Jasmine.....Madison is still like this.....try to do a reward chart...maybe this will help. Have a great Sunday.


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