Tuesday, May 22, 2007

# birthday # cold weather


Bet you didn't expect to hear that in the middle of May did you???

We went from 90 degree weather to rain, strong winds and 40 degrees. Why is all I ask????
I thought we were all ready for warm weather, who was it that decided it was too hot and we were in the mood for some frozen fingers and sciatic pain???

I've always had sciatica and when the weather changes drastically, so do I....instead of finding little ol' me walking around you stumble across the hunchback of Notre Dame (minus the hunchback and the smile on his face, I'm usually not that chirpy). I drag my leg around and wince at every step and if you see me laying down on the bed, cover your ears because chances are the minute I try to get up I wail like a Banshee. Isn't that appealing???? LOL
In some parts of Leinster, she is referred to as the bean chaointe (keening woman) whose wail can be so piercing that it shatters glass.
Yep that's me, ol' glass shatterer LOL

Anyway, it's my dear hubby's birthday today, he's turning 34 years old but let's keep it hush hush, he doesn't like birthdays and has been known to threaten anyone who even mentions buying any sort of gift. This is why he's heading to the gym after work and mommy and the kids are heading to the store for a last minute gift, little does he know we've already bought stuff....again....HUSH HUSH. (and no, he hasn't been reading my blog lately lol)

The kids decided to make a little video for daddy, they both sang their own version of Happy Birthday and then ended with a little Hello Message....they crack me up. Watch for Nicholas especially, he seems to think that people enjoy being called monkeys and toucans on their birthday....*snort*

View this montage created at One True Media

So yesterday afternoon I decided to pack some things in the kitchen, please tell me why people do this to themselves???? Why do we accumulate so much crap during the years??? I have stuff that,

A. Have no clue how it got here
B. Is broken or missing some important piece needed to make it work
C. Is not even supposed to be in a kitchen
D. I've NEVER used it, it's still intact and in mint condition, safely packed in their little pretty boxes.

Are you kidding me??? Why, again, I seem to be asking a lot of why's today don't I??? LOL
But at least I got some stuff packed and others ready for the yard sale on saturday.

While talking to the lady in housing at the new base she told me that Trampolines are NOT allowed there. Ummm.....should I pass the phone to the kids and have HER explain that???
See our trampoline was a gift from my Mother in Law to the kids 2 years ago, that alone makes it special BUT the kids LOVE it (so do mommy and daddy but that's besides the point)......how do I tell an 8 and 4 year old that their precious trampoline is not allowed on base???

So we're taking it and if we get one of the houses with a garage, it will stay there until we buy our own house, if we don't get a garage we'll put it in storage, no problem. Somehow Arizona is not looking like much fun to me anymore LOL

Things are going to get hectic from now on (surprise surprise right?), this is the kids last week of school before summer break, then next week we're heading to Oklahoma for my mother in law's wedding, when we get back it's back to packing and within 2 weeks we'll be out of this house and in TLF (temporary living facilities). I know time is going to fly by, so within the next few days I'll start asking some of you to be guest bloggers for me while I'm offline, hope you will accept the challenge :)

Anyway, I have things to do around here and phone calls to make....you all have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow morning.

God Bless,


  1. Oh no! They can't take their tramoline?? Awww. Hmmm, I'll look after it! Although shipping might be a bit expensive, lol. Why can't they have a trampoline on base, are trampolines a security risk? Will all the military men be jealous, want one and be in danger of injury? ;) LOL

    Hugs n' love, hope everything goes well at the wedding, etc.

  2. Oh no, that is too disappointing!! Are you guys thinking about getting a home off base? Hmmm, I wonder what their reasons are for not allowing them?

    Good luck with that yard sale!! Won't it be nice to get rid of all that extra stuff?!

  3. I just figured out that I could view the video that you made, and it was just precious!! I know he will love it :-)

  4. wow the temp sure did drop there!

    Happy birthday to your hubby - what cute videos from his kiddos!

    I haven't heard of a base banning trampolines before! At the very least I would think they should allow trampolines only if they have the safety netting around it (like I see yours does). Sorry the kids, and you guys too!, will be w/out the trampoline for awhile!

  5. It was freezing here too. It even snowed in the big city 2 hours from us. Didn't dip below the freezing point though, thank goodness, or I woulda cried if all my flowers had died.

    Why wouldn't they allow trampolines if it's in your own backyard? Bummer.

    Happy bday to your hubby!

    Oh, and I love this look. The soft pink plaid and the journal. Very nice.

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    That's too bad that the base doesn't allow trampolines. I know you guys will miss it alot.

    Boy, the temp where you guys are dropped alot!

    Sandra, can you tell/show me how to set up Mr. Linky in a blog, please? I'd like to start a weekly event.


  7. Right now it is so cold in the mornings but gets WARM by noon. I can't believe that about your trampoline.


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