Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Things Kids Say........

I swear kids say the funniest things and at times leave you wondering where they come up with these.

Jasmine and Nicholas were both playing on the computer, some game on cartoonnetwork.com, so they're all into it and it was Jasmine's turn, she takes over and she's getting all upset with the game because she's loosing.....(apparently they're supposed to be bumping into some cars or something).....Nicholas calmy says "Jasmine my grandma hits harder than that" LOL
I literally spit my water all over my computer when I heard it, I mean COME ON......where does he hear this??? Jasmine burst into laughter and he just sat there looking at us with this expression of "what did I say?".

There's days that I'm so upset or sad or worried about something and all it takes is one of my kids opening their mouth to make me laugh hysterically....isn't that just the best medicine???

If you haven't been here since yesterday morning you've noticed that my template has changed, I know I know AGAIN, can you tell I get bored easily? LOL
I'm enjoying this new one, it's calm and relaxing for me, I need that right now with this huge move impending.

I don't have much news on that yet though, we're still waiting to get housing at the new base and I'm hoping and praying it's soon......just one thing, it's PRIVATIZED. If you're military you know what that means and I'm not too sure I'm up to dealing with it, but what can you do, it's either stick with it or buy a house off base.....I'm thinking here in a year or two that is exactly what we'll be doing.

So yesterday around 12:30pm our cable went out, instantly the kids ask "did you pay it?"...What the heck??? YES I paid it, I always pay it what kind of question is that...I swear if my children ever talk to strangers they will give the impression that all I do is blog all day, I only clean the house when someone is coming over, I only pay my bills if they get cut and asking them to share means I'm a mean mean mommy who is out to ruin their fun.

Anyway, I called the cable company and was told there was an outtage in our area and the technicians were working on it, so I'm sitting there thinking "well this shouldn't take too long, I can still watch General Hospital in 30 minutes" LOL Ummmm......it must have been a major earth shattering and life changing outtage because we didn't get the cable restored until this morning. Here is where I'm supposed to tell you that it was actually a great feeling to sit and read or play with the kids while sipping hot cocoa BUT the kids were asleep at 8pm and I was literally going NUTS.

I guess I had no idea just how addictive TV is because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do with myself LOL Pretty sad.

Now here is something funny, while waiting for the TV to come on, I worked on my template and while I was online I went to google and typed "She built" and honest to God, it came back with "did you mean: HE built", ummmm, I figured it was a fluke or something so I typed "she invented" and same thing "did you mean: HE invented" LOL What the heck is up with google, does it have something against women????
Don't even bother trying "she created" cause same thing happens.

Alright I wish I could stay and chat more but you know how I like to babble and right now I have a husband with a uniform in his hands waiting for me to sew on some stripes, I guess I should get that done right?

Have a great day everyone. God Bless,


  1. Cute template. Kids can be so funny. Even though they drive me nuts most of the time, they can really crack me up so I guess it all balances out.

  2. Kids are really funny sometimes. I can't wait to Olyvia starts talking!

    You sew the stripes on to Curt's uniforms??? How? Those alterations Steve is always having to get are outrageous!!!

  3. liz - kids really do crack us up LOL

    Eden - Yes I sew the strips by hand, there's no need to go pay so much for the alterations when I can do it myself at home :)

  4. Sandra, I just received a notification of delivery failure on my comment to your email. Thought I'd let you know. You obviously received it, but I don't know why I received the notification in my email.

    What do think it is?


  5. Lol too funny,

    Well who'd have thought Google would be an antifeminist!! Lol Perhaps we should march on our respective governments! ;)


  6. Love that they assumed you hadn't paid the bill, LOL! I know what you mean about being without TV or internet. I try really hard, I do, to get other stuff done, but mostly I grate about what I am missing :)

    Glad it's back!

  7. Oh, the way kids interpret some of these things is SO FUNNY!!! My kids think the same thing when the lights flicker. And we've never had anything shut off due to non payment!!!

    The most embarassing was when my youngest daughter's kindergarten teacher told me that she said: it's OK to drive fast, because if the "cop" gets mad, you can just cry and you won't get in trouble. Ooooopps!!! We had to talk about why that interpretation of the situation wasn't quite right. Mommy was very wrong, felt very bad, and did NOT cry on purpose to manipulate the very nice "police OFFICER." The teacher always kind of looked at me funny after that, though...

  8. Kids do say the funniest things! we're in the procss of going privatized too; from what I've heard from other people who are already living in privatized housing everyone really seems to like it!

  9. Hi Sandra,
    I love the new blog. Yes kids can say the funniest things at the wrong time. I had female surgery. When my DS was 6 he heard his friend dicussing his mom having a new baby on the way. My ds told him his mom was spaded so he would be having any more brother or sisters.I about feel out of my chair.
    Oh one more thing they remember everything you say and it comes back to haunt you. LOL I use to rock him and tell him he would grow up and get married and leave me. then I would be sad. My nest would be empty. Well when he was getting married I cried for a week. One day he said mom you have the empty nest problem. I ask him where he learn that and he said from you. Then he told me what I said to him. So walk softly. LOL


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